Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11319

Features added / modified

SetIndexVar function/ Import script
The function ""SetIndexVar" has been developed/ designed at import script: having the array and the position as a parameter then the element value can be defined.

Accounting- C/A Entries Journal reports/ New filter
At the "Accounting Entries Journal"(TACC_GL_JRN) & "C/A Entries journal"(TACC_ANL_JRN) reports the "Temporary transactions" filter has now been added.

S1 Retail Designer/ Insert Row above
At S1 Retail Designer, the "Insert Row above" flag has now been added at Grid Design area.

S1 Retail Designer/ Keyboard size (1-10)
At S1 Retail Designer, the parameter "Keyboard size (1-10)" has now been added at Miscellaneous tab. Suggested value "5"

Bug fixing

Sales Doc/ Items balance (monitored in lots)
At Sales Doc including items monitored in lots, in case the entire item's balance has been used for the transaction, an empty line of Item is displayed. Error has been fixed.

Aging Balances report/ Balances display
Running the report "Aging Balances" via remote server, the balances are now properly displayed.

Customers Browser/ Sorting by Prof. cat. - Turnover
At a Customers Browser/ List the sorting by turnover and professional category is now propelry working.

Designed Report/ "CusAgedRemain" function
At a designed report where the ''CusAgedRemain'' function is used as an "SQL command", the proper results are now displayed.

Group Calendar/ Day
At a Group Calendar, the login date is now properly displayed when selecting "Day".

Sales Docs-W/H balance
Upon creating a new Sales Doc with Data Flow scenario from Stock Items, the Item's balance is now properly updated at Doc lines.

Existing Docs/ Check of strict numbering
At existing/ saved Documents the check of strict numbering is now properly working.

Costing folder/ Last purchase price
The last purchase price of Items is now properly calculated in case the Item is included/ participates in a total costing folder in more than one lines.

Documents Browser/ "Name" column
Error "Field 'X_1718E120' not found" upon designing a Browser has been fixed. It occurred when adding the "Name" column and right-clicking to select Filter.

Trial Balance report/ Oracle DB
Error "FTMPACCDATA: Type mismatch for field 'FISCPRD', expecting: SmallInt actual: Float" has been fixed. It occurred at the "Trial Balance"(ACC_GL_BAL) report at an Oracle database.

Cheque/ Collection amount
At an Inventory cheque, where the "Update" field (cheque transactions), is set to "No action (rest value", the collection amount is now properly displayed.

Reports/ AVG
The average (total) is now properly displayed in case "AVG" has been set at the reports' numeric field.

Physical Inventory/ WH Lot balance
At Columns Design(Physical Inventory Doc Series), when adding the "W/H Lot balance" (WHLOTREST) field, the column is now properly displayed.

Cancel other transactions/ Cost center
Upon cancelling Other Transaction Docs, the cost center of lines is now transferred into the cancelled Document.

Hierarchy/ Customers Industry Groups
The Hierarchy applied to Customers Industry Groups is now properly displayed upon opening the selector.

Doc conversion/ Decimals
Upon Doc conversion, which includes expenses with decimals, in case the Customer is modified/ changed, the decimals are no longer deleted at the converted Document.

Browser grouping/ Date format
Under certain circumstances, at a Browser/ List upon grouping using Date field, the grouping results were not correct.

Browser-Copy/Fill Value
Error "list index out of bounds" has been fixed. It occurred at a designed Browser/ List upon selecting "Fill value" at an editable column.

Browser Line Analysis/ Master-Detail tree view
Error fixed while using a designed Browser. It occurred when 'Lines Analysis' has been activated in browser design and "Master-Detail tree-view" parameter has been activated in System settings.

S1 Designer/ Script check
In case there is a syntax error at a script in the S1 Designer, a respective message is now displayed upon "running".

Cash Transactions & Wire Transfer Docs/ Copy from buffer
At Cash Transactions & Wire Transfer Docs, upon "copy from buffer" and "price modification", the value is now properly updated when using the tab key to proceed to another field.

Docs mass/ batch conversion-Printout forms (Automatic filing)
Upon running mass/ batch conversion of Documents, with printout forms having the "Automatic filing" field activated, the Documents are now properly printed.

Job Position - Employee
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'BRANCH'" has been fixed. It occurred at Employee profile card when selecting 'Job Position' and 'Duties' were to automatically updated.

