Thursday, May 29, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10517

Features added / modified

Email from Crystal report form
Added the ability to send email using Crystal Report forms as .pdf file.

Automatic filing with Crystal Report forms
Added the ability to have "Automatic filing" at Crystal Report forms.

Intrastat and Vies
Add the parameter "Based on document date" at VIES printouts for the selection of the documents date instead of the intrastat date.

Customer Analysis dashboard
Added at Customer Analysis dashboard the fields Year and Period.

Week(hours) at Calendars
Added "Week(hours)" as a calendar option in which records appear based on their posted hours.

Connection to Dropbox
Added the ability to connect related files with files in dropbox.

Cash registers at accounting vouchers
Added the job "Cash register code" by right click, for mass insert of cash registers at accounting vouchers.

Waste % decimals
At production documents that are created based on bills of materials the waste % decimals are no longer rounded. Reposting of the bills of materials is required.

S1 Outlook connector
Corrected an issue related with the possibility of cancellation of a record posting using S1 Outlook connector.

Bug fixing

Active field in grid
At Sales documents if a line was selected using the mouse pointer then the previous line was always selected and not the correct line from the user.

Depreciations and sold fixed assets
Depreciations were not calculated correctly in case of sold fixed assets with parameters set "Per month" and "Up to the end of the sales month".

Calendar format
The Calendar format was not saved in case a new template was created.

Business category
If the same Business category code existed for customers and suppliers then the Business category name of the suppliers was shown at Customer Analysis dashboard.

Word forms
An error message would appear at the posting of a word form that was created with the use of "New model report"

Pricing policies and "Input"
An error message would appear in case "input" was used at document lines with pricing policies with scaling value.

Production documents from production & consumption documents
The error message "must declare the scalar variable "@pq1." would appear when executing the job "Production documents from production & consumption documents"

Production Documents and Lots
Production Documents incorrectly checked the lot balance of the produced item.

Import of collection with negotiable instruments
The error "VCAPTION not in edit or insert mode" would appear in case an excel import was made at collections with negotiable instruments.

Posting dates limits and Open-item.
If "Posting dates limits" were set then manual open-item mappings were not available.

Modify printed document check and Open-item
The option "Modify printed document" check did not allow manual open-item mappings.

Selector size
In specific cases the selector field did not appear correctly at grids.

On/Off and custom .dll
In case that s1interop.dll was used and custom .dll existed at custom administration the On/Off synchronization would not be completed correctly.

QlikView file authentication at Azure
Added the "QlikView file authentication" job at Azure installations.

Accounting update and Totals per day
At "Cancel update" job of Accounting update an error would appear if accounting vouchers existed from Commercial documents with "Totals per day" option selected.