Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11426

Features added / modified

Doc conversion/ Account 2
Upon converting a Sales/ Purchases Doc, the value of 'Account 2' line field is now properly transferred.

Next Step job/ Items & Services transfer
Stock Items and Services are now transferred to a new Meeting, Call or Task, upon using 'Next Step' job.

Mass price modification/ New fields
At the footer grid of the 'Mass price modification' job (Purchases Doc Browser) the following fields have now been added:
1. Factory code
2. Mark up Wholesale
3. Mark up Retail

Composition Doc/ SN
Upon automatically creating a Composition Doc, its Serial numbers can now be immediately transferred from Sales Doc to the header.

Fixed Asset Doc/ Change Date
The following warning message is now displayed upon changing the date of a Fixed Asset Doc:

Fixed Assets/ Acctg & I.A.S depreciations
At Depreciation Docs Browser, the 'Depreciation Category' field has now been added so as to seperate Tax depr. from GAS / I.A.S depreciations.

Retail Pro /Stock Control
'Stock Control' button has now been added at S1 Retail Designer functions.

Item Doc/ Merge in similar lines
Merging similar lines (Items) in Documents and in UoM 2 is now performed provided that the relevant parameter (Type > Stock & Commercial Data tab) is selected and the Item does not have a 'Fixed relation' between its UoM.

Purchases Parameters/ Last Purchase price
'Last Purchase price' field has now been added at Purchases Parameters. The fields of Stock Item's 'Trade' tab are now properly updated after deleting the most recent Doc.

Item doc/ GL link
At Inventory Document links to Accounting, the resolvers for Item per Company have now been added.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary/ New columns
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary'(CON_BOOK) report, the following columns have been added, if the 'Detailed' filter is selected:
1. Op. balance Reductions
2. Year Reductions.

HR - News/ Announcements grid
At HR News/ Announcements grid (SOHRANNOUNCE) the ADAT01 field has now been added with description 'Date' and EDITOR $DT.

Intrastat/ Goods for control or samples
Upon creating an Intrastat file, in case the transaction nature is '12-Shipment of goods for control or samples' and the value is less than 0,50 cents, its value is set to '1'.

Fixed assets Doc lines/ Cost center
'Cost center' field has now been added at Fixed Αssets Doc lines.

Bug fixing

Customer Import/ Salesperson
Importing Salesperson into Customers list is now properly working. An issue occurred when a Salesperson's code participated in some lines of the imported file.

Group of Companies schema/ Pricing policies
Fixed the issue which occurred upon printing the 'Sales Prices & Discount Agreements' report (PRCRULE_DATA).
It should be pointed out that in case of a Group of Companies schema/ model, the pricing policy created for a Child company shoud be filled in the 'Data per company' tab. However, at Companies' 'General data' the pricing policy created for the Parent company, is filled in.

Doc's Conversion/ Gift (Pricing Policies)
In case of Pricing Policies setup for Gifts, the 'Gift' was proposed twice upon Documents' Conversion. It occurred when the 'Maintain prices' flag was not selected.

Pending Stock Quantities/ Variation analysis
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running the 'Pending Stock Quantities' report (MAT_PEND), in case the 'Variation analysis' filter was selected.

CRM Parameters/ Retail tab
Fixed the issue at CRM Parameters, 'Retail' tab (Sales Opportunities area). The 'View' field of the Quotation line is now properly displayed.

Credit Notes Calculation/ Pricing Policies Rules
Fixed the 'InsLines: Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "trdbranch.areas" could not be bound' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Credit Notes Calculation' job (CULCTMPCREDIT), in case the Customer's Branch Geographical Area has been selected at the Pricing Policies Rules.

CRM/ Parameters
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, upon selecting CRM Parameters.

Import Design Screen form/ Select all
At Import Design Screen form, the 'Select all' button at the footer of the grid is now properly working.

Update Stock Limits/ Use of Sales
The 'Update Stock Limits' (UpdateSafetyLimits) job is now properly working. Under certain circumstances the job could not be executed.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11425

Features added / modified

Composition Documents/ SN uniqueness
Control has been added, checking the uniqueness of SN code, when Composition documents are created.

Doc lines/ New lot code
A new lot code can now be added/created at Composition Doc lines.

Doc lines/ Value + VAT field
The 'Value + VAT' field (LINEVALPLUSVAT) is now available at Sales Doc lines.

Single list entry\ Open in New window
At Browsers/ Lists (Stock Items, Services etc) a single entry can now be displayed in a new tab/window (Right- click option).

Conversion/ Transfer Project
At 'Convert Document' screen form ('Conversion' Related Job) the 'Transfer Project' flag has now been added. Upon selecting 'Yes', the following fields are transferred as well:
* Project.
* Project tasks.
* Project task Category.

