Monday, May 31, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11431

Features added / modified

Trial Balance per Storage bin/ New flag
The 'Only storage bins with trans' flag has now been added at 'Trial Balance per Storage bin' Stock report [WHOUSEBIN_STM].

Close Cash register/ Card analysis
'Card analysis' has now been added at 'Close Cash register', 'Cash Machine analysis' area (right-click on card lines).

Create MRP suggestions/ Changing Delivery date
At 'Create MRP suggestions', changing the Delivery date is now available. It is also transferred to the lines of the Purchases Doc.

CRM/ Group of Companies Schema
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model 'Availability check' and the 'Available hours' Related job at CRM meetings, are now available. These additions apply also for Operator and Transport means availability as well.

Employees Parameters/ User-defined fields (Candidates)
The new tab 'User-defined fields (Candidates)' has now been added at Employees Parameters.

Retail Pro/ Messages
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, where the respective message is now properly displayed in case a branch is connected in offline mode due to server disconnection.

Purchase Order Plan/ Status field
The 'Status' field has now been added at 'Purchase Order Plan' job [DRESTPUR], 'Order details' area.

New user/ Payroll period
Upon creating new users the login date is now automatically registered as their current Payroll period.

MRP/ Requirements Analysis & Evaluation
Delivery date is now taken into account upon creating a Purchases Doc at 'Requirements Analysis & Evaluation' dashboard [IMRPPLANRES] (MRP).

Statistics Reports/ Image
At Statistics Reports (Browsers/ Lists), the Items image is now available.

Stock items, W/h, Bins and Lots Balance - New fields
Check on Stock items, W/h, Bins and Lots Balance is now performed both in Doc lines and totals.
The following fields are now available at Sales (Wholesales - Retail), Purchases, Stock Management, Composition Docs Physical Inventory, Stock Docs:
1. 'Balance in W/h, Bin, Lot',
2. 'Expected in W/h, Bin, Lot' and
3. 'Reserved in W/h, Bin, Lot'.

Composition Docs/ Technical Code
The 'Technical Code' field is now available at Composition Doc lines.

Bug fixing

Item image/ Dropbox
The Stock Item image URL from Dropbox is now properly displayed.

Group of Companies Schema/ New contact
Fixed the issue at Group of Companies Schema/ Scenario, 'Companies/ People' tab. Saving a new contact for a child company is now properly working.

Retail Pro/ Receipt
At Retail Pro, Stock items are now properly displayed upon saving a receipt using the 'Payment' button.

Order planning/ Branches
The quantity at 'Order planning' is now properly allocated, in case of different branches with different Score regarding the same Trading Party.

Charts of accounts/ TVA la incasare (Romanian installations)
Fixed the issue which occurred when running 'TVA la incasare' job (Financials). In case of multiple charts of accounts (on the same database) regarding a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the GL accounts are now properly filtered (Romanian installations).

Creating Group of Company Schema
Fixed the issue which occurred under certain circumstances, upon creating a Group of Company Schema/ Model.

Depreciations Calculation/ Comment
The 'Comment' column at produced Depreciation Doc lines, is now properly updated upon running 'Depreciations Calculation' job.

Fixed Asset/ Credit Notes
The Fixed Asset Credit Notes are now properly calculated upon running 'Fixed Asset financial data' job.

Pricing Policies Rules Data/ Gifts
Fixed the issue which occurred at Pricing Policies. Upon selecting 'Close inactive dates' button at Pricing Policies Rules Data, the dates of Scaling/ Gifts are now properly closing.

Attached files/ Notes - URL
Fixed the issue which occurred upon adding a URL at Attached files/ Notes.

Client/ Server installations - Credit notes
Credit notes are now properly calculated at Client/ Server installations.

Financial data/ Balance to date
The 'Balance to date' column is now properly displayed at 'Financial data' Related job, 'Comparison data' tab.

Conversion/ Empty containers analysis
The current empty containers analysis is now properly updated once changing the empty containers stock items quantity upon Conversion.

Retail Pro/ Receipt restoring
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, which occurred upon receipt restoring, which was set to 'Waiting' including Item variations (color - size).

Sales Statistics/ Local fields horizontal analysis
At Series 5 UI, fixed the issue which occurred at Sales Statistics designed report, upon selecting Local fields horizontal analysis.

Open-Item (Unpaid) Docs/ Trading Parties Branch
Fixed the issue at 'Open-Item (Unpaid)' Related Job (Customers). The Docs to be-matched are now properly displayed once the Trading Parties Branch is selected as a filter.

Purchase prices per supplier/ Branch
Fixed the issue at 'Purchase prices per supplier' tab (Stock Items > Trade tab). It occurred upon selecting the 'Branch' hyperlink.

Other transaction Doc - Debit/ Credit
Other transaction Docs can now be properly selected through Costing folders, if the 'Debit/ Credit' type is set to 'VAT Only'.

Workstations/ Redirection
Redirection is now properly working upon selecting the Series hyperlink at workstations.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11430

Features added / modified

Payment method/ Delete
Deleting a Payment method already used on a Doc, is not allowed.

Sales Doc lines/ Alternative Wholesale & Retail prices 1-12
The alternative Wholesale and Retail prices 1-12 fields are now available at Sales Doc lines.

Conversions history/ Cancelled field
The 'Cancelled' field has now been added to the Conversions history Related Job, as well as to the Conversion history graph.

