Monday, April 28, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10511(i)

Features added / modified

Proposed default form printouts
Changed method for mass printing of documents: if the option 'The same to all' is checked, Soft1 will not ask the user for the form option again. Also if the option 'Auto' is checked, Soft1 will not ask for printer or form and gets the defined values from the series parameters of the document.

Printing mode
Added the option "Follows initial" at printing mode field of the series parameters. Forms defined with this option follow the printing mode set at the field "Method".

New tax forms for 2014
Added new tax forms for 2014.
Changes are made at the calculation of the tax forms (Greek Legislation).

Fixed Assets depreciations
A change was made at the automatic update of the field Start depreciation date for fixed assets. The date is posted is the first of the following month with the posting of the document. (Greek Legislation Ν.4172/2013)

Services folder creation from actions
Added the parameter "Fill Item" at the type of an action for completition of the item at the Services folder.
Also added the parameter "Group by" at the job "Transfer to folder" for the grouping by Item and Customer branch

Bonus Cards table fields
Added the fields of bonus cards table to the design of Customers view.

Read only login date parameter
Added the parameter NOLOGINDATE used at the .xco file. If the value is set to 1 the login date cannot be change.

Hide status bar parameter
Added the parameter HIDESTATUSBAR used at the Login section of the .xco file. If the value is set to 1 the status bar of the application is hidden.

Bug fixing

Items Monthly inventory and zero balance filter
At Items Monthly inventory (correlation codes) printout the filter "Items with zero balance" did not work properly.

Date at Customer card of B2B
The "Date" field did not appear correctly at the printout "Customer Card" of the B2B cloud application.

Cumul at Azure
The function CUMUL did not work properly at printouts for Azure installations.

Band picture at internal printout forms
If at internal printout forms a band picture was set in the repetitive line the image was deformed at the printout.

Update of Services folder
In case of update on field Labeling in Services folders an error message "MTRDOC:Dataset not in edit or insert mode" appeared

Calculated fields of Projects
The green fields "Expenses","Revenue (+subprojects 1st lvl)","Expenses(+subprojects 1st lvl)" and the field "Expenses" from the tab ROI of Campaigns are update to disregard VAT.

Next step and Direction of an action
At the "Next step" of an action the value of the field "Direction" was updated with the value of the series to be converted and not of the selected series.

Services folder and Customer branch
An error message appeared during the creation of a Services folder from an action with the field Customer branch filled.

Addition of actions to Services folder
The error message "Selector record not found" appeared during the addition of an action to a Services folder.

Accounting vouchers and Value GSIS
Credit is subtracted from the Debit values of the field "Value GSIS" from Accounting vouchers at the printout "Tax Consignment Information (Accounting)" (Greek Legislation).

Actions of Actions journal
Actions from "Actions journal" did not appear at the Personal and Group calendars.

Print to pdf / xps file
The call of the function Sysrequest.PrintForm is now working properly.

SoftOneLib - Use .Current in XTable through VB.NET
Corrected the inability to use the .Current in Xtable from VB.NET environment through (Library SoftOneLib).

Cancel at Sales opportunity
If a changed was made at a posted sales opportunity then the user could not cancel the changes.
Expenses and ReUpdate of tax information
In case of services invoice with tax withholding which had been defined as an expense at a previous version, the value of the expense would be doubled when executing the job "ReUpdate of tax information"

IBAN check at cash accounts
The IBAN check did not work properly at cash accounts.

Update sales prices
If automatic coverage was set at purchase documents and different item prices existed at posted Orders then more than one item price for the same item would appear at the job "Update sales prices".

Value GSIS from Accounting
In case that multiple sales accounts existed at the Accounting voucher the Value GSIS was not calculated correctly.

Form with footer Band picture
In case band picture was defined at the header and the footer of a form, the picture of the footer would not be printed correctly.

Form with header band picture
In case Band picture was defined at the header of a form, the picture would not be printed after the fisrt page.

Approval of documents
Approval of documents did not update the time correctly at the document.

Partial conversion and Serial Numbers
The document conversion of an already partially converted document added the converted serial numbers of the document lines to the new document.

Automatic creation of a Services folder
An error message would appear during the posting of a Sales document that automatically created a Services folder.

Services folders
An error message would appear during the posting of new Services folder.

Prices per attributes (color and size)
In some cases defined prices per attributes (color and size) were not applied at document lines during the posting of a document.

Date type fields size at printouts
The date type fields did not print with the correct size at printouts.