Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11140

Features added / modified

SN card report
At 'SN card' report new data order - Date, Document.

Supplier other transactions - Check for duplicate document code
In supplier other transactions, a warning message is now raised when the same document code with the same supplier is entered.

Bug fixing

Confirm deletion in grids - system settings
System settings - With 'Confirm deletion in grids' checked. - Cash transactions module, when trying to delete lines at mass cheques selection, using Ctrl +Delete, the cheque lines were not correctly transferred in the documents.

Error at browser's custom menu
Series 5 UI - Error at right click in a browser custom menu with javascript.

Intrastat import report
The grouping at Intrastat import report was not correct.

Accounting module - Trial balance report
Accounting module - Trial balance report
The filtering of the grade when switching between default and custom report, was not right.

Customs W/H reports
In all reports of Customs W/H the total value balance were not correct in case of a lot not used in login year.

Document conversion - Sum amount
In the conversion of documents, if an item did not have a strict relationship in the UOM and the quantity was changed, the sum quantity remained the same.

Purchase order plan job
The filter brand was not working properly at 'Purchase order plan' job.

Open designed reports with fast report tool
There was an error at open designed reports when the tool was Fast report.

Group of companies - Pricing policy
In groups of companies, in every child company, at pricing policy data and the escalation table, the items selector had wrong results.

Group calendar - group of companies
In groups of companies, in a company other than the main one, only the login user appeared in the user filter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11139

Bug fixing

Purchases module - Conversion document with fixed asset
Bulgarian specifications company - during the conversion of a purchase document with fixed asset, there was an error message at the change of VAT document status.

Zip code - ENG installation
In some cases when typing a zip code in a customer's form, the fields address, district were not updated

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Version 5.00.518.11138

Features added / modified

Calendars in any object
From now on a calendar can be displayed from any object. Management is performed through java script.

Intrastat reports
Intrastat reports contain fields : TRNDATE, FINCODE, ITEMCODE.

Transfer extra line fields
When transferring a purchase document into a sales document, the NUM, BOOL & DATE fields of the lines are also transferred.

Open-Item (Unpaid)
The queries of "Open-Item (Unpaid)" job, by right clicking on trading party's index or through their relative jobs, have been improved.

Total discount with empty containers
In case of empty containers, the total discount is from now on calculated based on the document's total value minus the value of the empty containers.

Service Folder
The fields of "Remarks" and user-defined fields that have been filled in in a service folder, are transferred when converted into a sales document (by right clicking in the list of Service-Spare Parts Document).

Bug fixing

Balance per company
The Company did not appear properly in the trading parties "Balances per Company", from the related jobs, in Group Of Companies.

Error in S1 designs
There was an error in opening S1 Designs.

Fast Report forms in CUSTFINDOC
Fixed error occurred when designing an advanced printout form from business documents.

User access rights / bug in switching interface
When defining user's access rights in jobs from Softone 2008 UI, in Series 5 UI the name of the group did not appear.

User access rights
There was an error in user access rights using the 'define user access rights' button from Sotf1 Toolbar.

Attached files
In some cases, the file saved in database through attached files, didn't open.

Installation Report (INSTLINES)
When designing a report from the installation module where there was the table "INSTLINES", the lines printed were not only for the selected installation, but for all.

Accounting link in group of companies
Fixed error occurred in group of companies,in a company that wasn't the main one, in case of using a resolver of the group of companies.

Filter Type/Series Stock Statistics/Debits Credits
Fixed error occurred in purchase, sales, stock, credit-debit, payments, collections and collections & payments statistics, so that the series/type can be selected, when more than one modules have been chosen.

New Templates in personal calendar
In some cases, the default templates weren't saved in a user's calendar.

In some cases, the function “CusAgedRemain”, did not return correct results.

Sales Orders Directory
Fixed error occurred when printing an index in excel, as long as there were any company data.

Access violation in sales vouchers navigation
Fixed error occurred in custom screen form of sales document, when selecting next / previous record from the index.

Contracts in group of companies
In group of companies, when creating a contract in a company that wasn’t the main one, the records of the stock management, services and assets, couldn’t be selected.

Sales Accounting Report (Oracle)
Fixed error occurred in "Sales Accounting Report",on oracle database.

Wrong bill of material when creating a production document
When creating a production document from an order, the bill of material didn't update properly in the "Create Production Document" window.

Customs W/H reports
Fixed error occurred in the reports of
- Lots Trial Balance
- Temp. Storage Trial Balance
when using the filters
"Lots not used in year",
"Lots not used in period" &
"Calculate Balance value", with customs W/H.

Document with cost price in custom w/h
Fixed error occurred in warehouse documents with temporary storage, when selecting custom lots.

Project with template
Fixed error occurred when entering a project by choosing a template.

Production Orders Report
In the reports of
- Consumption Requirements from Production Orders
- Requirements per Production
- Consumption Requirements from Production Orders (Semi-finished Analysis)
- Requirements per production order (Semi-finished Analysis)
the available quantity displayed in the analysis was wrong, when filters were completed only in the consumption data and the date didn't begin from 1/1.

Customer's Aggregates Trial Balance
Fixed error occurred in Aggregates Trial Balance report, so that records without any transactions for the selected period, do not appear.