Monday, January 17, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11447

Features added / modified

Production Docs/ Quantity configuration
The 'Quantity configuration' parameter(SPCITEFPRMS.CHANGEQTY1) has now been added to 'Basic Stock Control' area (Production Docs Τype). If this parameter and the 'Stock Control' (ITEM.REMAINMODE) parameter at item lines are equal to 1, then the quantities are configured based on Stock Item balance of Raw materials lines.

Auto-filing/ Save file path
When 'Auto-filing' parameter is now activated (Design Printout Forms parameters), MS-Word will open to save the file path.

S1 Retail Designer/ Additional Customer fields
At S1 Retail Designer, Trading Party data ('Miscellaneous' tab > 'General' tab), the Additional Customer fields can now be selected.

Lots/ Autofill lot balance
Upon selecting 'Create-Select Lots' (right-click on lines) and the 'Autofill lot balance' flag is activated, the W/H lot qty is automatically filled in.

Lot Qty/ Warning message
Upon selecting 'Create-Select Lots' (right-click on lines), once the lines qty exceeds the lot qty, a warning message is now displayed.

Retail Pro/ New column
At Soft1 Retail Pro, at Stock Item details, upon selecting Lot, the column 'Lot Balance' is now displayed.

Soft1 Retail Pro/ New field
At Soft1 Retail Pro, the 'No. of Credit Card Transaction' [BNKRECEIPTNO] field has now been added when the payment is made with credit card without using POS device.

Soft1 Retail Pro/ Numeric keypad
At Soft1 Retail Pro, the sound/audio can now be activated when using the numeric keypad.

SN Journal report/ New columns
The 'Trading Party - Branch Code' and 'Trading Party - Branch Name' columns have now been added to 'SN Journal' report.

Payments Plan jobs/ New Check
At 'Payments Plan' [SupDebPayments] and 'Payments Plan (wire transfers)' [BfnSupDebPayments] jobs, a check is now performed to prevent saving an amount that exceeds the value of the Open Balance.

Payment Plan jobs/ Unpaid Documents (Suppliers & Creditors)
At 'Payment Plan' and 'Payments Plan (wire transfers)' jobs, 'Unpaid Documents (Suppliers & Creditors)' tabs, the user can now be redirected to one of the Documents.

Bug fixing

Browsers/ Key combination
Focus on entries is now properly working, no matter the key combination.

Doc Browsers/ Payment Terms
At Series 5 UI, the 'Payment Terms' column is now properly displayed at Doc Browsers.

BAM/ Use utf-8 in html editors
Activate the parameter 'Use utf-8 in html editors' (Users' General parameters) to be able to include characters from several languages in your Email.
The specific ability can be activated for all HTML editors in Soft1 and overrides the default encoding of Internet Explorer. From now on the 'Use utf-8 in html editors" parameters will be taken into consideration and all past BAM steps require redesign.

Quantity decimals input
At Series 5 UI, up to 3 decimals can now be typed using INPUT field.

System Settings/ Copy grid field
At Series 5 UI, the 'Copy grid field' field/ parameter (System Settings > 'Keyboard' tab) is now properly working.

Purchase Docs/ Costing folders
Using Purchase Docs Related Jobs to select Costing folders is now properly working.

Email import/ Subject
'E-mail import' [GETEMAILDLG] job is now properly working when the Subject consists of specific characters.

Customer Related Jobs/ Contracts
Using Customers' Related Jobs to select Contracts, is now properly working.

Stock Docs/ Conversions History
Using the Conversion history graph to open Stock Docs, is now properly working.

Trading Parties/ Supplier Analysis report
Fixed the 'Error In Packet FieldCount: 27 26'' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Supplier Analysis' report [DSBTRDRSUP].

UI 2008/Purchase Orders per Item
At Old UI Interface (2008, the 'There is nothing to print!' issue has been fixed. It occurred upon running the 'Purchase Orders per Item' report [STAT_ORDERMPUR]

Company Overview/ COGS
The Cost of goods sold is now properly calculated upon running the 'Company Overview' job [COMPANYVIEW].

Stock Documents/ Auto Coverage type
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 0BD4F202 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000' issue. It occurred upon saving a Stock Doc having selected an 'Auto Coverage type' (Design Inventory Docs > 'Stock and Commercial Data' tab >'Oustanding Stock Quantities' area).

Purchases/ Purchase Orders per Item
Fixed the 'Invalid column name 'DELIVDATE'!' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Purchase Orders per Item' report [STAT_ORDERMPUR] having previously selected a specific Delivery Date and the Variation analysis flag has been activated.

Stock Docs/ SN
Fixed the issue regarding the number of SNs displayed at 'Available SN' Related Job, when right-clicking on a saved Stock Doc lines ('Serial Numbers' option).

Purchase Docs/ Last Purchase Price
When the 'Last purchase price' parameter has been set to 'Last purchase price-Doc modicfication' option, the Item's last purchase price is now properly updated at its Financal data, upon deleting the Item (Doc lines).