Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Version 3.10.481.10003

Important notice
Upgrading to the new version requires database synchronization. Please make sure a backup file of your database has been created prior to installing the new version.

For a list of changes/additions and fixes check the following links:

New specifications

Bug fixing

Friday, June 12, 2009

3.10.481.10003 - Bug fixes

Multilingual-specific bug fixing

Search with user-defined dates
In systems with regional settings where the date seperator is ".", the date filters in browsers and reports were disabled

20090611-1155-1-706 Excel print (Reg.Settings other than greek/english)
Printing to excel produced non-readable characters in systems with regional settings other than "Greek" or "English"

20090427-1155-1-536 Non-translated captionsUntranslated text appeared in the last screen of connection creation

20090427-1155-1-535 Error message in job "Generate EAN code"
When the job was selected, the message "Line 292, row 327:missing operator or semicolon" appeared.

General list

20090424-1155-1-526 Design view

When designing customer views, the "Syncronize supplier" was not available.

20090427-1155-1-530 Inventory documents
When cancelling by reversal an inventory document, the message 'ITEDOC: DATASET NOT IN INSERT OR EDIT MODE' appeared.

20081010-1155-1-1471 Data per supplier - last purchase price in item
The feature did not work for items of type "Bailement"

20090402-1155-2-447 XPR files from older versions
XPR files that had been produced with a version prior to 209 were not readable by 209 & 310 versions.

20090410-1155-1-482 Time control (button)
If the time was changed using the button and the hours menu, the change was not saved.

20090427-1155-1-533 Screens
If "Cancel" was selected on a screen, the mouse pointer changed and the screen could not be closed.

20090507-1155-1-572 Open-item
If open-item involved documents with values in different currencies, the open value appeared in the wrong currency (local instead of trading partner's)

20090518-1155-1-615 Export scenario -Open Item
A bug was fixed that affected the export of OPITEM entries using a scenario. The problem occured due to missing update date entry in the corresponding table (OPITEM).

20090305-1155-1-315 Customer browser with three bands
The redirection to Projects - Installation was not available in customer browsers with 3 bands.

20090406-1155-1-461 Revenue / Expenses (book-keeping) update through file (Greece only)
Now it is available in client/server also.

20090407-1155-1-473 Access Violation in multi-company run
Access violation message no longer appears when multi-company is selected in Customer Browsers.

20090415-1155-1-502 Color (item attribute) in retail document lines
When browsing documents with color-size as columns in lines, the code of the attribute was not refreshed.

20090424-1155-1-525 Import xxf of Accounting entries in Client/Server
Now it is available in client/server also.

20090427-1155-1-532 Cursor operation in retail document
When the cursor was placed on the window tab of a retail document, [Enter] responded as the button for [Next field band].

20090429-1155-1-549 Updating item entries across companies
If the item code was used as reference code also when the feature was enabled, the application got stucked and the message "Timeout expired" appeared.

20090430-1155-1-555 Negative balance report
The date filter was corrected

20090528-1155-1-647 Expiry date in action entry
When the expiry date was deleted in an action entry, the database saved the date as '31/12/1899'

20090529-1155-1-648 Electronic trial balance report (Greece)
Now it is available in client/server environment also.

20080602-1155-1-869 Intrastat report - (Greece)
When more than one Intrastat codes had the same description, the report grouped all entries in the same item code.

20090429-1155-1-551 Update cost of goods sold
The job displayed error message if items with attributes (color - size) were included.

20090521-1155-1-620 Intrastat File Generation (Bulgaria)
When there are expenses to be allocated through a costing folder to documents included in Intrastat file, if total document lines of the Costing folder / Documents to be costed exceed the total number of lines of the included documents the calculated Intrastat values are not correct

20090521-1155-1-625 Intrastat File Generation (Bulgaria)
The U.O.M value in intrastat value appeared blank instead of zero.

20090525-1155-1-637 Related documents in Fixed Asset entries
The option is now displayed.

20090526-1155-2-638 Related documents in Installation entries
The option is now displayed.

20090526-1155-1-642 QlikView tabs
QlikView tab window had no label

20090529-1155-1-650 Brief summary accounting report
In Oracle 10g databases, the error message ORA 00904 ISNULL:Invalid Identifier appeared.

20090602-1155-1-662 Default cash account in cheque lines
The cash account proposed in the cheque to be transfered line was irrelevant to the cheque.

20090602-1155-1-667 Wrong balance in ageing balance report
When reconciling documents were included in open-item, the balance was displayed wrong in the ageing balance report (when open-item filter was selected)

20090602-1155-1-669 Payment of cheques that have been partially paid
The total value instead of the remaining value was proposed.

20090604-1155-1-677 Entries with &SELRECS
If the &SELRECS fucntion used in an import script returned a large number of records, the respective query failed.

20090608-1155-1-695 Average settlement days
When calculating the index, the open-item entries that should be excluded, were not.

20090609-1155-1-698 Zero FC value in cash documents
An additional check is performed to ensure recalculation of lines when the document is posted.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3.10.481.10003 - New Specs

The following specifications have been added/modified:

20090525-1155-2-634 Exclude W/h from balance check
A new flag has been added that allows specific W/hs to be excluded from balance check

20090305-1155-2-310 CRM calendar
A color zone may be defined for ACSTATES field of actions.This enables different coloring of calendar entries depending on their state.

20090410-1155-2-485 F.01.010 Tax Document (Greece only)
The Tax Document F-01010 has been added. Applies only to installations in Greece.

20090428-1155-2-541 Payroll function - Payroll
A new function has been added. It returns the date when an employee payroll element has been modified within a given date range.

20090428-1155-2-542 Payroll function - Payroll
A new function has been added. It returns the value of an employee payroll element on a given date

20090227-1155-1-287 Banks (report) - Payroll
The filter "Payable" includes all the payroll elements in the bank file plus all the user-defined ones in payroll settings.

20090511-1155-2-591 Allocate forecast to cost centers - Payroll
When calculating payroll forecast, an additional check on the PRDCOSTSNTR table is performed.If the cost centers of the regular payroll have been modified in a normal period, the allocation will be on these cost centers.

20090513-1155-1-599 Cancelling Analysis Entries - Accounting
A new option has been added to the job dialogue to ignore the setting "Automatic entry analysis".

20090506-1155-2-567 Filing of printouts based on external report forms -Document printing
The filing of reports is now supported in external report forms also.

20090518-1155-2-611 User-rights in Calendars - CRM
User-rights are now applied to records posted through Calendars

20090521-1155-2-626 Automatic covering of pending - Sales/Purchases
The feature is only available for previous records and no longer for all records.

20090522-1155-2-629 Bank file for Probank - Payroll
A new file type for payments through Probank is supported

20090529-1155-1-652 XAD files
XAD files created by partners -custom solutions - should be declared in custacndocs.ini and NOT in acndocs.ini

20090529-1155-2-653 Custom XAD file codes
The available codes for the custom xad files start from 10001 (>10000).

20090601-1155-1-654 LiveUpdate & Internet Explorer 8
Live Update and on-line services are supoported in workstations with Internet Explorer 8.

20090602-1155-2-660 Crystal report with .net SDK xSupport.ExecS1Command()
The dimensions of the crystal report window have been readjusted to display correctly

20090605-1155-2-685 Related document fields
The respective fields are now available when designing browsers in Retail module