Thursday, January 23, 2014

Version 4.00.511.10477(i)

Features added / modified

Costing levels of By-products
By-products are always set with Costing level 0.

Bug fixing

Lots remain check
Due to rounding errors, under certain cases the application proposed lots with no remain balance.

Gift vouchers
In specific cases the field "Special Administration" did not appear at the tab "Accounting" so the option "Gift vouchers" could not be selected.

Pricing policies for services
Pricing policies for services now applies on all fields that Pricing policies for items are applied.

Τhe offline databases now synchronize the fiscal divices set at "Workstations" and the "Pricing policy data"

Document cost price revaluation
With the execution of the job "Document cost price revaluation" for production documents from "Cost price calculation", the field "value based on account" was always update with the value 1, regardless of the indication of the cost factors.

Set items with attributes
In specific cases for set items with attributes the line quantity did not update correctly.

Inventory balances brought fwd
In case the "Inventory balances brought fwd" job took into account items with attributes and item code range was used (from code - to code), the job update the rest of the items with zero quantity.

Series numbering brought fwd
Error message would appear during the execution of the job "Series numbering brought fwd" at Oracle databases.

Pricing policies and combinative scaling
In pricing policies with combinative scaling per net value, which are applied on discount of the document lines, the caculation was made after the application of the discount.