Friday, April 26, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10410(i)

Features added / modified

Check of the Alternative code for inactive attribute
Ηereafter is checked the introduction of an alternative code (with attributes) when the attribute is inactive and are not accepted the inactive codes.

Bug fixing

Cancel update of accounting from commercial module
An error message would appear when the executing the job <Cancel update of Accounting from commercial module>

BG.bpl - Romanian Localization
Corrects errors regarding the Romanian Vat procedure.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Version 4.00.510.10409(i)

Features added / modified

reupdate inventory/devided by zero
When inventory reupdate finds zero quantities in inventory documents but these documents have value no longer take then into account.

Bug fixing

Cash Flow
When matching, the Cash Flow job included the records which di not have open value.

Conversion of a sales document to a purchase
After the conversion of a sales document to a purchase is not displayed correctly the quantities at the purchase when the item had dimensions.

Default Series
If the user had declared default series, did not recognize the properties of the current series (eg changing VAT value for handwritten series)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Version 312.510.10407(i)

Bug fixing

Strict Numbering Issue
Did not display the correct message when posting a sales document, that document is posted with greater number at an earlier date, when
there was a Series of Inventory with the same numbering as the sales order Series and existed sales order Series with the same code as the inventory Series.

Problem with the selector of the field (Project) to budgets
In a Budget with Dimension 1 the Business Unit lines and Dimension 2 the Project, the following Error message would appear [Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'COMPANY'] in project selection.

Calculation of Qty1 in sets
There was no proper calculation of quantities in the set at Qty1 when there was strict relation among UoM2 and the 2nd rounded quantity resulted to be zero.

Readjustment of Assets
Year Depreciation is not calculated for fixed assets in case readjustment values had been calculated.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Version 312.510.10406(i)

Features added / modified

Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS
Added the possibility to post a seperate document for the Depreciation of fixed assets according to IAS.

Series ordering to the requirements of consumptions.
At the printout 'Consumption requirements' added the option for selecting specific series.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets documents and columns with local fields
When posting a F/A in purchases documents and in line columns were local fields or fields from the second analysis the system displayed a message that the field 'purchase / addition' does not exist.

Windows 1251 symbol in VIES file (BG Localization)
Tab characters were substituted with space symbol.

Syncronization of local db
Under certain circumstances, did not take place the synchronization of the local base

Error in Item posting- license manager not found
In Azure, in Item posting with cypy in other companies, appeared error message that was found the license manager.

Update physical stock taking with attributes
During the execution of the Job '' Update physical stock taking'' the following error message would appear:
mtrnatqtys: Violation automatic numbering in the database file'' temporary table of items (inventory)''