Thursday, July 11, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10457(i)

Features added / modified

Trader Branch - Purchases to Sales
The branch of trader comes as an option into the following conversion processes.
1.Purchase document to Sales document and 2. Sales document to Purchases document

Charges - Withholding
Added the calculation of charges - withholdings with a percentage of past charges and sequentially.

Printouts in Pivot
Has changed the appearance of the pivot browser : longer has tree structure that encapsulates the descriptions of the columns.

Copy document and Relative documents
At the job 'copy document' was given the ability to copy also the information found in the Related files (either stored in the database or not).

Add filter to FIFO matching job
Work "Fifo match" added filter accounting / business class operators.
In the job “Fifo matching” was added filter regarding the accounting/commercial category of the traders

Serial Numbers
Apart from the posting of documents that participate Composite Items with SN, is now possible the recurrence of the form of SN in each subsequent viewing of the document.

New Lot code with size 30
Increase of size of code of new lot in 30 characters.

New lots and packing of lines
If it is selected pack of similar lines in the type of the document, does no longer apply the packing if in the lines exist different registered lots in the field of new lot code (CRLOTCODE).

Massive selection of securities and display name of the initial trader
During the massive selection of securities, a column appears that shows the name of the original trader

Constant quantity consumption in BOM
Was added the possibility in a BOM to define constant quantity for Raw materials, that is not to be proportional based to the quantity produced.

Balance aging - Inventory
Was added parameter at the IteAgedRemain and FIteAvgBalDays for whether will be calculated analytically the transactions of previous years. Respectively, was added filter in the Balance Afing report.

Cancel transactions - Confirmation
When the job 'Cancel transactions' is completed from a Sales browser a confirmation message is displayed on the screen.

Campany information
Added in the Company parameters the fields 'Establishment date' and 'Date of Dissolution'

Prices per Supplier
Using the 'copy from buffer' at the Item card, are not transferred the prices per supplier.

Totals at the Subsidiary ledger of G.L.
At the Subsidiary ledger of G.L. added the ability to print totals.

Behavior: Self Delivery
Added the option "Self Delivery" as new behavior in the types of the documents

Resources at Special Transactions
Added the Resources as an option at the header of special transactions.

Rights to Approval scenarios and data flow Rules
Added the possibility to set Rights to Approval scenarios and data flow Rules

Detailed control report - Payment method
At 'Detailed control report' added as a column the payment method of the document. Also at the 'Control report' and the 'Detailed control report' the surtitles have the VAT category name and added filter for VAT categories

Retail sales and Bill of lading
The report 'Bill of lading' takes under consideration also the Retail sales

Cancellation transactions for serial numbers
The card of serial number per Item shows also the cancellation transactions.

Credit notes - Purchases
Added the possibility of automatic creation of inventory document through the results of discount credit notes

Collections - journals
Ιn printout 'Collections - journals' (CNF_GET_JRN) added the possibility to display collections with gift vouchers and the corresponding amounts.

Bill of materials book based on raw materials
Added the report 'Bill of materials book based on raw materials'

Discount credit notes
At the job 'Discount credit notes' added the possibility to exclude costs that affect the turnover.

Supplier trial balance
General totals were added at the Projects report:Supplier trial balance

Warning message in suppliers special transactions
At special transactions of suppliers longer triggered the alert for the trader.

Customer - Related jobs - Sales - Order analysis per Item
In 'Sales - Order analysis per Item', that appers through the customers Related Jobs, added as filter the commercial category and the group of the Item

Official Inventory book
At the report 'Official Inventory book' added the filter 'Items w/o trans. in year'

loyalty - operation in the wholesales module
The loyalty operates also in wholesales module.

Printing to XPS format
Longer exists the possibility to export prints to XPS file format

FIFO - cost price calculation
Optimization of Inventory cost price calculation when using FIFO method(option = 12)

Calculation of last Purchase Price from Production documents
The job 'cost price calculation' for last purchased price also takes into consideration the production documents. Additionally, the update of the last purchased price and the last purchased date is also executed from production documents if the relevant flag is selected

Field Code 1 in Lots
Increased to 40 characters the size of field Code 1 [MTRLOT.CODE1] in Lots directory.

Security - password expiration
Added rules for the password of the users which are defined through 'Parameters' >'Security - Rights'>'Parameters' The three rules are:
1) Validity days
2) Minimum length
3) Characters

Documents from Production Orders
In production orders appear to the Related Jobs (Converted into) the documents that resulted from it.

