Monday, October 18, 2010

Version 311.499.10185

Features added / modified

Search as you type in selectors
The [Arrow Down] button in search now works as [Tab].

Accounting link of expenses
If an expense is set up to follow line VAT, the field Sales VAT (EXPN.ACNMSKVAT) and Purchases VAT (EXPN.ACNMSKVAT1) are marked as read-only.

Trial Balance per group (ROM_GL_BAL)
Parameter: Yes, only with debit/credit balance to date ,found in the dialogue of the report, spesifically for Romania and the Trial Balance Per Group (ROM_GL_BAL), checks for accounts that have transactions in the selected period, op.balance period and previous periods. NOT the Brought fwd+Period until the selected period

Acctg entries with negatine/positive values only in credit or debit (ROM_GL_STM-ROM_CHRON_LIST)
In this special case no opposite account appears when executing the Opposite account card report

New expense type
A new expense type has been added to cover the calculation of municipal tax. The expense is item-related and the calculation method is [Exp.percentage * (Line value + SCT)].

Redirection to active jobs (PBX monitor)
A new type of job has been added to PBS menu. By selecting "Open job", the user can set a command to be executed.

Bug fixing

Cash transactions with cheques
A new feature has been added in order to correct the line value if the amount exceeds the balance of cheque. A warning message will also appear.

Opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM)
Grouping of opposite account card (ROM_GL_STM) based on Date is available.

Update physical stock-taking
An error occured when an item code was entered in more than one lines in the same physical stock-taking document.

Minimized window at startup
When running under Windows XP, the application started in minimized window.

Doument browsers with line analysis
If a new entry was posted from a browser with line analysis, a query that run without a filter delayed posting.

Error message in batch job
An error message appeared when running the job [Packing of retail sales documents].

Grouping zones with monthly analysis
The grouping zones with analysis type [Month] did not function correctly (data posted on the 1st of month appeared in the last date of the previous month)

Discount of prices per supplier
If the discount is set to zero [0], it will update the supplier data in items.If it is null, it will remain as is.

Update GL from commercial module
The job did not appear in the old menu.

Cash flow batch job
The job did not run if there were exchange rate differences documents.

Values in local currency of cost accounting entries
The values in local currency in cost accounting entries that were automatically generated by GL entries based on models were not updated. The issue is reproduced only in versions 311.499.10178 -311.499.10182.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10182

Features added / modified

Accounting closing entries at the end of a period
A new job was created, that inserts Accounting closing entries for the period chosen based on the sign of the balance (Romanian localization).

Company view
A progress bar has been added.

Bug fixing

Open-item in updated remittance
If the transaction date of a remmitance with open-item was modified without deleting the matching before, the amounts in finpayterms were not correctly updated.From now on, if a matched remmitance is modified, all open-item entries will be deleted.

FInancial data of GL accounts
A string has been corrected in FInancial data of GL accounts. More specifically, the option [Turnover] instead of the correct [Credit] appeared.

Modification of exchange rates in Remittances
If the exchange rate of the document header was modified, the line rate (TRDTLINES.TRDRRATE) was not updated.

Physical stock-taking
The filter [Posting Series opening balance] in [Update physical stock-taking] job did not work when items with attributes (color-size) were included.