Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11026

Features added / modified

Receivables - Payables per trading party in document currency
The ability to select multiple currencies in the "Unpaid Documents" and "Documents with Open-Items" reports was added.

Comment in the "Update payroll expenses" job
The field "Comment" was added to the "Update payroll expenses" job. The field values are transferred to the lines of the “Other Transactions” documents.

Granting access
In the new UI, granting access rights is now functional at the printout objects in the task bar.

Granting access
A new form of granting access rights was added in the user access rights screen.

Granting access
In the new UI, a new form of granting access rights now appears in the Custom Administration.

New calculated (green) fields
The calculated (green) fields such as Cash, Cards, Cheques, Gift Cards +/- were added in the Sales Journals, which deduct the cancelled or returned documents.

Default Company in the Conversion Job
In a model with Group Companies, during the documents' conversion, the first document's company is suggested/default and not the log-in one.

Normal VAT Status in self-selling
In documents that have self-selling as behavior, the Company's Branch Vat is recommended, as the document's VAT Status.

Purchase Order Plan
In the "Purchase Order Plan" job, in the grid "Items to order", the factory code has been added.

Production in variations
In the Bill of Materials of products that are observed in Item Variations, an ability was given in the Bill of Materials Document lines, in the combination of the variations, to also include consumed goods that are not observed in variations.

Group of companies - Item transactions
The ability to select a company in the questions of the Item Transactions job, from the Related Jobs of a Stock Item was added.

Bug fixing

CASHLINES not visbile in CFNCUSDOC module
The Cash Lines (CASHLINES) now appear in the browser design at the "customer collections" section.

Average days in stock
An error in a browser that contained the "Average days in stock" and the Balance 1 was corrected.

Payment time functions
The following functions were implemented in a new way:
1. CusFinancialCost
2. CusRealGrProfit
3. CusRealGrProfitPrc
4. CusAvgBalDays
5. CusPayValue
6. CusAvgPayDays
7. CusAvgAPayDays
8. CusAvgAPayDaysOverDue
9. CusChequeBalanceUDate
10. CusChequeFinalBalance
11. CusFirstDateOpenDoc
12. CusFirstOpenDocCode
13. CusFirstDateOpenTerm
14. CusFirstOpenDocValue
15. CusLastDateOpenDoc
16. CusLastOpenDocCode
17. CusLastOpenDocValue
18. CusCntOpenFinDocs
20. CusMaxDaysOpenDocs
21. CusMaxDaysOpenTerms
22. CusValueDaysOpenDocs
23. CusMaxMonthOpenDocs
24. CusMinMonthOpenDocs
25. CusSumTurnover

Mass approve documents
During the process of documents' approval, in case a user does not have the right to approve a document, the message "the documents are not approved" appears in the results.

Variation Trial Balance
The correct addition of local fields in the "Variation Trial Balance" report (MAT_BALCDIM) was not working properly.

Budgeting - Update Actual Data
When running the "Update Actual Data" job in the budgeting section, an error occured when the company branch existed as a dimension.

W/H in production documents
In the production documents, just like in the Bill Of Materials, the W/H that are connected to the branch are now correctly filtered.

Browser export to excel
In a Stock Items browser, since a manufacturer had been added in the columns twice, where the first column was the manufacturer code and the second column was the description, the description was depicted in both columns in an Excel printout.

The user that submits a meeting does not have the access right to see it. A change has been made so that the software does not crash after the meeting submission. However, a correction in the user access level must be made, because a blank screen appears for the user.

Update Sales Prices based on Documents
In the "Update Sales Prices based on Documents" job, the option "Update Markup" has been added.

Relogin in the new interface
If a relogin was attempted from within the software, and the user had a password, the message "Incorrect password" appeared when switching through companies.

New UI - Fit to Screen
The selection "fit to screen" has been improved in browsers, so that they can take advantage of the entire width of the screen.

"Open item" job
An error that occured during the manual "open item" job of documents was fixed.

