Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11324

Features added / modified

Acctg. Entry Templates/ Account transactions
At Acctg. Entry Templates (Accounting Parameters), the "G/L Account Transactions" & "General Ledger Accounts Transactions" are now properly displayed when right-clicking on Accounts grid.

Other Transactions/ Account field
At Other Transactions, when selecting the field "Account" (LINLINES.ACNMSK) at Document lines, the data of the specific account are now properly displayed.

Sales Journals & Purchases Journals reports/ New field
At Sales Journals & Purchases Journals reports, the "Date brought fwd" field has now been added. For example, if the user sets at Date field: 01/02 to 28/02 and the Date brought fwd: 01/01, then the January Balance brought fwd will be displayed.

Sales Doc transfer to Purchases Doc/ Set analysis
Upon Sales Document transfer to Purchases Document, the set automatic analysis is now properly performed.

Bug fixing

Stock Items Set up/ Brands Rights
Error "Access violation at address 07A95F7F in module 'XExtUI.dll'." has been fixed. It occurred upon setting the rights of Brands at Stock Items Set up.

Trading Parties Set up/ Geographical Areas rights
Error "Invalid pointer operation" has been fixed. It occurred when setting the rights of Geographical Areas at Trading Parties Set up.

Service Folders Browser/ Lines Analysis
"System error! Please send the error report to Softone.
Access violation at address 50AE27EF in module 'vcl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000058
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred at Service Folders Browser/ List, when 'Lines Analysis' has been activated in browser design and "Master-Detail tree-view" parameter has been activated in System settings.

Printout Forms/ Item Mass-Volume
At Printout Forms, grouping is now properly performed for "Item Mass"(WEIGHT) & "Item Volume"(VOLUME) fields of MTRLINES table.

Reports Printing/ Windows Schedulers
When running a designed report through Windows Scheduler, the report's settings are now working properly.

Retail Pro/ Subforms
At Retail Pro the subforms are now properly displayed.

Retail Pro/ Gift voucher
Error "selector record not found (voucher=0)" has been fixed. It occurred at Retail Pro upon Gift voucher scanning.

Intrastat - Exports Report & Intrastat - Imports Report/ Transp. means no
At "Intrastat - Exports Report" & "Intrastat - Imports Report" the grouping by Transp. means number is no longer performed.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11323

Features added / modified

Project Statement report/ New field
At Project Statement(PRJC_STM) report design, the "Comments"(REMARKS) field has now been added at Modules tab, and more specifically in 'Projects from document lines" module.

Sales Orders per Item - Analytical/ Docs new behavior
At "Sales Orders per Item - Analytical"(CITEM_STM) report, Documents of Retail Sales behavior has now been added at the available filters of Doc Series/ Types.

Employee Specialty/ New resolver
The Acctg. Resolver regarding the description of Employee's Specialty has been added in Acctg. Links in Payroll module.

Employee BU/ New resolver
The Acctg. Resolver regarding the description of Employee's Employee's Business Unit has been added in Acctg. Links in Payroll module.

Docs Conversion/ Installation at lines
Upon Doc conversion, the installation is now properly transferred to converted Doc lines.

Bug fixing

Doc printing/ Html field
Error fixed upon Doc printing.
It occurred when,
1) having set "Yes" at Automatic Routing (Printout Form parameters)
2) an html field type (Local field) has beem set at Formula body (Email area).
3) Customer's email has not been setup his Profile Card.

Fixed Assets/ Depreciation rounding (I.A.S.)
At Fixed Assets, when having
1. the same rate of Acctg and I.A.S depreciation and,
2. the same start date the year depreciation is now properly calculated.

Annual Weighted Avg/ Op. Balance
Using the "Annual Weighted Avg" as a valuation method at Items w/o invoiced quantities within period or previous periods (except for Op. Balance), the cost price is transferred at the above-mentioned periods.

Doc conv./copy from buffer- Deleting lines
When converting a Document having a large number of lines or creating a new one using the copy from buffer process, the lines deletion is now performed in shorter time.

Retail Pro/ Items scanning
Αt Retail Pro (Azure Installation), the Items scanning is now properly performed using the Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner.

