Monday, September 21, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11406

 Features added / modified

Copy to companies/ Update sales prices
In two or more companies having set the "Search by: Main code" parameter (Copy to companies area), the user can now select the "Update the sales prices" related job either from Browser's related jobs or from menu's. The Items should have common codification for job's proper operation.

Retail Pro/ Fonts
At Retail Pro, you can now change the fonts through S1 Retail Designer.

BAM HTTP Request/ Field length
The length of characters at Body field of BAM HTTP Request (Memo) has been increased.

S1 Retail Designer/ Re-issue by cancelling with reversal
At S1 Retail Designer, the "Re-issue by cancelling with reversal" operation has now been added.

Retail Pro/ Collection-Payment with credit card
At Retail Pro, the collection/ payment with credit card option has now been added.

Retail Pro/ Export List
At Retail Pro, you can now export a Browser/ List.

Cash registers/ (Bulgarian installations)
At installations of Bulgarian specifications, when performing indirect pay off, the Document's cash register is suggested. Whereas, when performing pay off from collections the workstation's cash register is suggested.

Soft1 BAM/ SMS (Turkish characters)
You can now send SMS using Soft1 BAM tool in Turkish characters.

Job Calendar/ New filters
At Job Calendar, two new filters have been added:
1. "Employee Code, From/ To". It filters according the employees' code.
2. "Employees". It is a multi select field where all employees are inlcuded or those selected from Browser.
It can filter all employees displaying only the selected. If any change is applied at the rest of the fields, it updated too. It accepts 4000 characters.

Docs Type/ SN Mandatory Use
At Documents with SN Type: Quotation/Order, no check of mandatory use of Item's SN, is performed.

Bug fixing

Batch Modification of Period Data
Fixed the issue at Series 5 UI, upon Batch Modification of Period Data(PRDVALMASSDELETE) job. Performing copy from excel and paste from clipboard is now working properly.

Azure installations/ Remote execution
Fixed the issue "System Error code 1411. Class does not exist". It occurred at Azure installations upon selecting remote execution at a default report.

BAM/ Turkish characters
Fixed the issue where at BAM scenario the Turkish characters were not properly displayed.

Fixed Assets Documents/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue at Series 5 IU, upon "copy from buffer" process at Fixed Assets Documents.

Retail Pro/ Inactive Item
Fixed the issue where at Soft1 Retail Pro the inactive could be saved at lines.

Inventory Statistics/ Debits-Credits categories
Fixed the issue at Inventory Statistics(VITESTATS) report. It occurred when having added the "Type of Material" & "Commercial Category" fields. The debits/credits categories are now properly displayed.

Project transactions/ Balance brought fwd filter
The balances are no longer displayed in case the "Balance brought fwd" filter at Project trasactions Questions area is deactivated.

S1 Scripts/ New functions
At S1 Scripts, the following functions have been added:
1. CreateTextCodepage
2. OpenTextCodepage
These functions accept the file's codepage as a second definition. The CreateText & OpenText functions remain as they are due to compatibility reasons with older scripts.

Docs/ New lines
Fixed the issue where under certain circumstanes the Docs lines were not properly updated, upon changing line.

Series 5 UI/ Browser with editable field
Fixed the issue "Control'' has no parent window" at Series 5 UI. It occurred at a Browser/ List with editable field having previously activated the "Master-Detail tree view" parameter (System settings).

BAM/ Email
Fixed the issue upon sending email with BAM scenario from Tasks. The characters are now properly displayed both in subject and body of the email.

2008 UI/ Browser design
Fixed the issue where at 2008 UI, having previously set the CUSTOM=0 function at an object, the user could design a Browser/ List (add / remove a column).

New Customer/ Acc. Category
Fixed the issue upon selecting "Accounting category" when creating a new Customer. It occurred when having previously activated the "Create account" parameter.

Browser filters/ Excel file
The filters of a field with editor are now properly printed in excel file.

Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity) job
The Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)[MtrZeroNatBalance] job includes Items with positive & negative inventory quantities (even with zero transactions within fiscal year) and zero (0) Item balance.

Items/ Available Serial Numbers
Fixed the issue when selecting the Available Serial Numbers related job. It occurred in case a Serial Number had more than 20 characters. The Documents are now properly displayed at grid.

Series 5 UI/ Custom Screen Form
At Series 5 UI, fixed the issue occurring on a custom Screen Form.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11405

 Features added / modified

Intrastat/ Unit of Measure field
The "Unit of Measure"(INTMTRUNIT') field at Intrastat table is no longer mandatory.

Production Order Folder/ Cancel transactions
At Production Order Folder(PRDORDDOC), the "Cancel transactions" related job is now available to cancel the Production order.

Payroll/ EIDOS_YPOL payroll element
The Payroll element CALC_ERR has been renamed to EIDOS_YPOL and includes the following values:
0. Regular calculation
1. Calculate Payroll Forecasts
2. Calculate Gross Income from Net
3. Calculate Net Income (from data modification)
4. Trial calculation (from data modification)
5. Trial calculation (from data modification)

Payroll elements/ 8000-9000 codes
You can now create/ generate payroll elements by using the 8000 & 9000 codes. These codes can be used at calculation sheets and will be available where the 7000 & 8000 codes/payroll elements are available too.

Leaves/ New field
At Leaves(SOPRSNLEAVE) the "Duration" field has now been added.
Select the Start date of leave and type the desirable days of leave at "Duration" field to automatically calculate the End date of leave.

Shift Schedule-Duration and number of tests/ attempts
At Shift Schedule, you can now define the number of tests/ attempts the job will perform or the maximum time of duration.

Leave days Types/ Check Balance field
At "Leave days Types"(LEAVETYPE), the "Check Balance" field has now been added including the following values:
1. No check
2. Warning
3. Prohibition

Leaves/ Approval Data area - New field
At Leaves, the "Comments"(COMMENT) column has now been added at Approval Data area.

H.R & Payroll Parameters/ Employee Requests
At H.R & Payroll Parameters, at Document Series, the "Employee Requests" sub-module has now been added.

S1 Retail Pro/ Sound
At S1 Retail Pro, no sound will be played upon using the Enter key at a Browser or the keyboard, provided that it has not been previously set at S1 Retail Designer parameters.

HR Requests/ Comment-Answer fields
At HR Requests, the "Comment" field (Request data area), includes the payroll comments set at Employees parameters.
The "Answer" field (HR Answer area) includes all payroll standard comments.

H.R & Payroll params/ New fields
At H.R & Payroll parameters, at Leave days Types, the following fields have now been added:
1. Time limit check (No check, Warning, Prohibition)
2. Control method (Minimum days-Counting from Start Leave day, Minimum days-Counting from Start date, Maximum days-Counting from Previous month Start date)
3. Days

Employee leave List/ New field-filter
At Employee Leave Browser/ List, the "Code"(SOACTIONCODE) field has now been added as column and the "Type of field"(SERIES) as a filter.

News - Announcements/ New fields
At HR "News-Announcements" (SOHRANNOUNCE), the "Start" & "Date" fields have now been added.

Organization Chart/ Employees display
At the Organization Chart, under the description of position all employees included in that job position are now displayed.

Commercial category/ Field length
The length of Item's "Commercial category" field has now been increased to 128 characters.

Employees actions/ Work hours update
Using the SOPRSN[NOCHANGE=1] menu commands, the working hours are updated only if there is no previous entry.

Sales Quotations report/ New filter
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the "Companies" filter has been added to "Sales Quotations"(OFFER_STM) report.

Retail Pro/ Date
When date changes at Windows, a respective message is now displayed at Retail Pro.

Bug fixing

Document Series/ Module field
The "Module" field (Document Series) is now properly displayed when using the "copy from buffer" option.

