Monday, November 3, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10535

Bug fixing

FIFO calculation - memory consum
A change was made at the Cost Price Calculation job for FIFO calculation. The job now completes faster with less memory consumption.

UOM 2 in set items
In case of set items with compotition of items with attributes, the quantity on the 2nd UOM was not calculated correctly.

Email and
In some cases (use of SMTP port 587), the sending and receiving of emails failed for accounts of

Email Import
The error message 'Max line length exceeded & Unexpected Non-last response line (i.e. a data line) did not start with a *, offering line' would appear during the execution of email import job.

Customer and Supplier Analysis dashboards with Bank transfers
The collection and payments of Trading Parties from Bank transfers did not appear correctly at Customer and Supplier Analysis dashboards.

Multiselect of integer fields
The values from custom memory tables with a primary key field defined as integer did not appear correctly.

Calculated fields and Fixed Assets Status - Summary printout
Calculated fields at "Fixed Assets Status - Summary" printout did not appear correctly at the first line of the printout.

#$SOSOURCE in caculated fields
Added the possibility to use #$SOSOURCE as an editor in caculated fields.

Item with variations in production documents
An error message would appear with the selection of a Bill of Materials in production documents in case items with variations have been defined at the bill of materials.