Cash Accounts of Other Transactions/ Comments
The proper Comments(COMMENTS) (saved in buffer) are now displayed at lines of Cash Accounts of Other Transactions.

Services Folder Browser/ Qty
Upon selecting "Send Customer Statement" from a Services Folder Browser/ List, rounding of quantity decimals is no longer performed.

Data Flow scenario/ BAM
A Data Flow scenario resulting to Sales Documents (SALDOC) is now properly executed from BAM when starting/ initiating from custom object.

Objects Log File/ Modify column
At Objects Log File(TRACEDEF), upon selecting "Yes" at Modify column, the Insert and Delete column are no longer activated.

Client/Server connection-Conv. Doc
At a Client/Server connection, the deletion of a fully converted Document is no longer performed.

Customers/Suppliers Trial Balance (F.C.)-Op. Balance
Under certain circumstances, the Customer's balance was not properly displayed at Trial Balance in F.C., in case there was only Op. Balance.

SN Card report/ Warehouse (Romanian Installation)
Error occurring at "SN Card" report(SLINES_STMS) upon selecting the Warehouse, has been fixed. (Romanian Installation)

S1 English version/ Fiscal signature
Error fixed upon Document printing. It occurred when selecting the English language at the login screen. Internal (Fast Report) Printout Form has been used, which included the "fiscal signature device administration (type B)" field.

Personal Calendar/ Repeat Action
Error "Cannot create file "C:\Users\kdi\AppData\Local\Temp\Timer.html". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" has been fixed. It occurred at Personal Calendar(USRCALENDAR) upon selecting "Repeat Action".

Export file type 7/ Filters
At 2008 Soft1 UI, upon exporting file type 7 of Revenue-Expenses & Accounting, the Yes/No filters are now properly displayed at default Retail Customer.

Browser design/ Sorting
Sorting applied at a Browser/ List through design is now properly performed.

Excel Printout Form/ "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter
Upon printing a Document to Excel Printout Form, and having previously activated the "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter, the Printout Form design is now properly displayed.

Aging Balances report/ Previous fiscal year
The "Aging Balances"(CUST_OPITEM) report displays the proper results in case:
1. the Customer's credit balance in previous fiscal year has been matched/ open-item with current fiscal year's Document and,
2. having set "previous year" as Report date, and "Reference Date, To" at Apply Open-item field.

S1 2008 UI/ Automatic opening at login
Error has been fixed regarding jobs' opening twice upon login at S1 2008 UI. It occurred when "Automatic opening at login" has been set at jobs properties. 

Docs printing/ Excel Printout Form
Documents printing (physical printer) in Excel Printout Form is now properly performed.

Email/ Attached picture
The attached picture at an e-mail is now properly displayed.

List of Expenses/ Labelling
At List of Expenses(SOEXPENDITURES), the user can now select a CRM labelling that bears at least value 6 "Employee List of Expenses".

Monday, June 15, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11322

Bug fixing

Excel Printout Form/ "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter
Upon printing a Document to Excel Printout Form, and having previously activated the "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter, the Doc lines are now properly printed

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11321

Features added / modified

Accounting/ User Defined Journals-New filter
At Acctg User Defined Journals, at Advanced filters tab, the "Acctg Entries-GL Accounts participate in lines" filter has been added to show not only the account's transactions but also entries/ records related to this account.

S1 Retail Designer/ Fast payment option
At S1 Retail Designer, at Miscellaneous tab, the "Fast payment" option has been added which accepts the following values:
1. Cash
2. Card
3. Cash & Credit Card

Conversion & Reversal jobs/ Contact field
Upon Documents' Conversion & Reversal jobs the "Contact"(MTRDOC.TRDPRSN) field is now transferred to the other Document.

Lot Balance per W/H (vertical analysis) report/ New field
At "Lot Balance per W/H (vertical analysis)" report the "End date" field has now been added.

Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary report/ New columns
At "Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary" report, the "Open balance" and "Year" columns has now been added.

FIFO Open-Item Calculation/ New filter
At "FIFO Open-Item Calculation" job, the "Payment Terms" filter has now been added.

Docs Conversion/ Account field
Upon Docs Conversion, the "Account" field, at Other data tab,is now transferred to the converted Document.