Composition Docs/ Error fixed
Fixed the issue where "Subquery returned more than one value ..." error was encountered upon creating a Composition Document.
It occured in case,
1. the same Item existed in header & detail (different lot) and
2. the "Last purchase price" was set at Uses prices field (Inventory transactions).

Triangular Transactions/ Delete Customer (Trading Party)
Fixed issue where the Customer is no longer deleted when included/ participating in the following fields of Triangular Transactions area:
1. Order from
2. Shipped to
3. Invoiced to

Crystal Report/ Automatic Filing parameter
Fixed issue at Printout Form type "Crystal Report", having activated the "Automatic filing" parameter. The file name is now properly created at "Formula for file name" field.

Browser/ List - Grouping Scenarios
Fixed issue where the inactive Grouping Scenarios were displayed while grouping a list. The inactive grouping scenarios are no longer displayed.

Payroll/ Social Security Contributions (per Employee) report
The "Social Security Contributions (per Employee)"(EMPL_INS_PEREMP_REP) report has now been added at Payroll Reports.

Purchase Documents/ Lots
Fixed issue "Code already exists" at Purchase Documents. It occurred upon cerating / selecting lots in case the lot analysis was displayed in more than 1 lines.

Soft1 B.A.M./ Web user
The actions, which update the B.A.M scenarios, are now performed only by the Web user.

G/L Accounts Transactions design - Branch field
Fixed issue at Accounting upon designing "G/L Accounts Transactions" screen form. The Βranch field (ACNTRNGL.BRANCH) is now properly displayed.

Group of Companies schema/ Fixed Assets Opening Job
Fixed issue at a Group of Companies schema/ Model, at a child company, while running the "Fixed Assets Opening Job"(ASSETOPEN). It occurred when the branch code was similar both in parent and child company and was inactive. The acquisition values are now properly updated.

HR Employee (Requests)/ Field value
At Requests(SOPRSNREQ), the default value at "HR Employee (Requests)" field can be modified/ changed from screen form design.

Payroll/ Calculation of payroll element
The "Calculation of payroll element" field is now activated when the "Calculation for previously calculated" field is set to "Yes".

Customers pricing categories/ Per Branch
Fixed issue where the price of Item's pricing category was not properly filled in. It occurred in case it has been set at Customer's Branch.

H.R & Payroll/ Bonus allocation at CC
Fixed the issue where the bonus allocation was not properly performed at Cost Centers. It occurred upon calculation of gross income from net.

Leave days Types/ Copy from buffer
Fixed issue at Leave days Types(LEAVETYPE). Copy from buffer is now properly performed.

Retail Pro/ Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner
Fixed issue at Retail Pro. The Items are now properly scanned using the Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner.

Recalculate Documents job/ VAT analysis
Fixed issue upon "Recalculate Documents" related job. The VAT analysis is now properly calculated in case there were Items with different VAT at lines.

Consumption Notes/ New fields
At Consumption Notes(PRDCONDOC), the following fields have now been added at columns:
1. Production Order(FINDOC)
2. Production order doc. lines(MTRLINESS)

Purchase Docs/ SNs at Sales Docs
Fixed issue upon executing 'Transfer to Sales Docs' job (right click on Purchase list) when including Items with SN. All SNs are now properly transferred.

Fixed assets/ Depreciations calculation
The calculation of destroyed fixed assets is now properly performed.

ANAF Web Service/ Romanian Localization
Fixed the issue "Unspecified error". It occurred upon using the ANAF Web Service. (Romanian Localization)

Retail Pro/ Offline synchronization
Fixed issue "Item not found” upon login to Retail Pro after Offline database synchronization.

Triangular transactions/ Intrastat calculation
The calculation of Intrastat is now properly performed in case a Trading party has been filled in at "Order from" (Delivery-Transfer tab) at Triangular transactions area.