Batch modification of Period Data/ Dates
"System error! Access violation at address 7B46CE16 in module 'Pay.bpl'. Write of address 000000D0
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon entering dates at "Batch modification of Period Data" job at "Leave Days" & "Absence Days" fields.

S1 English version/ Set User access rights
Error "'EMPLOYEE' is not a valid integer value" has been fixed. It occurred upon right-clicking on Sales Docs and selecting "Set User access rights" having previously selected the "English" language at the login screen.

Production Docs/ Stock items variations-Qty decimals
Error fixed at Production Documents. It occurred when,
*produced and consumable stock items were monitored in variations, and at the same time
* the quantities for consumable items were in decimals.

Automatic filing/ Printing in PDF file
Upon printing a Document using a printout form including the "Automatic filing" field, the PDF files are now properly created.

Fixed Assets depreciation/Credit Notes
The Fixed Assets depreciation are now properly calculated when a Credit Note is also included in the transaction.

Grouped Browser/ "Open new window" option
At a Browser/ List when Grouping has been applied, upon selecting "Open New window" by right-clicking on grouped data, the totals are now properly updated.

S1 Retail Pro/ Docs cancellation
At S1 Retail Pro, provided that the "Track Cancellations" parameter is activated at Workstations-Parameter Groups, the Document cancellation is now working properly.

Transfer to Sales/ Purchases Documents related jobs - New filter
The "Group per" filter has been added to "Transfer to Sales Documents" & "Transfer to Purchases Documents" related jobs.

Fixed Assets/ Undepreciated value
Once Fixed Assets sales and depreciation calculations have been completed, undepreciated value is now properly calculated.

Browser/ Export to ASCII file
At Series 5 UI, upon exporting a Browser/ List (which included local fields), into Ascii file, no blank characters are displayed now.

Fixed Assets/ Depr. calculation per month
The depreciation of fixed assets, owned within current Fiscal Year, are now properly calculated in case the calculation is performed per month.

Group of companies schema/ Supp. name- Project descr.
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, the Supplier name and the Project description are now properly displayed at the "Outstanding purchases notes" Browser/List.

Production Document/ Item deletion
Error "Invalid Argument" has been fixed. It occurred upon deleting a Production Document, which has resulted from Sales Document, where the Item has been deleted.

Cost price calculation job/ Last Purchase Price (Cyprus Localization)
The "Cost price calculation" having as valuation method "Last Purchase Price" has been fixed (Cyprus Localization).

Stock Items List/ Inactive Variations
"System error!Access violation at address 079B3097 in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 00000040 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed.
It occurred at Stock Items List, having added the fields related to Inactive Variations (ITEM.CDIMNUSE1, ITEM.CDIMNUSE2, ITEM.CDIMNUSE3)

Consumable Item Variations/ Quantity
The quantity of consumable item monitored in variations is now properly updated at "Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrZeroNatBalance) & "Create Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrNatBalance) jobs.

Sales Docs/ Cursor
Under certain circumstances, upon a new entry of a Sales Document the cursor was not placed at "Series" field. Error has been fixed.

Services Folders Design/ New field
The field "Actions" is now available upon designing a Services Folder Browser/ List.

New Item/ Alternative Codes
Upon creating/ saving a new Item, Item's variations could be selected at Alternative codes lines, provided that a previous Item with variations and alternative codes has been saved. Error has been fixed.

Installations/ Right-click on lines
Error "INST: Field 'SOSOURCE' not found" has been fixed. It occurred at Installations upon right-clicking on lines.

Group of companies schema/ "Open-item (Unpaid)"
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, the unpaid Documents of the entire Group of companies are no longer displayed when running the "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job.

Sales Documents/ Inactive Printout forms
Upon printing a Sales Document the inactive printout forms are no longer displayed.

MS-Word Printout form/ Printer
Upon printing a Document, where the MS-Word Printout form is suggested at Doc Series, the MS-Word printer is now properly displayed.

Doc printing/ Printout forms
Upon printing a Document in 3 copies using different printout forms, and having selected the "With question (Yes)" option at Print mode field (Doc Series), the dialogue box is now working properly.

Doc Open-item/ Modifying fields
Modifying the Delivery-Transfer, MYF, and Intrastat data at a Document, does no longer delete Doc Open-item.

Custom screen design/ S1P.
Error "S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'Xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000. S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 500678A9 in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000004" has been fixed. It occurred at a Customers custom screen design when using the "S1P." command via JavaScript.

Group Calendar/ Date
At a Group Calendar, upon selecting the "Day" the date is now displayed as well.