Bill Of Materials
An error that appeared when using the copy from buffer feature in the Bill Of Materials was fixed.

Copy company - copy parameters
An error in the new UI that occured when copying a company with copy mode "copy parameters" was fixed.

New UI - Active Browser
In the new UI, the transition from a search in the Active Browser to the current browser, has been improved.

Inactive Fields in a browser
During the saving of a browser with inactive columns, the inactive ones were lost at the saving.

Transfer to Folder
An error that appeared during the "Transfer to Folder" job through the related jobs of the meetings section was fixed.

SN balance per W/H
The description of the stock items in the SN Balance per W/H report (SLINES_QWH) was enlarged.

Editor Intrastat
The intrastat field did not function properly as a filter in the stock items browser.

Date Change in the NUI
An error that appeared in the new UI, during relogin in a different company was fixed.

VAT Statement
The "VAT Statement" Fiscal Statement was correctly translated when logging in in English with Cypriot Taxation Specifications.

The CusMaxDaysOpenDocs function was fixed in the sales printout forms.

Alternative code
An error that appeared when searching with the alternative code in the document lines, with color/item variations, was fixed.

CRM email
In a new email where the description of the installation had been added, in case the email was not submitted, the description did not appear.

Items VAT in a group of companies
In an installation with groups of companies, a message shows up when changing the VAT in the "Data per Company" tab of the item of another company when that item had transactions.

New UI - Relogin
An error that appeared during the relogin in a database with a lot of companies, in the new UI, was fixed.

Selector richt click
An error that appeared when right clicking on a selector when the selector was open, was fixed.

Outstanding items (Analysis)
The error that appeared at the outstanding items analysis, in the item's fianancial data, has been corrected.

Inventory ledger with self-selling
Self-selling values were wrongly calculated in the inventory ledger report, after items reupdate.

Relogin - New UI
An error that appeared in the new UI, when switching through companies, in a company that "did not have defined periods for the current date" was fixed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11024

Features added / modified

Editor definition in browser local fields
In the local field design (Lists/Browsers / Prints) the definition “editor” is now supported. Available only on Soft1 Series 5.

Payment method
If you change the payment method, a warning message 'ATTENTION! Past assignments of the document have been deleted.” is displayed.

Label Creation
The Alternative Items module (VMTRSUB) has been added to the purchase labels.

Resource in the Expenses Debit/Credit Budgeting
“Resource” has been added in the dimensions fields of “Expenses Credit/Debit budgeting”.

Inventory Report
In Official Inventory Reports, Monthly Inventory Report & Monthly Inventory Report per W/H,the Commercial Category Filter was added.

Fields at the Services Browsers
Fields (were) added that refer to the latest dates & prices of imports / exports of services (through Browser design in the "Services: Summary financial overview").

Services - customer exclusivity
Added customer exclusivity in the Services section.

"Branch" in "Stock Items" and "Customer" transactions
"Trading Party Branch" has been added to the Customer Transactions through Related Jobs.

Dashboard "Variations Overview - Comparative Analysis"
Added the ability to view the item's code in the Dashboard "Variations Overview - Comparative Analysis" (DSBCDIMTRN).

Document convertion in the Retail Section
Added the ability to transform the Retail section.

Company view - Cost of goods sold
The method of calculating the cost of goods sold was added to the company's image (COMPANYVIEW).

Inactive Branch
Given that there is only one branch in the Company and it is set as inactive, a warning message is displayed "CAUTION! No branch is active ".

SN Card and Branch
The "Branches" and "W/H Group" were added as filters to the "SN Card" Report.

Pendin Purchase & Sales Orders in Items' Related Jobs
Pending Purchase & Sales Orders views were added to Items' Related Jobs.

Debit/ Credit Statistics
Debit/ Credit Statistics (VLINSTATS) has been added to the "Other Transactions" Reports.

Unpaid documents in company currency
In the customers' Unpaid documents report, the "Show results in Company currency" flag was added. With this option, documents will be depicted in local currency. (The exchange rate table must be completed)

Installations in documents lines
Ιn document lines, you can select the installations (INST).

