Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10949

Features added / modified

Payments plan (wire transfer)
Bank and bank account columns have been added in the grid of payments plan (wire transfer) job.

Bug fixing

Auto created composition documents were not deleted through reversal job in sales documents

Define users access rights
There was a conflict in the data of access rights definitions between classic menus and objects.

Users rights
In some cases, adding and deleting rights from users with no rights in non-controlled jobs was not properly working.

Codes with spaces
Spaces were not properly working in database views.

Pricing policies
Pricing policies with accounting category and line discount 1 equals to zero were not properly working, whenever suggested quantity has been declared in the items.

Open items
Unpaid value was displayed in documents open items whenever the trading party has the same currency with the company, the flag value (T.C.) was activated and the documents were fully paid.

Sales with pay off
An error occured when modifying sales documents having pay off with custom form.

Credit Cards
An error occured regarding the cash account in document's lines,
when posting retail sales documents with credit cards.