Advanced Printout Form/ Item description
At an Advanced Printout Form, with DataSet analysis, the Item's description is now properly printed.

2008 UI/ Advanced JavaScript Editor
At 2008 UI, error fixed upon running ''Advanced JavaScript Editor''.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11317

Features added / modified

Acctg. Links/ Resolvers: Number 01-04
The Acctg. Resolvers: Number 01 up to Number 04 has been added in Acctg. Links in Fixed Assets modules.

Doc Types/ Stock control
At Doc Types parameters, "Stock & Commercial data" tab, the following values are now available for Basic stock control :
1. At Item level
2. At Item - W/h level
3. At Item - W/h Group level

Delete Credit Notes job/ New filter
At "Delete Credit Notes" job(DeleteCreditDoc), the "Document code, From" & "Document code, To" filter has been added.

Bug fixing

Analytical General Ledger report/ Transactions-Type
Error fixed at "Analytical General Ledger" report in Accounting module. It occurred upon adding "Transactions" (from Design report, Define Modules tab) and having added the "Type"(ACNTYPE) filter too.

Retail Advance payment/ Alert condition
Error "VADVFIN: Field 'TFPRMS' not found" has been fixed. It occurred upon selecting "Advance payment/Order" (related job) in Retail module provided that an alert has been set as module condition. You can now set the SALDOC.X.FPRMS =XXXX condition.

Documents/ Prohibition of max discount
Error fixed upon saving a Document including Item with dimensions and prohibition of max discount, while there was no discount applied on the Doc.

Browser/ Grouping by date
At System Settings, if the Dates format is set to 23/09/03, the grouping at a Browser/ List is now properly working.

Sales per Customer report/ Sales Turnover (Year) field
"Master/Detail SQL synchronization error" has been fixed. It occurred upon adding the "Sales Turnover (Year)" as a sorting field at "Sales per Customer" report.

Browser/ Horizontal grouping
At a custom Sales Browser/ List when applying horizontal grouping the description of "Geographical Areas" field is now properly displayed.

Stock Statistics - Series/ Type filters
Error "expression expected but nothing found" has been fixed. It occurred at Stock Statistics upon selecting "Series" or "Type" in case they have been previously added as filters.

Print to MS-Excel/ Subform in Screen Form
'Access violation" error has been fixed at Series 5 UI. It occurred upon printing in MS-Excel the data found in a virtual grid included in a Sub-form (Custom Screen design). In addition, at S1Designer, at Object's Script, a button that helps to detect errors has been added. The Object must be saved to function properly.

ABC- Per dimension w/o cumulative recalculation
At ABC parameters, the selection of a model has been activated for "Per dimension w/o cumulative recalculation" parameter.

Soft1 Retail Pro/ Item selection
Error "Access violation at address 50C24D74 in module 'vcl250.bpl'. Read of address 0000001C." has been fixed. It occurred at Soft1 Retail Pro upon selecting Items, provided that in S1 Retail Designer the Themes 5 & 6 have been set.

Cash accounts actions
Error regarding wrong account at cash accounts actions' lines has been fixed. It occurred when a Cash Account was the holder of a cheque. In that case, the Cash in hand Account is not displayed at lines but the holder of the cheque.

Customer Credit Control/ Balance Average Aging
Error has been fixed at Customer Credit Control when having set at "Credit Control formula" the "Balance Average Aging" expression term. It occurred upon displaying the credit control at Doc screen and the value did not match with Customer's balance average aging at Customer's Financial data.

Sales Docs/ Copy from buffer
Under certain circumstances, at Sales Docs upon copy from buffer process, the price of the initial Sales Doc lines was not transferred. Error fixed.

Documents/ New cheques
Error fixed upon saving a new cheque at an existing (saved) Collection Document.

Retail Pro/ Cursor
At Soft1 Retail Pro, upon selecting "Payment" the cursor is now displayed/ placed at Cash field.

Group of Companies schema/ Create-Edit Projects
Error "Access violation at address 0C8B2BF3 in module 'Trdr.bpl'. Read of address 00000000" has been fixed at a Group of Companies schema/ model, when creating or editing Projects. It occurred when the "Update all" and "Transfer data of Parent company to all" options had been activated at Projects General Parameters.

F/A Entity Status - Summary report/ Detailed filter
"SoftOne Range Error (Name: 'FANALBOOK')" has been fixed. It occurred at "Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary"(CON_BOOK_GR) report when selecting the "Detailed" filter.