Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11449

Features added / modified

Employees / Modify Period Data (massively)
When using 'Modify Period Data (massively)' job [PRDVALMASSDELETE], specific employees are now displayed once:
* Automatic data import or/and
* Automatic data import & Calculate payroll jobs have been performed.
'Modify Period Data (massively)' job clicking on Employees List.

Stock reports/ Quantity Analysis
The 'Quantity Analysis' report [MAT_DIMQUANT_ALL] has now been added to Stock reports. The analysis is performed based on Balance, Imports, Exports, Expected, Reserved, Nominal, Opening Balance, Purchases and Sales.
It displays Quantity analysis and cumulative results for Items monitored in Variations or not.

.xxf file / Employee Code
Upon importing an Employee (through .xxf file), both Employee's Code and Name are now included in the displayed error message.

Stock Items Variations/ Description 3
At Stock Items monitored in Variations, the 'Description 3' column is now available at Stock Item Variations when selecting 'Per item' (Stock Mgmt parameters).

Project Card /New fields
The following fields can now been added to Projects 'Card' (PRJC_STM) report:
1. Expense value [EXPN) &
2. VAT Doc Value [VATAMNT].

Create - Select lots / Lot code length
Τhe length of the 'Lot code' column has now been increased to accept more characters, upon 'Create - Select lots' is performed on Doc lines.

Sales opportunities/ Estimated revenue
Estimated revenue' field found at Sales opportunities no longer gather cancelled or converted Docs.

Soft1 BAM/ Special characters
You can now include characters from several languages in your emails and SMS when using S1 BAM & S1 EVA services.

Service Folders/ SN selector
At Service Folders, a new selector has now been added to SN field (General Data tab), displaying the Serial Numbers related to the Item. It is used for informative purpose. Only for checking Guarantees related to the folder.

Financial data - W/h field
At 'Financial Data' Stock Item Related Job, the 'W/h' field (Quality data tab > Calculation filters) has now been increased to accept 8000 characters.

Conversion/ Start sending
At Conversion Related Job, the default date is no longer displayed at 'Start sending' field.

Doc Series / History Changes
'History Changes' related job has now been added to Doc Series.

Services Folders/ Transfer Items (SN)
At CRM Actions, once 'Transfer to Folder' Related Job is selected, the Item SN is transferred as well (provided there is one).
At Browsers/ Lists, when the above-mentioned job is selected, for one or more Actions, then
*if grouping is selected per Item & SN, then the Actions will be grouped per Item & SN and will be added to a folder. Otherwise,
* if no grouping selected, the Actions (one by one) will be transferred to respective new folders, including the Item SN (header). Τo transfer the Action's Item along with the SN (header) to the Folder's Item (header), the 'Fill item' flag should be activated (General Actions Type>Create folder area). Otherwise, the SN will not be transferred along with the Item.

Documents processing/ Posterior date
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running 'Documents processing' Related Job for a posterior date.

Bug fixing

Horizontal grouping/ MS-Excel Print
Results derived from horizontal grouping can now be properly printed using MS-Excel.

Intrastat calculation/ Additional Doc expenses
The user question over the Intrastat calculation is now displayed as many times as needed including cases where further expenses that affect Doc lines/items are added to a Document.

Marketing Campaigns / Send email
'Send email' option is now properly working in/for Marketing Campaigns.

Group of Companies Schema/ Delete Employee
Fixed the issue at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. Child company Employees can now be properly deleted.

Project transactions (header)/ Revenue column
At 'Project transactions (header)' Related Job, the 'Revenue' column displays values resulted from previous periods (Brought fwd).

Other transactions/ Costing Folders
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Costing Folders via Other Transactions Related Jobs.

Grouped ABC Transactions Browser/ List
Fixed the issue which occurred at a grouped ABC Transactions Browser/ List.

Contracts Browser/ Trading Parties
Fixed the '[S]: [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ')'. (102)' issue which occurred upon selecting Trading Parties at Contracts Browser/ List filters.

Trad. Parties - Financial Transactions/ CUSTRN.X_NAME
At 2008 UI, the [CUSTRN.X_NAME] column is no longer displayed at Trading Parties Financial Transactions.

S1 Retail Pro/ Merge similar lines
At S1 Retail Pro, focus on lines is now properly working when merge of similar lines has been selected (Doc Type) and the 'Insert Row above' flag was not activated.

Group of Companies Schema/ Excluded null values
Update for master files, such as Stock Items, Trading Parties, Credits/Debits, Services and Cash Accounts is now properly performed upon changes, provided that:
1. the Company belongs to Group of Companies Schema/Model
2. the 'Excluded null values' parameter is activated at Stock Mgmt parameters.
Note that, entries synchronization is performed when one of the fields (e.g. comm. mgmt) has null value.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11448

Features added / modified

Trading Parties Transactions/ Branch info
At Trading Parties Transactions (Related Jobs), the Trading Party Branch info (such as: CODE, NAME, CITY etc) can now be added to the Grid.

Trading Parties Transactions/ Business Unit
At Trading Parties Transactions (Related Job) the BU info will also be displayed. It is available though Screen Forms design.

Company overview/ Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets Purchases/ Sales have now been added to Company overview.

Group of Companies Schema/ TPRSN field
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model the 'TPRSN' field, which is already available at 'PRSN' table, has now been added to 'PRSNCMP' table as well.

Screen Forms Design (Seminar Cycle)/ PRSN fields
PRSN fields are now available at Screen Forms Design (Seminar Cycle)

Transfer Purchases/ Sales Expenses
At 'Transfer Purchases/Sales Expenses' job [CrtLinDocs] the Customer & Supplier Wire transfers Doc Series are now available for selection.

