Friday, June 18, 2010

Version 311.498.10153

Upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before proceeding.

Features added/modified

Check accounts for zero cost of goods sold
The commercial costing job (entries for cost of goods sold) no longer includes check for accounts when the cost of goods sold is zero.

Availability of expired special contracts
A new option has been added to the contract setup (parameters) that allows the user to define how the selection of contracts in sales/purchases documents will be done (based on start-end dates or without any control).

Customer contract in open-item
Filtering documents with customer contract is now available when matching documents.

Description in Special Contract
If the description is blank, the selected customer’s description is proposed. If no customer is selected, the contract code is proposed.

Actions in Calendars
The user can now select contact data in calendars.

Actions in Contracts
The indirect job [Actions] has been added to Contracts.

Transactions in Contracts
The indirect job [Transactions] has been added to Contracts.

Market transactions in Contracts
The indirect job [Market transactions] has been added to Contracts.

Cheque transactions – Warnings
A warning message appears in case a cheque has transactions on a later date.

Delete cheque transaction
A warning message that forbids the deletion of a transaction if there is another cheque transaction on a later date.

Preview General Ledger entries
The General Ledger entries has been improved in order to sort documents by insertion date (the feature applies [when totals per day] flag is selected).

Totals per day in accounting entries
The batch update of accounting entries also displays the numbers of documents that are included.

Check accounts for zero value of cost of goods sold
The commercial costing job doesn’t check for account existence if the cost of goods sold is zero.

Order planning
Two new options have been added that allow for price and discount transfer.

Order planning
A new option has been added for calculating the available quantity to be covered.

Service document lines
The [Covered] and [Cancelled] fields are now available in service sales documents.

Retail document browsers
The [Cash], [Cards]. [Unpaid] and [Advanced payments] fields are now available in retail document browsers.

[Matched documents] report
A new filter has been added to enable printing of [Matched] only, [Non-matched] only or both.

Duration of cost price calculation
The total duration is displayed when the job is completed.

Special contract in Action Next Step
The special contract is now transferred to the next step of an action.

Document control report
The salesman has been added to the filters.

Bug fixing

Resource table in service lines
It is now available.

Custom lot views
A bug appeared when designing the view in item lot.

[Detail trial balance] report
If the [Accounts w/o transactions] filter was selected, the report displayed all the accounts ignoring the values of the other filters. In addition, a problem has been fixed that appeared when [Approved]=All was set.

FIFO open-item job
If a partially matched credit/return invoice was matched again, all open-item entries were deleted.

Fixed asset inactivity
If a fixed asset was set to inactivity, the [Current entity quantities] report displayed double values.

FIFO open-item
Documents that had been manually matched and afterwards the open-item entries had been deleted were not included in the FIFO matching.

Automatic numbering and barcode format
If there was a barcode code format with automatic numbering, only zeros appeared when posting items.

Differences between amounts in remittances
A rounding difference appeared between amounts in local currency and in trading partner’s currency in remittances.

Resolver [FTR1ASPR1] in fixed asset depreciation documents
The [FTR1ASPR1] resolver has been renamed to [FTR1ASDR1]. Note that, all GL links that used the specific resolver should be modified

Color-size attributes
If a new color / size was added, it was not available to the items lines in documents in client / server installation. Now it requires just the item to be re-entered in the document line.

Error in document copy
Under certain conditions, the copy from buffer feature did not work properly.

Print to Excel
The printing of customer transactions (indirect jobs) to Excel displayed the abbreviation and not the description of the series.

Import from clipboard
When trying to import data from clipboard, the message "Cannot open file "c:\current_exe\.xxf". The system cannot find the file specified" appeared.

People data
The PRSEXT table was not updated when the people entries were modified.

Sales force commissions
The calculation of commission and bonuses to sales people has been improved (for both methods).

Convert documents with custom views
Under certain conditions, the conversion  of documents with custom default views produced error.

Removing attribute management from items
If the attribute management was unchecked, the modification of the item entry was not allowed.

In remittances the open-item value was calculated always in the transaction currency regardless of the respective flag value (Open-item in TC).