Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Version 311.499.10195

Features added / modified

Revenue / Expenses book and Monthly statement report
The default value of the filter [Columns non-active during the period] is now'"Yes, only with progressive Debits / Credits".

Matched / Non-matched documents report
The filter customer branch has been added to the 'Matched documents" report. If the user selects a customer and a branch and provided that the branch exists in debit or credit transactions of matched documents, then the specific records will be included.The same applies to the non-matched documents.The branch data also appear in the available columns of the report.

Change item in lots
It is now prohibited to change the lots of items that have transactions.

Resolvers for all extra fields in lines of special transactions
The resolvers for all the extra fields have been added to the special transaction documents.

Bug fixing

Composition documents
If the transaction of the document header was set to update final purchase price, the last purchase price in the financial data of the raw material codes was also updated even if it was not configured to do so.

Document convertion (offer to order in sales opportunities)
The application now checks if the Customer in the sales opportunity is marked as [Prospect].

Script in retail screens
Scripts on the credit cards grid (VCARDS) did not run.

Status bar
Under certain circumstances, when changing companies from the status bar, some job tabs from the previous company remained opened.

Trial balance of correlation codes
The warehouse filter did not function when it was combined with any of the other filters.

Deletion of document open-item
The document open-item entries are no longer deleted when the document [Comments] and or [Remarks] are modified.

Service folders in xxf files
An xxf file that contained a service folder record could not be imported.

Intrastat report
If the company's [Tax requirements] was set to [Romania], then the filter country in the intrastat report displayed the code 5 and not the name of the country.

Cash account general parameters
In the general parameters of the cash accounts, the titles of user-defined fields (numbers) showed a date instead of a number.

Change of customer in documents
If the customer in a document was deleted and a new one was selected, there was a rounding difference in the values.

Calculate discount credit notes
If [Counter-balancing] was set to [No] for discount credit note calculation, the results were not correct (the value of the debit note appeared with the wrong sign).

Synchronization of Oracle databases
The function fnDateDIff was not created.

Inventory balances brought forward
After running the [Inventory balances brought fwd] job, the fields PURQTY1 & SALQTY1 in CDIMFINDATA failed to update. The problem was solved after an inventory reupdate service.