Thursday, October 21, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11440

Features added / modified

Export GL transactions (GData.xml)/ Accounting Link Series
At 'Export GL transactions (GData.xml)' job, a first check is performed whether an Accounting Link Series exists or not and a second one concerning the Export Series.

Purchase Doc/ Update Sales Prices
At 'Update Sales Prices' Purchases Doc Related Job, upon selecting an Item the user is redirected to the Item's Profile Card.

Production Costing/ Stock Mgmt Parameters
At 'Production Costing' job [PRDNCOST] the filter is 'locked' if the following Parameters are selected:
1. The 'Inventory Valuation' is set to 'Annual weighted avg. price' (Stock Management Parameters)
2. The 'Auto reversing' is set to 'YES' (Production Parameters).

Export GL transactions (GData.xml)/ New flag
At 'Export GL transactions (GData.xml)' the 'Export zero-value acctg entries' flag has now been added.

Job Scheduling/ Place of work
At Payroll Employees Browser/ List, 'Job Scheduling' Related Job, the' Place of work' field has now been added to the grid including the following values:
1. In
2. Out
3. Teleworking.

Contactless Card Transactions/ Card Types
Upon contactless card transactions, all card types participate in searching procedure.

Stock Items/ Cost Price per Cost Group
At 'Cost Price per Cost Group' tab (Stock Item Financial Data) all periods are now updated with Cost Prices (similar to 'Cost Prices' tab). Thus, no further calculation is required for every following period.

Browser Design/ Master-Detail tree view
At Browser/ List Design the height can now be customized in case of expanding by a second section. The 'Master-Detail tree view' option must not be selected (System Settings).

Sales Doc/ Switching Customer
Upon switching Customer at a Sales Document, a pop-up message will be displayed, informing the user that the Doc info is updated based on the Customer info.

Mass price modification/ New method
At 'Mass price modification' Related Job the 'Existing basic prices and given percentage' method has now been added. The Alternative Prices calculation is based on basic values of Wholesale/ Retail Stock Item prices.

S1 Retail Designer/ Customer Branch List
At Soft1 Retail Designer the 'Customer Branch List' has now been added.

Composition Doc lines/ Comment fields
The 'Comment' fields (Comments1 & Comments2) are now available at Composition Doc lines.

Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)/ New filter
The 'Main supplier, From/To' filter has now been added to 'Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)' job [MtrZeroNatBalance].

Bug fixing

Intrastat - Imports' Report/ Invoice value
The Invoice value at 'Intrastat - Imports' Report, in case the Costing Category participates in Intrastat ('Participates in Intrastat Report' field), is now properly displayed at an EU Purchase Doc, included in a total Costing Folder and its currency is different to euro.

Web Services/ Web Services Log File
Fixed the issue upon which Web Services were recorded, even though Web Services Log File was not activated.

Penalties/ Labelling
Fixed the issue at HR Penalties which occurred upon saving a new penalty. Labels having more than one values selected at 'Modules' field, are now displayed at 'Labelling' field.

Browser Design/ Column width
Fixed the issue at Series 5 UI Browser/ List Design. Once the width of a column was changed, the width of the already saved columns was changed as well.

Production/ Consumption Requirements from Orders - Analytical
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running the 'Consumption Requirements from Orders - Analytical' Production Report [LMTRRESTPRAY]. The Consumption Requirements are now properly displayed.

Other Transactions Supplier Doc/ Expenses Cash Account
Fixed the issue at Other Transactions Supplier Document. The Expenses Cash Account that was manually set at Expenses Document (through Sales Doc) is now properly saved.

Advanced Printout Forms/ Attached file's name
The Attached file's name is now properly displayed upon sending email (Advanced Printout Forms).

Sales Doc Browser/ Convert lines into Purchase Docs
Fixed the issue at Sales Doc Browser/ List. Under certain circumstances, upon running 'Convert lines into Purchase Documents' Related Job, the Stock Items were not displayed to Purchases Doc screen.

Manual method (open-item)/ Message display
Upon paying-off a total value Doc with a Doc of lower value, a message indicating the difference between the two Docs is now displayed (Manual method (open-item)).

Sales Doc/ Multiple selection of SN
Fixed the issue at Sales Document. It occurred upon multiple selection of Stock Item Serial Numbers.

Production Docs - Raw/ Auxiliary Materials
At Production Docs, the quantity of Raw/ Auxiliary Materials for Items being monitored in Color - Size and variation combination (BOM), is now properly calculated/ updated.

Debits/Credits Categories Statement report/ Dates
Once the dates are set to 'Dates' field at 'Debits/Credits Categories Statement' Financial Report, the proper results are now displayed.

Evaluations (HR manager)/ Cycle
At Evaluations (HR manager) [HRCUSNAIRE], upon creating a new Evaluation the 'Cycle' field is now displayed.

Prod. Order Folder/ To Production Document
Fixed the issue at Prod. Order Folder. The Stock Items without Balance are now properly displayed on the grid, once running 'To Production Document' Related Job.

Docs Browser/ Update Accounting
Fixed the 'Value of field 'Dates' exceeds the limits of the current year' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Update Accounting' Related Job at Docs Browser/ List.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11439

Features added / modified

System Bar/ Payroll Period
The user can now view the Description of the Payroll Period upon using mouse-over on the selected Payroll Period (System Bar).

S1 Retail Pro/ Description field
At Soft1 Retail Pro, searching a Document using the 'Description' field is now available.