Check VIES job/ Romanian Localization
The address is now properly displayed when running the "Check VIES" job and te characters are Greek. (Romanian Localization)

Alert design/ Formula description
Fixed issue upon Alert design including more than one formulas. The formula description is now properly displayed while changing lines.

Fixed assets/ Inactive Fixed Assets report
Fixed issue at "Inactive Fixed Assets" report(NONACTIVE). Only the inactive fixed assets are now displayed.

Prod. Order Folder/ Conversion
The "Conversion"(PRDORDDOC.FULLYTRANSF) field is now properly updated at Prod. Oder Folder in case the Production Folder has been converted to Prod. Order or Production Doc.

e-mail Templates/ Pictures
Fixed issue at e-mail Templates (CRM). The picture is now properly saved from a shared folder.

Data import/ EMPLOYEE table update
Any changes made in EMPLOYEE table are now properly saved when data import has been performed at PRSN table.

Retail Pro/ Workstation - Parameter Groups
Fixed the issue where "Duplicates not allowed" error was encountered / occurred at Retail Pro login process, in case an entry/ record having zero(0) code and abbreviation value has been selected at 'Values per group' field '(object: Workstation - Parameter Groups).

Retail Pro/ Search Items
Fixed the issue "ITEM: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred upon searching Items.

User rights/ Edit Browser
Fixed issue where user having no rights to design Browser/ List could change the length of columns (right-click and save).

SLA/ Service Tickets
Fixed issue where SLA monitoring was not properly performed. It occurred in case of creating a Service Ticket without having the SLA previously filled in.

Doc lines/ Round function
Fixed issue at a Printout Form using the "Round" function. The rounding is now properly performed at Doc lines.

Cheques Due Dates Report/ Sorting
At "Cheques Due Dates Report"(CHEQUE_MOV) sorting by Due on (dates) is now properly performed.

Users/ Default Screen Forms
Fixed the issue where Users having more than default Screen Forms.

Cost Accounting update/ Commercial Management
Fixed the issue where "Posting new entry not allowed. Field 'Journal' cannot be located." error was encountered / occurred in case of Cost Accounting update from Commercial Management.

Docs printing/ Windows default printer
The Windows default printer is now suggested in case a non Windows printer have been set at Doc Series.

Customers List/ Actual gross profit (fiscal year) field
Fixed issue where no results were displayed upon Customers List design. It occurred when having added the "Actual gross profit (fiscal year)"[SoRealGrProfit] field. The results are now properly displayed.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11404

 Features added / modified

"Trial calculation" \ Payroll
The job "Trial calculation" of the employees wages, has been added: 1) as an employees Related job and 2) as a button on tab "Employment/Contract" and subtab "Employment - Details & Calculation".

Gift vouchers \ Open - design documents
The "Gift vouchers" flag has been added to the Types of the Open - design documents. By activating the parameter, the new tab "Gift vouchers" is added to the header of the Open - design documents lines.

New fields \ COMPANYEXT table
In the data of Safety Technicians and Doctors (found in Companies > tab "People"), the following fields have been added: 1) Ref. Number-Submission date, 2) Valid until (concerns the previous field) and 3) Hours (annually). All these fields participate in the "E4 - Table of employees" job.

Total value Budgeting
The total value (Value + V.A.T.) has been added to the monitored sizes of Purchase, Sales and Expenses (Debit/Credit) Budgeting.

"Trial balance - Analytical" Accounting
The "Series" and "Doc. Types" of the Accounting entries have been added as filters, to all "Trial balance - Analytical" reports, of Accounting & Cost Accounting.

Installations warning
On the "Other data/Notes" tab of the installations, the field ''Warning message'' was added. Each time you select the installation, in any C.R.M. action, the message specified in this field will appear in a pop-up window.

Balance per company \ Inactive W.H.
The flag "Inactive W.H." has been added to the Stock items related job "Balance per company". By activating the parameter you can view the stock item's balance in the inactive Warehouses of the company.

"Cash expense" resolver to Wire-transfers
The "Cash expense" resolver has been added to the Wire-transfers accounting links.