Cash Accounts Transactions/ "Portfolio Acctg. Code" resolver
At Accounting Link of Cash Accounts Transactions, the "Portfolio Acctg. Code" resolver [TFL1BIL16FOLDER2] has now been added.

Bug fixing

Costing folders/ Expenses value
If a costing folder is connected to other transaction, and that transaction is connected with a different costing folder, the expenses value is now transferred to the costing folder.

Printout forms/ contract lines
Upon printing a contract, the lines of the specific contract are now properly printed.

Payroll/ Modify period data (massively) job
Error upon running the job "Modify period data (massively)" at Employees Browser/ List (Payroll module), has been fixed.

Sales/ Purchases Year Overview - Comparative analysis/ Items hyperlink
Error "Field "MTRL" not Found" has been fixed. t occurred upon clicking on Items hyperlink at "Sales & Purchases Year Overview/ Sales & Purchases Year Overview - Comparative analysis".

Suppliers Payments/ Field length
Error "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated" has been fixed. It occurred at Suppliers Payments(CFNSUPDOC) upon creating a new Document in case the supplier's address was longer than 30 characters.

Exchange rates/ Prices modification
Error regarding exceeding the limit of maximum discount for Item has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances upon changing currency at an existing Document.

Serial Numbers/ Change W/H
Upon changing Warehouse at a Doc including Items monitored by S/N, the SN availability check, per WH, is now properly performed.

Costing Folders/ Other Transactions
Error upon connecting Other Transaction with Costing folder while selecting cost category has been fixed.

Contracts/ Data Flow scenarios
Error "Field 'LINETYPE' not found" has been fixed. It occurred upon running the "Data Flow scenarios" related job from Contracts to Sales Docs.

Organization Chart/ Job position
At graphical display of the Organization Chart the following are displayed:
1. the organization units are now displayed within square boxes.
2. the job position. which is the manager's position, is displayed down on the left.

Actions Browser/ Start field
At Actions Browser/ List, in case the field "Start" has been flagged "Locked", the results are now properly displayed.

Customer profile card/ Print to MS-Excel
Upon printing Customer profile card to MS-Excel, the Document and the Series of the first transaction are now properly printed if the parameter "Use of Spreadsheet" has been activated.

Items/ Suggested storage bins
Error occurring upon 'copy from buffer' procedure of an Item with suggested storage bins has been fixed.

Creditor Wire Transfers/ Templates with IBAN
Upon selecting saved templates from the Creditor Wire Transfers, the IBAN is now properly updated at column lines.

Sales Doc transfer to Purchases Doc/ Quantity
Upon tranferring a Sales Doc to Purchases one, including Items with Fixed relation set to "Two-way the first time" option at UoM, Alternative Codes tab, the transferred quantity is the lines' quantity.

Advanced JavaScript Editor/ Run function
Error "The parameter is incorrect" has been fixed. It occurred upon run function at Advanced JavaScript Editor.

Import open browser
"System error!Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 77C93D53 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances upon running Import open browser.

Use of Spreadsheet parameter/ Date field format
In case the parameter "Use of Spreadsheet" is activated, upon printing to MS-Excel file, the format of the date fields is now properly displayed.

Off-Line Setup/ Branch synchronizer
Under certain circumstances, at Off-Line Setup, the user can now be selected at "Branch synchronizer" field.

ABC Parameters/ Values allocation
In case the "Per dimension w/o cumulative calculation" option has been selected at Allocation type (ABC Parameters), the allocation of values is now properly performed at dimensions.

Browsers/ Auto-numbering
At Series 5 UI, upon changing/ selecting Browsers/ Lists, auto-numbering is not applied if it has not been set.

Purchases Docs/ Origin Document
At Purchases Doc lines, the Origin Doc now properly opens having previously added the "Origin Document"(ITELINES.FINDOCS) column.

Purchases-Sales Docs/ "Mass Approve/Reject Documents" job
Under certain circumstances, the "Mass Approve/ Reject Documents" related job was not properly performed. Error has been fixed.

Error "ScriptError: 'X' is undefined(Line: 1 Ofs: 17)" has been fixed. It occurred at a Custom Screen Form when using SysRequest.ExecuteXScript.