Credit Notes per trading party Branch
The “Per trading party Branch” filter was added in the “Credit Notes Calculation” job (CULCTMPCREDIT). By enabling it, a credit analysis per trading branch will be carried out in credit results.

Lots in the header on Production documents
A check has been added on production documents where it is declared whether the lot of a product has been filled out (when the products are observed in lots and there is mandatory use of lots in the Stock Management parameters).

Model, Prefecture and Customer branch perfecture dimensions in sales budget
The Prefecture of the Client Branch was added to the sales budget dimensions.

Column Addition in Reminders
The option for Reminders Columns, both general and per user, has been added to the CRM parameters. Specifically, you will be able to define the additional columns that will be displayed in the Reminders grid.

Office 365 Parameters - users
If the login user is not Administrator, then he/she can set the parameters of Office 365 & Google Apps exclusively for him/her.

Office 365 Parameters - Link Account
A button for "Link Account" per user was added to Google Apps & Office 365 parameters.

Office 365 Parameters - Contacts/Employees
Capability for Contacts & Partners Customization has been added to Google Apps and Office 365 Parameters.

Development with cash lines
The development with cash lines in the collection indexes, is now working properly.

Open Documents - Line grouping in trading parties' transactions
In records of open documents, if the same trade party is inserted more than once in the grid, the respective lines will be shown in their transactions, given that the "Other Detailed transactions" parameter is activated in the Type.

EAN Barcode generation
In the “Generate EAN Barcodes” job, the "Input Date" has been added to create EANs for Items posted on specific dates.

Linear Depreciation/amortisation method of Fixed Assets, to "fixed"
The Linear Depreciation/amortisation Method of Fixed Assets was renamed to "Fixed".

Posiflex PD2600 Series
The Services are now also displayed on Customer Display Screens for Retail and POS systems.

FIFO Match Method per document
A (Close by) parameter was added to the FIFO Document Match (from Related Jobs) to specify how the FIFO method works.

Direction (In - Out) as a filter in the CRM Calendar
The Direction (In - Out) was added as a filter to the CRM Calendar (Group & Personal).

Sending Unpaid Documents in b2b
The ability to send the unpaid documents report through the customers browser in b2b has been added.

Fast Report
The advanced Form Design (Fast Report) in Free Prints is now supported.

Costomers Branch's Prefecture and Geografical Area in pricing policies
The fields 'Prefecture' and 'Geografical Area' of the customer's branch have been added in the pricing policies' application conditions.

Purchase Document Into Sales Document
In installations that concern Groups of Companies, by selecting from the browser a purchase document to become a sales document in a specific company, possible total discounts will no longer be transferred.

Code in the 'Upadate Sales Prices' Job
The field “Code, From FROMCODE” in the “Update Sales Prices” job, is now able to receive 150 characters

Sales Overview - Comperative Analysis
The filter 'Associated Company' is from now on available in the Dashboard of "Sales Overview - Comperative Analysis [DSBSALESFISCPRD]", under the section 'Customers'.

Comission Category in the customer branches
The "Commission Category" was added to Customer Branches under the "Financials / Accounting" tab.

Serial Number
The new S/N type “Destruction” was added.

Sms Sending from web
The capability of sending sms from server - web server is being added, in the mail account per user.

Synchronization of trading parties and contacts with Google etc.
In Google apps and Office 365, the synchronization of traders can now be done separately for each entity.

Short-term loan account
The short-term loan account has been added to the financial accounts in the "Account Nature" field.

Hour Measurement
The column [WORKHTYPECH] was added to the [WRKHOURSMDLD] table, maintaining the working hour type of the previous tasks, that will be checked in order to categorize the working hours of the current task.

Comments in Payments plan (wire transfer)
Wire transfers comments are now updated with the invoices code numbers through payments plan (wire transfer) job.

