Friday, June 17, 2011

Version 312.504.10231

Features added / modified

Function for checking the user password
A new function has been added that can be used to check if the password entered by the user matches the saved one.

General Ledger parameters
The counter-balancing accounts for exchange rate differences do not appear in Greek installations.

Design of columns at inventory documents
At the design of columns for inventory documents the fields Commercial and Group Category are from now on available.

Default BOM at Production Orders
The default BOM that appears by right-clicking on the Order browser is now the main BOM of the item.

The DATASET function ISNULL now uses the name of the field and not the ID.

Bug fixing

Statistical number (BGBULSTAT)
The validation/uniqueness check of the statistical number (BGBULSTAT) did not function (Bulgaria only).

Switching the company or the date from the status bar
By switching the company or the date from the status bar (more than once), closed down the application.

Status bar - Change company
If no fiscal years has been defined for a company, the application was shut down unexpectedly when the user was trying to login to another company from the status bar of the application. From now on the message appears.

Trial Balance - Extra fields
The application did not print correctly the data in columns of tables (Extra account data) in printouts.

Remmitances , transaction in third currency
The wrong value in supplier currency appeared in supplier remittances in third currency (other than the account / local).

Unpaid documents report
Ιf at filters has been selected the Cheque analysis and grouping ,an error message would appear.

Approvals and Credit Control
The document approval system through credit control did not function in client/server environment.

Sales statistics - Sales discount
There was an issue when calculating the discount amount in transactions for document types that have [Retail_Vat] set to [With Vat, not incl.]. All documents posted with older versions should be corrected by massive update.

Filters in crystal report
The filters set in a report desinged with Crystal report did not function properly.

Document conversion
If there were special characters in the line comments (e.g '('), the message '.CRTQANAL:' is not a valid integer value for field FINDOCS' appeared during document conversion.

Button in view using the X.QUICKVIEW
The X. QUICKVIEW did not function.

Balance aging report - Standard data
If the report was run using standard data, the message 'Field Sointeger2 cannot be modified' appeared.