Monday, August 3, 2020

Version 5.00.520.11328

Features added / modified

Production orders/ Consumption Notes
Upon converting a Production order to Consumption Note, the lots of Production order's lines are now transferred too.

Bug fixing

Users Access Rights
Fixed the issue where the rights, which have been set at Users Access Rights Parameters, were not displayed.

Code set/ Automatic replacement
Fixed the issue where the code set was not updated at Documents lines. This occurred in case of automatic replacement of Items with lots of not sufficient balance.

Designed report/ Grouping
Fixed the issue where the grouping at a designed report with SQL user-defined table was not working properly.

Production Documents/ Quantity 2
Fixed an issue at Production Documents upon filling in the Quantity including decimals and the consumable Item is monitored in variations. Quantity 2 is now properly calculated.

Production Time Sheets (Work Centers)
Fixed issue "Softone Range Error". It occurred upon saving Production Time Sheets (Work Centers)(PRDPRSDOC) at Production module.

Accounting Opening Job
Fixed issue "Module ACCGLHEADER : Enter data in field 'Currency". It occurred, under certain circumstances, upon running the "Accounting Opening Job"(AcnOpenGL).

Bonus Cards Statement/ Points Redeem
Fixed an issue upon sum up of bonus points balance at "Bonus Cards Statement(BONUS_POINT_ANAL)" report. It occurred when performing points redeem.

Sales Accounting Report - Analytical/ Self-delivery note
Fixed an issue at "Sales Accounting Report - Analytical"(ACNTSAL). The value of the self-delivery note is now properly displayed.

Trading Parties/ Indirect creation of GL account
Fixed issue "Enter data in field 'Description". It occurred upon indirect creation of GL account from Trading Parties module.

CRM actions/ Next Step job
Fixed issue "StartTransaction: Transaction count out of range: 0". It occurred at CRM actions, under certain circumstances, upon selecting "Next step" related job.

Shortages / Requirements Report - Main Supplier filter
Fixed issue at "Shortages/ Requirements Report" (MAT_REQ). It occurred when setting the "Main Supplier"(MTRSUP) filter at the report.

Project Transactions (lines)
The Project Transactions (lines) are now properly updated in case a Project has been selected at a Document.

Purchases Browser/ Transfer among w/h
Fixed issue "List index out of bounds (0)". It occurred at Purchases Browser/ List, in case of trying to set as default or delete a Template created from "Transfer among w/h" related job.

Delete Doc Type/ Printout Form
Fixed the issue ''Could not convert variant of type (Array Variant) into type (OleStr)''. It occurred upon deleting a Document Type and Printout Form.

Project Tasks/ Start-End date
Fixed issue "VSTGLINES Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred at Projects, where the End date of Project Tasks was smaller than the Start date.

Credit Notes Calculation/ Customers list
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, specifically at a child company, the Customers list is now properly displayed when clicking the selector at "Credit Notes Calculation"(CULCTMPCREDIT) job.

Tasks/ Participants
Fixed issue "is not a valid integer value". It occurred upon saving a Task including Participants.