Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10722

Features added / modified

Bonus cards
Bonus cards are now transferred to documents with conversion.

Wholesale & retail prices in group companies
Wholesale & retail prices can be modified in all group companies by right clicking items list.

Credit control formula
Transaction NET, VAT and expenses value have been added as choices to credit control formula.

Script Editor
Script editor has been upgraded.

Budgeting dimensions
Field item brand has been added in budgeting dimensions.

Accounting links of other transactions
Fields intrastat value, VAT intrastat value & expenses intrastat value have been added in the accounting links of other transactions.

Bug fixing

Customer auto-copy to other company
Corrected an error that caused a "user limit exceeded" message to be shown after posting a new customer with "copy to other companies" parameter activated.

Create new connection
SQL code is now encrypted during the creation of new connection with default parameters.

Create new connection
Corrected an error that occcured during the creation of new connection, when button previous was clicked at the last dialogue.

Inactive item variations
For items that have only the second variation declared, only active variations are now displayed in the lines of the documents.

Basic stock control
Basic stock control is now properly working for sales documents created by conversion.

Item volume & mass
Item volume & mass fields have been added to item's data.

Accounting series
Corrected an error that occurred when accounting series were declared into commercial series instead of accounting links.

Reupdate items variations
Corrected an error that caused a delay in items variants reupdate in some cases.

Accounting links with departments account
Group companies accounting links containing department's account are now properly working.

Customers list design
Corrected an error that occured in customer's list design whose customers transactions band has been deleted.

Installation in service folders
Corrected an error that cause the installation filter to be displayed as disabled in service folders browser.

Copy from last
Copying from last suppliers or creditors documents with more than one lines, the account and the commercial category are now maintained.

Suppliers balances aging
The outcome of suppliers balances aging was displayed chronically from future to past, while balance aging areas were designed from past to future.

Exchange Rates Profit & Loss On Suppliers Balance
Corrected an error that caused the following behavior: after the calculation of exchange rates differences on Suppliers Balance based on the supplier currency at the result, the following message appeared and no transactions were posted. "Module LINSUPDOC : Invalid value for field 'SOCURRENCY'"