Timeline Addition in installations, contracts, C.R.M. Actions
Timeline has been added, as Related Job, to Contracts and Installations.

Rights in prints by using the grids' gear
In the users' central functions the work 'Prohibition of the export of the grids' has been added.

Fixed Assets documents - Projects
"Projects" are now available as a column on the "Fixed Assets" document lines.

"Regardless numbering" in Revenue/Expenses
In check accounting entries & check revenue/expenses entries, through Business Operations > Accounting Updates, you will now find available the “Regardless numbering” filter.

Currency Exchange Differences of cash accounts
Cash accounts that have been set as inactive are no longer taken into account in the calculation of currency exchange differences.

CHEQUEKIND  in CusChequeBalanceUDate && CusChequeBalancepricing policies
To separate the category of a security, a parameter was added to the "CusChequeBalanceUDate" and "CusChequeBalance" functions.

Shift COSTCNTR from smallint into int
The Field type of cost centers (COSTCNTR) became Integer from smallint, to receive additional entries.

Filter addition in Trading Parties' Trial Balance
“Only trading parties that have transactions or balance” filter, was added in trading parties’ Trial Balance.

Filter for the NOT APPROVED energies in the Job Calendar
The filter "Approval Status" has been added in the Job Calendar, so that the NOT APPROVED energies do not appear.

Prefecture - City - Address
If the "Zip Code" is chosen in the tab of the Trading Party, The Address, City and Prefecture asre filled automatically.

Pricing policies
In formulating pricing policies, on conditions, Tables of 1 & 2 lines were added.

Branch in the Analytical Balance of Accounts
In the Analytical Balance of Accounts When Selecting the Filter Analytically, the Branch as Column field has been added.

A button and the relative drop down menu has been added in the toolbar of the designing top of the Fast Report.

The REMARKS field was added to the CRMCUSNAIRE table (Customer Replies).

Zip and Prefecture, City, Address
In Trading Branches, by selecting the Zip Code, Address, City and Prefecture are automatically filled in.

Contact save and delete in gmail and 365
The capability of automatic save/delete of a contact in Google & Office 365 during the save / delete from Soft1, has been added.

Regection satus added
Approval status has changed from “Yes/No” to “Pending”, “Approved” & “Rejected”.

Creation of Wrehouses Groups
The Warehouses Groups have been added in the tab "W/h - Branches" of the company and the relative reports.

Timeline Addition in all SOACTION units
The Timeline was added to the [SOACTION] table, through the related jobs.

Fast Report addition in the open reports
The capability of designing Advanced forms (Fast Report) has been added in the open designed forms.

Addition of new objects in Changes' History
1. The object "Modify results" has been added in “Objects Log File”.
2. The object “Modify period data” has been added in “Objects Log File”.

Employees actions
In the employees actions, the fields "Start" and "End" don't contain time.

Mass Convertion and contract update per line
When sales documents, with separate contracts, are converted, the related to each converted document contract is transferred in its lines.

Service foldres report 
“Contact” field (MTRDOC.TRDPRSN') is now available on service folders report forms

Contracts in the document lines
Contract is now available in document lines. 

Payment method in Retail documents
In Retail documents, pay-off lines are now deleted if the payment method is changed.

Alternative Codes and Lots
“Lot code” was added in “Units of Measure, Alternative Codes” stock item’s tab. You are now able to search by lot code in document lines.

Special administration of fixed assets
“Special administration” of fixed assets field [CRDCARDMODE] can now be filled in with “none”

Item Synchronization among companies
The parameter 'Excluding update Vat' in the "Companies Synchronization" included in the parameters of the "Stock Management" has been added. If this parameter takes the price 'Yes' then during an item's change, the Vat is not transfered to the other companies.

Field transfer from a meeting to a service folder
In meetings (soactions), besides the "Service" and "Quantity" fields, there is now the ability to fill in and transfer the fields "Price" and "Charge type" in a services folder. In case there are a lot of meetings that are related to a single folder, every transfer to a folder will update a separate line of services.