Trading Parties' Other Transaction/ Tables
User-defined fields of Credits/ Debits, Trading Parties and Cash Accounts can now be added at Columns Design of Other Transactions.

Contracts/ Warranty
The 'Create warranty' option is now available at Contract lines (right-click on line grid) for Items monitored in SN, given that:
1) the 'SN' and 'Ends on' columns are filled in
2) no warranty has already been selected.
Once the new warranty is created, the 'Warranty' field will be updated at Contract lines.

Sales Docs/ New resolvers
At Sales Docs, the following resolvers have now been added:
* Fees value for Sales on Behalf of Third Parties.
* VAT value for Fees from Sales on Behalf of Third Parties.

HR Printout Forms - Evaluations/ Reviews
The 'Evaluations / Reviews' object has now been added at HR Printout Forms.

Objects Log file/ Penalties
The Object 'Penalties' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Candidates
The Object 'Candidates' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Requests
The Object 'Requests' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Announcements
The Object 'Announcements' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Goals
The Object 'Goals' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Actions
The Object 'Actions' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Εmployee Printouts Log File
The Object 'Εmployee Printouts Log File' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Work centers
The Object 'Work centers' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Objects Log file/ Term standards
The Object 'Term standards' has now been added at 'Objects Log file' table [TRACEDEF] (Company Processes > Controls & Logs).

Debit/ Credit transactions - Comment
'Comment' field has now been added at Debit/ Credit transactions.

CRM Calendars/ Draft Entries fields
At CRM Calendars all Draft Entries fields are now properly displayed upon selecting fields.

Production Order Folder/ Item Balance
'Item Balance' field has now been added to Item Lines upon running 'Production Order Folder' Related Job (Sales Doc).

Sales Doc Lines - Balance per W/h
The 'Balance per W/h' option has now been added to Sales Doc lines (right-click).

Import Excel Configuration/ Entries Filter
At Import Excel Configuration the 'Entries Filter' field has been increased to accept 2000 characters.

Employees Parameters/ Type of leave
At Employees Parameters, 'MyWorkplace' tab, the 'Type of leave' field has been increased to accept 200 characters.

Bug fixing

Service Tickets/ Origin
Fixed the issue which occurred upon clicking on the 'Origin' hyperlink at CRM Service Tickets. The redirection is now properly working.

Stock Items/ Financial Date Related Job
At 'Financial Date' Item Related Job, the following fields are now properly updated:
* Inventory [In] date qty. [MTRDATA.DEBDATEQ]
* Issue date qty. [MTRDATA.CREDATEQ]
* Last sale value [MTRDATA.SALLPDATE]
* Issue date value [MTRDATA.CREDATEV]
* Last purchase date [MTRDATA.PURLPDATE]
* Inventory [In] date (value) [MTRDATA.DEBDATEV]
The issue occurred in case the 'Third party sales' option was selected at the Type [MTRTYPE].

Accounting jobs/ Execution stages
The Execution stages are now properly displayed at Accounting jobs.

OutProcess/ XSupport.GetWarning
The 'Τhe customer is entitled to vouchers worth xx. Give?' message is now properly displayed when saving a Doc using the XSupport.GetWarning (OutProcess).

Retail Pro/ Reversal
At Soft1 Retail Pro, upon running 'Reversal' (right-click at Browser/ List) for the returns receipt, the cancellation doc is now taken into consideration/included.

Service Transactions/ Description
The 'Description' field at 'Service Transactions' Related Job is now properly displayed.

HR/ Create Evaluations > Employees
Fixed the issue at 'Create Evaluations > Employees' HR Related Job. It occurred after filling in the fields 'Series', 'Cycle' and 'Assessor'.

HR/ OneDrive Parameters
The data are now properly refreshed at 'OneDrive Parameters' table [ODAPPSPRMS] (CRM Connections).

Attached Files/ Add URL
Fixed the issue which occurred at Attached Files. 'Add URL' option is now properly working.

Installations/ Salesperson
Fixed the issue at Ιnstallations. The Salesperson is now properly filled in upon selecting Customer.

Cost Groups/ Cost Prices
At Cost Groups where no Cost price has being calculated, the '0' value is used for Stock ledger group calculations.

Sales Doc/ 100% Discount
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, upon changing the date at a Saved Sales Document in case the Customer has been offered/given 100% discount. The Discount is now properly taken into consideration at Doc lines.

CRM Meetings/ Before the event
At CRM Meetings, the 'Date' Field [RMDATE] is now properly updated in case the '4 hours' option is selected at 'Before the event' field (Reminder).

Services Folder Doc lines/ Commercial Category
Fixed the issue which occurred at Services Folder Doc lines. The 'Commercial Category' column as well as the 'Yes/ No' fields can now be properly added.

Fixed Asset Reports - 'Include sold F/A' flag
The 'Include sold F/A' flag has now been added to Fixed Asset Reports.

Retail Pro/ Fiscal device
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, upon saving a Doc at Soft1 Retail Pro using fiscal device.

Stock Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)/ Description
Fixed the issue which occurred at 'Stock Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)' report [MAT_CURREMAIN_WH]. The Entry's Description is now properly displayed regardless of the number of characters.

Production Docs- Raw/ Auxiliary Materials
At Production Docs, the quantity of Raw/ Auxiliary Materials for Items being monitored in Color - Size and variation combination, is now properly calculated.