Thursday, April 9, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10634

Features added / modified

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
Added the filter Season of item in task Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage

Bug fixing

ABC Allocation salvage value
In some cases of ABC transactions lingered Allocation salvage value (there was no post on the lines).

SN balance per W/H
In some cases appeared items that had a zero balance, although that had not declared the corresponding filter.

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
Corrected the redirection to items in the grid "Item to order" at task Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10633

Features added / modified

Cost Centers
Added fields for cost centers at stock documents accountings links.

Filter for transfer balances from various zero
A new filter has been added which shows only the transfer balances other than zero , if the account has no transaction to the selected year or period at printouts Accounts Statements & Analytical General ledger