Retail Pro/ Printing Gift Receipt
At Retail Pro, printing Item Gift Receipt for a created/ printed Doc is now available.

Purchase Docs/ 'Contract' Related Job
'Contract' Related Job has been added at Purchase Docs.

Financial Data Design Form - W/H data
At 'Financial Data' Design Form, if the user adds the
the ':X.SYS.WHOUSES' parameter as default value for W/H filter at FBALQUESTIONS.WHOUSESTR field, then the W/H data of the login Branch will be displayed.

Production reports/ New filters
The 'Commercial Category' (MTRCATEGORY) and 'Group' (MTRGROUP) filters of the produced item have been added at the following Production reports:
* Consumption Requirements from Prod. Order Folder
* Requirements per Prod. Order Folder
* Consumption Requirements from Prod. Order Folders (Semi-finished Analysis)
* Requirements per Production Orders Folder (Semi-finished Analysis).

Employees Parameters/ New fields
At Employees Parameters, the following fields have been added:
1. 6th day control Series.
2. 6th day - Payroll Elements.
The user should select one of the two options. If both are selected, then the first one prevails.

HR Requests/ State field
At HR Requests (SOPRSNREQ), 'General data' tab, the 'State' field has been added next to 'Classification'.

Confirm deletion in Grids/ Delete reminders
Upon deleting a Reminder, a confirmation of the action is now required. This is activated if the 'Confirm deletion in Grids' parameter (System Setting) is selected.

Sales per Item/ Lots Analysis
At 'Sales per Item' Related Job the 'Lots Analysis' flag has been added.

HR/ Create Leave entitlement
At 'line Details' of 'Create Leave entitlement' Related Job, the created rights and their number are now displayed.

Commercial & Financial Transactions/ New fields
At 'Commercial & Financial Transactions' Related Job the following fields are now available at stock items grid:
1. Factory code
2. Barcode.

HR Announcements/ New field
The 'Notified' field has now been added at HR Announcement lines.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary report/ New flag
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report (CON_BOOK) the 'Include sold F/A' flag has now been added.

HR/ Employees browser
Upon right-clicking at Employees Browser/ List, the following jobs have been added:
1) Create Leave Entitlement.
2) Create Announcement.

Sales Documents/ Service Line details
At Sales Documents, 'Services' tab, the 'Line details' pop up window at Doc lines (double click), is now properly displayed.

Bug fixing

Remote Execution/ Printing time
When Remote Execution is activated, printing a Report is now performed in shorter time.

Screen Form Design - Lot field
Fixed the 'ITELINES: Field 'X_0D22BCFC9' not found' issue. It occurred at Document lines for objects: SALDOC, PURDOC, ITEDOC and RETAILDOC, if a field from Lots table was selected.

Payroll/ Automatic data import
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running 'Automatic data import' job. The Working Hours are now properly updated.

BAM/ New Sales Doc
Fixed the '{"StartID":7858,"RunID":483,"Error":"Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)"}' issue. Documents are now properly created when using BAM scenarios.

Accounting Entries/ Project fields
Fixed the issue which occurred at Accounting Entries custom screen form. The 'Code' and 'Description' fields of the project, are now properly displayed at Accounting Entries lines.

G/L Accounting entry - Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting 'Copy from buffer' for G/L Accounting entry with Cost Accounting Analysis.

Sales Opportunities Retail/ Quotation
At CRM Parameters, Sales opportunities 'Retail' tab, the proper Doc Series are now available at 'Quotation' field.

User Groups/ Browser
Fixed the issue at Browser/ Lists, where under certain circumstances, "Set as Default" option was not activated for User Groups.

Supplier Payments/ Create Payment
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating a Supplier Payment Doc through 'Create Payment' related job. The Supplier Payment is now properly created when 'Copy' option is selected.

Imports Costing Doc Types/ Modify in a different fiscal year
At Imports Costing Doc Types, if the 'Modify in a different fiscal year' parameter was selected, then the Costing Folder could not be used for another Fiscal Year.

Sales opportunities/ Retail order
Fixed the issue which occurred at Sales opportunities, Quotations tab, upon selecting 'to Retail order'.

CRM Actions/ Transfer to Folder
At CRM Actions, upon using 'Transfer to Folder' Related Job, the 'Operator' field is now properly transferred.

Means of Transport/ Descending order
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E14. A column has been specified more than once in the order by list. Columns in the order by list must be unique' issue. It occurred upon displaying the 'Means of Transport' list in a descending order.

Unpaid Documents/ Customer Branch
At 'Unpaid Documents' report (CUST_OI) the Customer's branch is now properly displayed when the 'Matched only' filter is selected as the open-item method.

Copy Company/ Error fixed
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E37. Invalid object name 'ACNTTRNBI'' issue. It occurred upon selecting 'Full copy' when running 'Copy Company' job.