Purchases Docs/ Buyer
At Purchases Docs, the "Buyer"(SALESMAN) field can now be added at Services & Fixed Assets column lines.

Trading parties/ "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job
Error "The multi-part identifier "f.company" could not be bound." has been fixed. It occurred upon deleting matched Documents (open-items) when running the "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job from Trading parties module.

Create Physical Inventory Documents job/ Corrective inventory documents
Upon running the "Create Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrNatBalance) job, the corrective inventory documents (deficits/ surplus).

Browsers/ Lista - ODBC Driver
Error "Browser Timeout.Please retry execution.
" has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances at Browsers/ Lists when there was an ODBC driver.

"Items Journals" report/ New filters
At "Items Journals" report, the following filters have been added:
1.Commercial Category
5.Country of Origin

Doc lines/ Warranty Items
Items with "Warranty" type and relation to UoMs are now properly displayed at Document lines.

Docs Conversion/ Serial Numbers
Upon converting a Document with different WH, no proper check of Item's SN availability performed. Error has been fixed. Moreover, at Stock Mgmt parameters, at Serial Numbers area, the "Delete SNs when changing WH" has now been added, which deletes the SNs lines upon changing WH.

Data Flow scenario/ Prices
Upon creating a Data Flow scenario, he grid to set prices is now properly working.

Sales Statistics Browser (Grouped)/ Print to MS-Excel
Upon selecting to print "Grouped" of a Sales Statistics Browser/ List, to MS-Excel file, the Group's description is now properly printed.

Sales Docs transfer to Production Docs/ WH update
Upon transferring of Sales Docs to Production Docs, under certain circumstances, the WH was not properly updated. Error has been fixed.

Cash Accounts Browser/ Balance field
Error "Field 'LBAL' not found" has been fixed. It occurred at a Cash Accounts Browser/ List, having previously added the "Balance" field ith decreasing sorting.

S1 Bulagrian version/ Set User access rights
Error "'EMPLOYEE' is not a valid integer value" has been fixed. It occurred upon right-clicking on Sales Docs and selecting "Set User access rights" having previously selected the "Bulgarian" language at the login screen (related to 20200410-1155-1-1368).

S1 Retail Pro/ Alerts
At Soft1 Retail Pro, the Alerts are now properly working.

Import Script/ CreateSupportModule function
"System error!Please send the error report to Softone.
Access violation at address 5005F8A6 in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000051
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon running Import Script using the "CreateSupportModule" function.

CRM Printout Forms/ Doc Series
At CRM Doc Series Setup, you can now select the proper printout form.

Doc printing/ Master-Detail tree view
Error "DATASET NOT IN EDIT OR INSERT MODE" has been fixed. It occurred upon printing a Document from a Browser/ List having set at "Expand by" a second module, in case the "Master-Detail tree view" parameters has been activated.

Sales parameters/ Modify price from exc. rate
Error upon creating a new entry at Sales module has been fixed. It occurred while having previously activated the "Modify price from exc. rate" parameter (Sales parameters).

Customers/Items designed Screen Form - Project
At a Customers/ Items designed Screen Form the Project is now properly displayed at lines.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Same SN
Error occurring at a Physical Inventory Doc while having the same SN at more than one Item lines.

User Access Rights/ Search
At "User Access Rights" the entities are now properly displayed when performing Search.

Delete Browser/ General Fields
Under certain circumstances, upon deleting a Browser/ List, the General Fields were deleted too. Error has been fixed.

Cheques reupdate/ Oracle DB
Error "uChequeNew: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
ORA-06512: at line 60" has been fixed. It occurred upon Cheques reupdate at an Oracle DB.

Employees/ ID card Type field
At Employees General data tab, the ID card "Type" field displays the proper data.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11320

Features added / modified

Sub-modules of HR Doc Series/ List of Expenses
At sub-modules of HR Doc Series, the "List of Expenses" value has now been added.

Bug fixing

Accounting based on payroll/ GData file
Error "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)" has been fixed. It occurred upon exporting GData accounting file from Financial Management/ Business Operations/ Accounting updates/ Create external files/ "Accounting based on Payroll"(ExportBatchPayGL) job.