Mercato net connection with ip address
Cash Machine ''Mercato Net'' connection with ip address.

S/N Control
The uniqueness control for serial numbers for different lines of the same document has become prohibitive.

SHA256 & AES256 Password Encryption
SHA256 & AES256 encryption has been applied for the database passwords' encryption.
*From now on updates with queries, in the database, in the password fields, can not be supported.
The SHA256 encryprion is applied in password fields, e.g. Soft1 users' passwords, without now having the capability to regain them from the database.
The AES256 encryption is applied for Soft1 password encryption and decryption and are about interconnections with third-party services, such as mail servers or public services that require login credentials.

Stock Item Synchronization between Companies
The "Update Prices" parameter has been added in the "Stock Management Parameters", in the "Companies Synchronization" tab. With this parameter, wholesale and retail prices are not transferred (main and alternative), when editing a stock item, on companies that are synchronized.

Mass Approve/Reject Documents
In the work 'Mass Approve/Reject Documents' the price 'Rejected' has been added.

Fixed Assets Accounting Link
The trading party's account was added to the Fixed Assets documents' resolvers.

Customer info in retail
In retail, in the "other data" tab, customer info will be updated upon customer selection (Address, Area, City, Postcode).

Reversal in Customers Other Transactions
During the 'Reversal' of customers other transactions' documents, the comments are now transfered.

Attached files at soactions
Attached files have been added on calls, tasks and meetings.

Document Processing and Lots
The Lots are tranferred on the lines of a document that has occured through "Documents Processing", when the "User specified" consumption mode has been selected in the type of the final document.

Sales to purchases with factory code
The "code2" factory code was added on the "Transfer to Purchase Documents" dialog in sales.

Mass in debit/credit
The fields 'Mass' & 'Volume' have been added in the debit/credit data.

Bug fixing

The CallPublished function SysRequest.DFMToText has been corrected.

Items with variations
In an item with variations which had different price per characteristic, when a copy from buffer was done, it added the price of the previous and it didn't change.

Cost Prices calculation
The calculation of cost prices for the case of the last purchase price, when the composition documents are included in the calculation, has been corrected.

Fixed Asset purchase with "Purchase (Quantity)" transaction behavior
The "Fixed Asset Transaction" was not imprinted ("Fixed Assets Status - Analytical and Summary"), in case of a new fixed asset purchase (commercial) with transaction behavior: "Purchase (Quantity)".

Credit Controls and unpaid documents
A credit policy that controls unpaid documents (OPNMONTHS) didn't function properly .

Local fields in forms design
An error occured in documents forms having local fields and selected series with line columns.

xtable.JSON call
The call JSON is now running properly in a table.

PRINTFORM with label printout
The printout of a simple internal label was not working properly when it took place through a call of the PRINTFORM function.

Outlook connector
In some cases, error "ProjId not found. Outlook. Inspector" was displayed in email creation.

CRM - Outlook ( All day Event)
All day events in Outlook were not transfered in s1.

Projects activity
An empty line of activity appeared at the "Projects".

Costing folders
An error occured when a costing folder was selected through a purchase document. ("Argument out of range")

User access rights in Related Jobs
Defining User access rights on the purchase history of Stock Items was not working.

Production Cost Variations Based On BOMs
In the Print 'Production Cost Variations Based On BOMs' the indicative cost is calculated from the real quantities and not from the indicative ones.

Rename a menu job
Renaming a Job on the menu in the new interface has been fixed.

Drag and Drop
Job "Drag and Drop" in the classic menu is now supported.

Consumable Replacement
In group sets with suggested quantity and "auto replacement of item set", when selecting the set on the document lines the quantity was wrong.

Company data in reports
In the new UI, a hyperlink has been added for the modification of the company data, in the system settings, in browsers and reports.

The action of the FOCUSFIELD function in the new interface has been fixed.

Customer tab
An error has been fixed in the customers tab, in cases that the customer name had a size larger than 64 characters.