Identity - S1 Help
In the identity of the system the option for the S1 Help redirects to the appropriate links
wiki GR:
wiki ENG:

Orders per item - Sales/Purchases
The following filters were added at the dialogue of the report 'Orders per item' for Sales and Purchases:
Item Group
Item Brand
Item Manufacturer
Item Model
Item Season
Item Com. category
Item Acctg. category

Check of Document code
In handwritten Series of purchases, the check at the code of document is now in relation with the supplier, and in Sales is in relation to the Series.

Gadgets - selection in browsers
In the list of browsers has been added (right click on the browser you want) the option "Send to Gadget". Upon selection, the browser is stored as Gadget, which you can select from Gadgets --> Category Browser.

New features: Google apps & office365
Google apps & office365:
1. Two-way sync with deletion.
2. With the contact entry, trader and actions at crm, Drafts entries, is automatically introduced the entry in applications Google apps & office365 (using the "Auto Save" parameters per user).
3.At the parameters per user for applications Google apps & office365 is longer possible to copy the configuration of a user in user group and / or department (use of right click)

Bug fixing

Change of Code
In an effort to change the Code, which does not change at the end, it displays the error "The code already exists."

Item balance per attrib.-W/h
In the Inventory printing “Item balance per attrib.-W/h”, when an Item had total sum of balance equal to zero, did not appear in the printing even if was declared in the dialogue of the report.
Retail Documents
When canceling the Retail order with reversal appears message that there is no reversal Series defined.

Business unit at Collections
Once declared business unit in the Series of collection it appears as default in the collection document.

Bonus card - Returns
In case of return, not updated correctly the bonus card points.

Print groups in excel
Printing browsers in excel by applying grouping (eg customer receipts) Displays Error message 'access violation in module xdll.dll.'

Automatic printing of documents
If the series had automatic printing, but the printer was empty or had been defined in windows, all documents were printed same as the first one. Now is displayed to the user a dialogue for printer selection

Field CMPMODE not visible
The field CMPMODE (Company legal Form) is available for installations with modules:
Soft1 Multilingual: Romania
Soft1 International Edition

Date - Remote Execution
In Azure, if it had been selected remote execution, the date does not appear in the form DD / MM / YYYY as it was selected by the parameters but MM / DD / YYYY.

Selection of Inactive VAT rate to Items
In a New entry in items, with exclusive use of keyboard could be selected inactive value for the field of VAT.

Copy of Services
Was not functioning the copy of services to other companies.

Print of non-approved document during conversion
Was allowed the print of non-approved document during conversion in case a credit control applied

Input selector in the lines of documents
The Input selector did not function properly

Column 'Balance per WH' in Production Consumption Note
If in the columns of a Production Consumption Note had added the column'' Balance wh'', the title of the column in the document appeared as WHREST and did not show the balance.

Message 'cannot resolve date mask' in Actions
When declared in the Type of Action calculation of period and the beginning and the end date had more than four months difference appeared the error 'cannot resolve date mask'

Account in GL entry
When typing an account in a GL Article, was changing the writing language.

Balance Per W/h - Azure
In Azure enviroment, the error message "Arguments out of range" appeared when executing the report 'Balance per W/H'

Replace function in Azure
The function REPLACE produced false results in Azure environment.

Print to PDF file
The print of a reports form to pdf, created an xps file ending with tmp which ultimately was not readable.

Customer Card in Excel
When printing a Customer Card in excel, the dates appeared in the following format 'MM / / DD / YYYY'

Project in Special transactions Views
The Project was added in the default View of Special transactions

Special transactions Views
During the configuration of a Special transactions view appeared problems with the arrangement of fields.

Cost variation based on BOM
An error occured during the execution of the printout 'Cost variation based on BOM'

Balance per W/H - Retail
In Retail, an error message occured if for an Item the user selects to see the 'Balance per W/H' and no quantity had given at the line.

Peplace in Import script
In clientimport script execution, in Azure environment, the Replace function was translating the Greek characters into semicolons.

Accounting report
In Accounting reports (eg suppliers) only displays documents with registered expenses.

Credit limit - Customers
In installation without the module 'credit control' was applied wrong check on Collections.

E-mail with html local field
The text email that arise through local field was printed in semicolon when the print form sent automatically by email.

Update sales prices
At job 'Update sales prices' (job on the purchases invoices) the items appear in a different order than posted.

Type of document as column
In customer card, if had been defined as column the Type of the document, appeared empty.

Document code in Purchases
If was given code for a purchase document, without having completed the supplier, displays Error: Ole error 80040E14 Incorrect syntax nea '='

Subsidiary ledger
Not displayed correctly the totals at the report 'Subsidiary ledger'

Actions - Sales opportunities
In the view of sales opportunities, the button 'Action' dis not appear if the Attribute was set as Opportunity.