Monday, March 21, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11452

Features added / modified

Docs Mass Conversion/ Different W/H
Upon documents mass conversion, the default W/H is now transferred to doc lines even if there are different W/H per document.

Customer Trial Balance/ Aggregates (01-020)
Aggregates 01 to 020 have now been added at Customer Trial Balance[CUST_BAL] report.

Payments Plan (wire transfers)/ Bank column
At Payments Plan (wire transfers) [BfnSupDebPayments] job, the Bank column has now been added at Bank Account selector.

Αction's lines - Participants
The Αction's lines (ACTLINES) are now properly updated upon creating a Meeting and setting Participants.

S1 Retail Pro/ W/H Balance
At S1 Retail Pro, when selecting other than 'No limited' option (Doc Type>Stock> Lots>Selection), the W/H balance will be displayed too.

S1 Retail Pro/ Customer Branch
At S1 Retail Designer, the user can now manage Customer branches from Trading party Data by inserting fields from CUSBRANCH. Upon creating a new customer and filling in the branch, the branch is automatically filled in at document too.

Contracts/ History changes
History changes has now been added to Contracts [CNTR].

Design Sales Documents/ Code-Description
At Design Sales Documents, the Code & Description of resources can now be added.

Employees List/ Payroll reports
The following Payroll reports have now been added when right-clicking on Employees Browser/List:
-Cost centers (summary)
-Cost centers (detailed)

Bug fixing

Word Printout Form/ Attach to e-mail
At Azure installation, attaching a Word Printout Form to e-mail is now properly working.

Production Order Folder/ Semi-finished goods qty analysis
Upon transferring an order to Production Order Folder, the quantities analysis of semi-finished goods is now properly working.

Group of Companies Schema/ Physical Inventory Report
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, the Physical Inventory Report [MAT_NAT], is now displaying only the login company results.

H.R. Reports/ Leave Card
At H.R. Reports, the Leave Card [EMPL_HRLEAVEBOOK] report has now been added.

S1 Retail Designer/ Manage Document
At S1 Retail Pro, the current date can now be set at Manage Document button. At Filter area (S1 Retail Designer) type A.TRNDATE={{X.SYS.LOGINDATE}}.

Stock Docs Conversion/ Mandatory fields
Converting Stock Documents at a default screen form including mandatory fields is now properly working.

FIteAvailableDays function
The 'FIteAvailableDays' function is now properly calculating days when the stock item has negative balance.

WEBREQUEST/ Multiple calls
When using WEBREQUEST, the results of multiple calls are now properly displayed.

Sales Orders per Item/Sales Orders per Customer - Factory code
At Sales Orders per Item [STAT_ORDERMSAL] & Sales Orders per Customer [STAT_ORDERSAL] reports, the results are now properly displayed when using the Factory code filter.

Stock Ledger of Sets/Kits - Variation analysis
Variation analysis filter is now working properly at Stock Ledger of Sets/Kits [SPCGPS_REP].

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11451

Features added / modified

Checked list box local fields
The checked list box local fields have been increased to accept 1024 characters.

Trading Parties/ Check IBAN
'Check IBAN' button has now been added to Trading Parties' 'Bank Accounts' area (Financials tab).

Service Folder line columns/ New fields
The following fields can now be added to Service Folder line columns:
1. Search Code,
2. Item Variation 1
3. Item Variation 2
4. Item Variation 3

Fixed Assets Official Reports/ New filter
The 'Entity branches' filter has now been added to all Fixed Assets Status reports (Official Reports).

Financial Data/ C.G.S. (last cost price)
At Customers 'Financial Data' Related Job, the 'C.G.S. (last cost price)' has now been added to Overview (fiscal year) & Overview (all data). These fields are displaying the cost of goods sold calculated by the last cost price.
Moreover, 'Cost of goods sold' has been renamed to 'C.G.S. (cost price per period). So, the Cost of goods sold is now calculated at the same time using:
* the cost price per period and
* the last cost price regardless of what has been set to Customer parameters.

Bill of Lading/ Description column
At 'Bill of Lading' report [SCURR_STM], the width of 'Description' column is now editable.

Purchase Doc lines/ Box code
The 'Box code' field [PACKCODE1] is now available at Purchases Doc lines.

Purchase/ Sales History - New fields
At 'Purchase History' and 'Sales History' Related Jobs (for Stock Items, Lots & Services) the following fields are available:
1. Supplier/ Customer branch code [TRDBRANCHCODE]
2. Supplier/ Customer branch name [TRDBRANCHNAME].

Bug fixing

Automatic layout adjustment (printouts)/ PDF printing
PDF printing is now properly working, once the 'Automatic layout adjustment (printouts)' parameter (System settings) is selected.