Comments to the Financial Management documents lines
COMMENTS1 & COMMENTS2 fields have been added to the lines of all Financial Management documents.

Batch printing payroll receipts
The job "Print form (Questions incl.)" has been added to the Employees browser (by right-clicking on entries). The job allows batch printing payroll receipts for multiple periods.

Seminar evaluations \ "Seminar" & "Person evaluated"
The fields "Seminar" & "Person evaluated" of Seminar evaluations have been replaced by the fields "Seminar cycle" & "Speaker/Presenter". By selecting the Seminar cycle, the Speaker/Presenter specified in the Cycle will be automatically completed.

Ε12 addition (xml for Construction projects)
The following Y.E.K.A. jobs have been added: 1) Ε12 Employees Announcement - Construction projects 2) Ε12 Enumeration sheet - Construction project Employees. Through these jobs you can create the .xml files and submit them to the Minister.

HR Employee Approval & info
The following fields have been added to Employees parameters: HR Employee (Approval) and HR Employee (info).

"Break hours" of the Working hours
The field "Break hours" of the Working hours file, now accepts 200 characters.

Accounting Budgeting
The sizes (Credit, Debit, Balance) of the Accounting Budgeting, are now monitored on Tax & Accounting base.

"Attached files" \ Employees actions
The"Attached files" tab has been added to the Employees actions.

Intrastat value Check
The ability to control the agreement of the document value with the Intrastat value has been added. The relevant parameter, "Intrastat value - Check", has been added to the Types of Commercial management documents and to the Other transactions of all trading parties.

User-defined fields (actions)
The tab "User-defined fields (actions)" has been added to the Employees parameters, where you can define fields of employees actions.

Not included in Vies
The flag "Not included in Vies" has been added to the Sales documents and to the Customers & Creditors Other transactions. By activating this parameter, the document will not be included in the Vies report.

GSIS database update
The Trading parties related job "Register of non-natural persons" now keeps all the data defined by the user in the Trading party card, that have not been updated on the GSIS database.

Accounting & Comment resolver \ Payroll accounting Links
In Payroll accounting Links the following resolvers have been added: 1) the Accounting resolver "Construction project Acctg code" 2) and the Comment resolver "Construction project name". The resolvers are available under the "Employees variable payroll elements" section.

The field "Name", found in the "Purchase prices per supplier" grid, on the tab "Trade" of the Stock items, now accepts 128 characters.

Fixed assets Εntity data resolvers
The following Fixed assets Εntity data resolvers: "Business unit", "Country of origin" and "Cost centers", have been added to the Fixed assets, depreciation, purchase & sales documents accounting links. These resolvers can be found under the "Entity subject to depreciation" section.

"Active only" flag \ Organization chart
The flag "Active only" has been added to the Organization chart. Activate the parameter and select "Employee" on the Analysis level, to view only active Employees.

Employees’ "Leaves" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "Leaves" file has been added to the H.R. module.

Employees "Leave days Types" \ H.R. module
The "Leave days Types" object has been added to the H.R. & Payroll Parameters.

Employees’ "Requests" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "Requests" file has been added to the H.R. module

Employees’ "News - Announcements" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "News - Announcements" file has been added to the H.R. module.

Document Printout Forms/ Fast Report preview
The "Fast Report preview" option has now been added at Document Printout Forms (and other objects).
1. Regarding the Internal Printout Forms you can preview them through automatic export to PDF file.
2. Regarding the Advance Printout Forms you can preview them through Fast Reports Previewer.
In case the Document Printout Forms are printed through the "Fast Report preview" option, the Doc field "Printed" is not updated. Moreover, no other report procedure is activated (document fiscal marking, report events etc).

Reports/ Browsers Design - Fast Reports
Data formatting, preview and printing are now available through Fast Reports for Soft1 Browsers and Reports.

Bug fixing

The field "Profession" of the Trading party Branch, now accepts 128 characters.