CRM Overview/ Duration
The 'Duration' has now been added at 'CRM Overview' Dashboard additional fields, which properly calculates the action's duration in hours and minutes.

Doc lines/ Alternative code
The following fields have now been added at alternative code selector (Doc lines):
1. Wholesale Price
2. Retail Price.

HR/ Employee Leave Statistics
The 'Employee Leave Statistics' report [EMPL_LEAVE_REP] has now been added at HR.

Contracts/ Date of 1st deposit
The ‘Date of 1st deposit’ field has now been added at Contracts having ‘Subscription’ as Type.
Once the field is selected, then the installment dates (Contract lines) are calculated according to it. Plus, the following fields are also taken into account:
1. The ‘Date of 1st installment’ and
2. The ‘Calculation step’ set in the Contract Type.

Autoreplace Empty Containers/ Doc Conversion and Processing
The 'Autoreplace Empty Containers' parameter has now been added at Doc Conversion and Processing dialogs.
The Autoreplace of Empty Containers at the final Doc occurs when the parameters is set to Yes at:
* the conversion screen/dialog and
* the Type of the final Doc.

Stock Balances per Item Variation & W/H' report/ Field width
The 'Field width' flag has now been added at 'Stock Balances per Item Variation & W/H' report [CDIM_AX].

Employees Actions/ Department
At 'Employees Actions' object [SOPRSNLEAVE] the 'Department' field is now automatically filled in.

Job Calendar/ Organization Unit
The 'Organization Unit' filter has now been added at 'Job Calendar' job [WRKHOURSCALEDAR].

Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary/ New flag
The 'Include sold F/A' flag has now been added at 'Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary' report [CON_BOOK_GR].

Pending Orders (Sales & Purchases)/ Loading date
At Stock Items Pending Orders related jobs (Sales & Purchases), the 'Loading date' has now been added.

Purchase Doc lines/ Alternative Wholesale & Retail prices 1-12
The alternative Wholesale and Retail prices 1-12 are now available at Purchase Doc lines.

Bug fixing

Create Installment Invoices job
'Create installment invoices' job [CreditCntrInterest] is now properly working for fiscal period that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Evaluations/ Questionnaire answers
The Browsers/ Lists of Evaluations (HR manager) [HRCUSNAIRE] are now properly expanded by Questionnaire answers [HRCUSANSWER].

Cheques Transactions/ Promissory note
Fixed the issue at Cheques Transactions [CFNCSHDOC] which occurred upon selecting 'Promissory note' category as Cheque at Cash Account Transactions. The corresponding Cash Account is now properly updated.

Leave Days Types/ Hours
Fixed the 'Attention! The rest of the Leave is not enough' issue. It occurred upon saving Leave Days Types in 'Hours' as the selected UoM (Time). If the 'Date, To' field has the time properly filled in (in hours), then the Check is properly executed.

Order planning/ Scoring
Fixed the issue at 'Order planning' Related Job. Modifying manually the 'Scoring' for more than one Docs, is now taken into account.

Order planning - QuickViews/ Photo
Fixed the 'System error!... ...Access violation at address 50151DFE in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000008' issue. It occurred upon selecting QuickView/ Photo option, at 'Order planning' (right-click on Code hyperlink).

Statement with Cheques Analysis/ Cash transactions analysis
Fixed the issue which occurred at 'Statement with Cheques Analysis' report [CUST_STM_CHEQ]. Upon selecting the 'Cash transactions analysis' filter, a collection connected with two cheques is now properly displayed.

Project tasks/ Part of Task
Fixed the 'error Field 'PCOST' cannot be modified' issue. It occurred, under certain circumstances, upon selecting 'Part of Task' [PRJCPARENT] at Project tasks data.

Doc lines/ Conditional Formatting
'Conditional Formatting' on Doc lines, is now properly applied.

Export GL Transactions (GData.xml)/ VAT value
Upon running 'Export GL transactions (GData.xml)' [EXPORTBATCHUNIGL] job the VAT value is now properly filled in.
An issue occurred as it was filled in with more than two decimals (xml file).

Delete Credit Notes/ To-be deleted Docs
Αt 'Delete Credit Notes' job [DeleteSCreditDoc] (Purchases), the to-be deleted Docs are now properly displayed.

Other Transaction Doc/ Modify
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 635450C7 in module 'XCore.bpl'. Read of address 00000008' issue. It occurred, under certain circumstances, upon modifying a saved Other Transaction Doc.

Messages/ Characters limit
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated' issue. It occurred upon using more characters than the maximum limit allowed in Soft1 messages.
Message displayed: This message can't be sent because max number of characters reached.

Purchase Doc/ Generate EAN Barcodes
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E07. Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '97-308-LA731' to data type int' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Generate EAN Barcodes' job [CrtMtrSubCode] (Purchase Doc).

Lot Statement/ Balance brought forward
The 'Balance brought forward' is now properly displayed at 'Lots Statement' report [LOT_STM].

Evaluations/ Status
Fixed the issue at Evaluations. Editing a completed Evaluation, does not change the 'Status' column/ field (Browsers/ Lists) anymore.

Doc conversion/ Type of expense
Upon converting a Sales/ Purchases Doc the 'Type of expense' [ITELINES.SOEXPTYPE] field is now properly transferred to Doc lines.