Period Trial Balance/ Account types
Using 'Save new template' option at 'Period Trial Balance' report [ACC_GL_PBAL] for items that have being selected at 'Account types' field ('Advanced filters' tab) is now properly working.

Evaluation/ Delete Accessor
Upon deleting an Employee - Accessor, who participates in an Evaluation, the following warning message is now displayed: 'The employee participates in Evaluation and cannot be deleted.'

Service Folders/ Service & Item Sets
Transferring Service & Item Sets from Service Folder lines to Service - Spare parts Document is now properly working.

Decomposition of Item Sets
Creating a Decomposition document which includes Items set monitored in SN is now properly working.

UoM/ Two-way the first time
Fixed the issue which occurred upon updating the Item quantity at Doc lines, once the 'Fixed relation' field was set to 'Two-way the first time' (Stock Items -> UoM, Alternative Codes tab).

Cheques Due Dates Report/ Type of cheque
At Cheques Due Dates Report, the 'Type of cheque' filter can now properly be selected.

Item Search/ Special characters at Description
Fixed the issue which occurred upon searching an Item at Doc lines, having/using the '[' character, right after the '*' character at its Description.

Purchase Docs/ Originated from & Converted into Jobs
Fixed the ' VFIN: List index out of bounds (8)' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Originated from' & 'Converted into' Related Jobs (Purchase Docs).

Pivot Analysis/ MS Excel file
Exporting a Browser/ List as MS Excel, having previously used Pivot Analysis, is now creating an XLSX file.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11450

Features added / modified

Weighing Items/ Search
At Doc lines, provided that there is no Code/Barcode for weighing items, searching can be performed for the same item code among other available codes.
The following are recommended:
* use the 'Search code'
* define the search code fields (Stock Mgmt parameters).

Value Controls / New options
The following have been to Value Controls (Doc Type):
0 = No check
1 = Warning per document
2 = Prohibition per document
3 = Warning per line
4 = Prohibition per line
5 = Warning per document/line
6 = Prohibition per document/line

S1 Retail Pro/ Returns
At S1 Retail Designer, the 'Return items ' operation has now been added. If selected, the initial value of Items is displayed having:
*negative value/sign if Doc Type Behavior is set to 131 or
* positive value/sign if Doc Type Behavior is set to 181.
The above-mentioned process is not related to Doc conversion.

Services parameters/ Calculation (value-based)
'Calculation (value-based)' parameter has now been added to Services parameters.

Trading Parties/ Warning Message
When a Warning Message has been filled in for a Trading Party (Customer/Supplier Management area), it is now displayed upon adding the Trading Party to Wire transfers doc lines.

Alternative prices/ New function
The ''FItemCDimAlterPrice' function has been developed to return the Item's alternative price.

Modify Doc/ Acctg Entry
The following message is displayed 'Document has been changed. Save it first.' upon modifying a document having previously updated Accounting. It occurs when Acctg Entry or Rev/Exp Entry related jobs have been selected.

FieldToText function/ Alphanumeric & character
FieldToText function now accepts alphanumerics and characters at the 3rd parameter.

S1 Retail Pro/ Active salespersons
At S1 Retail Pro, when clicking 'Change Salesperson', only active salespersons are now displayed.

Bug fixing

Function 'FIteAvailableDays'
Function 'FIteAvailableDays' is now properly displaying Stock Item availability , in days, regardless item balance (positive/negative)

Stock Statistics / Grouping
At Stock Statistics, Grouping is now properly working both in Browser/Lists and Fast report preview.

Check Due Dates Report/ Series
'Series' can now be added as filter to Check Due Dates Report (CHEQUE_MOV).

User rights/ CUSTOM=0
Right-click on a Browser/ List to add/remove a column is no longer available in case the CUSTOM=0 command has been set at Job parameters menu.

Group of Companies Schema/ Branch
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, at a child company, selecting a Branch (via Sales per Item related job) is now properly working.

Copy document/ Comment
When selecting 'Copy document' related job (Purchases), the lines Comment is copied too instead of header's one.

Stock Balances per Item Variation report
At Stock Balances per Item Variation report (MAT_DIMQUANT), the results are now properly displayed.

Stock Balance per W/H/ Cost Groups
Fixed the issue: 'ITEM: Field 'OPNWH1000' not found". It occurred at 'Stock Balance per W/H' report (MAT_WHOUSE). The results are now properly displayed when W/H related to Cost Groups are selected as filters.

Pending Stock Quantities/ Balance
At Pending Stock Quantities report (MAT_PEND), the Items Balance is now properly calculated. The Balance brought fwd is taken into consideration too.