Sales Doc Recalculation/ New command
A new command (XCMD:10006) can now be used at a form script so as the 'Sales Doc Recalculation' job to be executed without displaying messages upon Doc posting.

S1 Retail Designer/ Stock Items & Customer Browsers
At S1 Retail Designer, the user can now add fields from CUSEXTRA and ITEEXTRA tables to Stock Items & Customer Browsers.

executeReport function/ Photo
At 'executeReport' function, a 5th parameter ('gpk') has been added in order to use a photo.
X.CALLPUBLISHED('SysRequest.executeReport', 'CUST_STM','Template','','xls','gpk').

Service & Item Sets/ Substitute in Sales
At Services Folders a participating Sets of services or items can now be substituted by its components provided that the 'Substitute in Sales' parameter is activated for the respective service or item.

Conversion/ Depart
The 'Depart' field is now properly transferred to the new Sales Doc upon running 'Conversion' Related Job.

Other Transactions/ Debits-Credits Type
At Other Transactions Doc lines, the 'Type' field (Debits/ Credits) [LINLINES.MTRTYPE] is no longer read-only.

Sales & Purchases Types/ Balance check - New option
The 'Check balance on current year' parameter has now been added to Sales & Purchases Types ('Stock' tab). Once selected, a Balance check will be performed in the login year.

Services Journal/ Extra Data: Trading Parties
The 'Extra Data: Trading Parties' table [TRDEXTRA] has now been added to 'Services Journal' report.

Outstanding quotations / New Related Job
'Outstanding quotations' has now been added to Customer & Supplier Related Jobs.

Financial Transactions/ Delivery Date
The 'Delivery Date' column has now been added at 'Financial Transactions' Customers Related Job.

Lot Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)/ Ιtem Description
At 'Lot Balance per W/H (Vertical Analysis)' report the length of the 'Item Description' column can now be set through Screen Form Design.

Receivables on specific Date/ Customer Code
At 'Receivables on specific Date' Customers report [CUST_DOI], the Customer Code is now displayed once the 'Print only groups' parameter is selected.

Physical Inventory Report/ Display Doc
At Physical Inventory Report, the Doc can now be displayed by double-clicking on the lines.

Soft1 Messages/ Is Read
Each time the user replies to a message (Soft1 messages/System Bar), it is now marked as Is Read.

Bug fixing

General Ledger report/ Fast Report
Totals are now properly displayed upon using Fast Report option at 'General Ledger' report.

ABC Transaction/ Modify Doc Date
Fixed the issue which occurred when modifying the date of a Doc producing an ABC transaction. Problem occurred when for the Type of the Comm. Doc has been set an ABC Transaction (not ABC Link).

Editable fields/ ITEEXTRA
When the 'Editable' checkbox is activated, even if a field is set as 'read-only' for default (pre) or custom Screen Forms, any resulting changes will not be applied.

Group Calendar/ Copy-Paste entries
Copy-paste at Group Calendar entries, is now properly working even if there are saved entries on the same date.

'Transfer to' Related Job/ Soft1 Templates
Soft1 Templates are now properly working upon using 'Transfer to' Related Job (right-click on a list), even if they concern another company.

Group of Companies Schema/ Cash Flow
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, at a child company, Cash Flow is now properly displayed at Inflows/ Outflows.

Company Overview/ Balance cost
'Balance cost' is now properly displayed at 'Company Overview' job [COMPANYVIEW].

Browsers/ General fields
General fields are now properly displayed at Browsers.

Supplier Other Transactions/ Update Accounting Entries
At Supplier Other Transactions, once a Doc is rejected (through Approvals), an Accounting entry is no more created through 'Update Accounting Entries' batch job [AcnBatchTemplateGL].

Supplier Other Transactions/ ABC Transactions
At Supplier Other Transactions, once a Doc is rejected (through Approvals), the ABC Transaction is no more created.

Group of Companies Schema/ Balance per W/H
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, at a child company, selecting Variations using 'Balance per W/H' option (right-click on Doc lines) is now available.

Create Physical Inventory Documents
Fixed the issue when running 'Create Physical Inventory Documents' job [MtrNatBalance]. It occurred under certain circumstances for Items monitored in SN.

Stock Control/ Variations
Fixed the issue concerning Stock Control. It occurred upon having activated a Special Stock Control per Variation (Doc Types > Stock & Commercial Data) while the item is not monitored in variations.

Stock Doc lines/ UoM
Fixed the issue ' List index out of bounds'. It occurred upon deleting an item at Stock Doc lines while 'UoM' was set as a filter.

Matched Docs/ SALDOC.BOOL02
Matched Docs are no more deleted in case the 'SALDOC.BOOL02' field is modified when using a Designed Screen Form.

Payments Plan (wire transfers)/ Redirection
Fixed the issue which occurred upon redirecting to a Suppliers Doc through 'Payments Plan (wire transfers)' job [BfnSupDebPayments].

SN Journal/ SLINES_JRNN Table
The 'SN Journal' report's table [SLINES_JRNN] is now renamed as 'SNJRN.'

Production Time Sheets (Work Centers)/ Prod. Orders
Fixed the issue which occurred at Production Time Sheets (Work Centers) upon selecting a Prod. Order of a previous fiscal year.

Stock Docs/ Conversions History
Composition Docs are now properly displayed when selected through the graph of the 'Conversions History' Related Job.

SN Journal report/ Trading Party info
The Trading Party 'Name' and Trading Party Branch 'Code' and 'Name' columns are now properly displayed at 'SN Journal' Stock Report.