Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11438

Features added / modified

'Company' filter
The 'Company' filter is now a multiselect field at the following:
1. Cheques Types
2. Cheques Document Types
3. Cash Accounts Other Transaction Document Types.

Sales Document/ Maintain VAT Rates
At Sales Documents Browser/ List, the 'Maintain VAT Rates' field has now been added at 'Transfer to -> Purchase documents' Related Job.

Objects Log File results - Debit/Credit Management
The 'Debit/Credit Management' field has now been added to Objects Log File results. Moreover, 'History Changes' can now be monitored through Debits/ Credits Related Jobs.

Objects Log File results /Composition Documents
The 'Composition Documents' have now been added to Objects Log File results. Moreover, 'History Changes' can now be monitored through Related Jobs.

Objects Log File results/ Business custom documents
The 'Business custom documents' field have now been added to Objects Log File results. Moreover, 'History Changes' can now be monitored through Related Jobs.

Credit Notes/ VAT Status (CY Localization)
Upon creating/ saving Credit Notes, Documents are now updated with the VAT Status of Trading Party (Cyprus installation).

Payroll file/ Rabobank
Rabobank can now be selected as Payroll file at 'Banks' job [BANKFILE] (Payroll - Period Jobs > Payroll auxiliary tasks).

Create Imports Intrastat File/ Branch Country
The 'Create Imports Intrastat File' job [CrtIntrastat] is now taking into consideration the Branch Country of the Trading Party.

List of expenses/ Installation
The 'Installation' field is now available at HR List of expenses [SOEXPENDITURES] through Browsers and Sreen Forms design.

Tools Menu/ Reupdate Outstanding Stock Quantities
At 'Reupdate Outstanding Stock Quantities' Job (Tools Menu) [RMREUPDATE] the following objects have now been added:
1. Production Documents
2. Production Orders
3. Prod. Order Folder.

Production Parameters/ Check subcontracting notes
At Production Parameters, the 'Check subcontracting notes' field has now been added, having the following options:
1. No check.
2. Warning upon creating receipt notes.
3. Prohibition upon creating receipt notes.

Import from Excel/ .xlsx file
The 'xlsx' Excel file option has now been added at 'Import from Excel' button (footer of grid).

Production Parameters/ Subcontracting
Upon indirect creation of a Production Document (Subcontracting), the value of costing data was updated by the value of the initial Document. Therefore, a parameter has been added to Production Parameters.

Production Doc/ Lots
At Production Documents, a product can now be selected as co-product too. Moreover, the Product's Lot is now transferred to Production Notes (created through Production Orders) and the 'Select Lots' job is added to the lines.

Variation Trial Balance/ New filters
At 'Variation Trial Balance' report [MAT_BALCDIM] the following filters have now been added:
1. Comm. Category
2. Season
3. Group.

Purchase Docs/ Recalculation Related Job
The 'Recalculation' Related Job has now been added to Purchase Documents Browser/ Lists.

Production BOMs/ History Changes
'History Changes' of Production BOMs can now be monitored through Related Jobs.

Objects Log File/ Employee Leave
At 'Objects Log File' table [TRACEDEF] (Business Processes & Approvals > Control & Logs) the 'Employee Leave' object and the Leaves' corresponding fields have now been added.

Objects Log File/ Commendations
At 'Objects Log File' table [TRACEDEF] (Business Processes & Approvals > Control & Logs) the 'Commendations' object the 'Employee Leave' object and the Commendations' corresponding fields have now been added.

Bug fixing

FIFO Open-Item Calculation/ Transaction Date
'FIFO Open-Item Calculation' job [FiFoFinpayTerms] is now properly working if the 'FIFO based on' parameter is set to 'Transaction Date'.

Group of Companies Schema/ New Contract
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be found' issue. It occurred upon creating/saving a new Contract at a Child Company (Group of Companies Schema/ Model) having the following filters selected:
a. Entity: Cash Account
b. Trading Party.

Create Physical Inventory Documents - S/N type
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running 'Create Physical Inventory Documents' job [MtrNatBalance] for Items monitored in Serial Numbers. The SN was displayed as available in case the S/N type (SN Card) was set to Intra-company transaction.

Purchase Statistics/ Custom Browser
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using a Custom Browser of Purchase Statistics having the 'Trading Party' filter and a user-restricted access.

CRM/ Google calendars
'Google calendars' job [GLCALENDAR] is now properly synchronized with any CRM Action.

HR/ WorkDays function
At HR, a 5th optional parameter has now been added to 'WorkDays' function. If a value < > 0 is selected, then the function implies that Sunday, at Working Hours, is displayed by 0. Otherwise (current behavior) it is displayed by the number 7.

Custom Item Browser/ 'Round' function
Fixed the issue at Items Custom Browser. The 'Round' function is now properly working in case of negative values.

Transfer to Purchase Documents/ Business Unit
'Business Unit' is now properly transferred upon running 'Transfer to > Purchase Documents' Job (Doc Browser/ List).

Soft1 Retail Pro/ Bonus Cards
At Soft1 Retail Pro, the discount based on the Bonus Card is now properly applied, no matter if the Item is selected prior or latter to the Customer.

Group of Companies Schema/ On Cash Accounts Balance
Fixed the issue at Group of Companies Schema/ Model'. A cash account can now be selected at 'On Cash Accounts Balance' job [BNKCURRENCYDIFF] even if created at a Child Company.

Stock Management Parameters/ Modify Item
Fixed the issue which occurred at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, upon modifying an Item in case 'Excluded Values' were set at 'Copy to Companies' tab (Stock Management Parameters).

Doc printing/ Saved Printout Forms
At Series 5 UI, the saved Printout Forms (right-click when selecting the Form) are now properly displayed upon Document printing.

Debtor/ Creditor Browser - Create Actions Related Job
At a Debtor/Creditor Browser/List, upon running the 'Create Actions' Related Job, the Object and the Debtor/Creditor are now properly updated.

Cheques/ Custom Browser/ List
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, upon selecting Cheques at a Custom Browser/ List using default selector.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Version 5.00.521.11437

Features added / modified

Open-Item/ Document Date
At 'Open-Item' Doc Related Job the 'Document Date' field has now been added to the lines.

Objects Log File/ Expenses - Charges
Expenses - Charges administration has now been added at Objects Log File (Company Processes > Business Processes & Approvals > Control & Logs).

Employees Actions/ Place of work
At Employees Actions (HR), the 'Place of work' field has now been added, including the following values:
1. In
2. Out
3. Teleworking.

Job Scheduling job/ Place of work
At 'Job Scheduling' Related Job (Employees), the 'Place of work' field has now been added, including the following values:
1. In
2. Out
3. Teleworking
It is available once the Series is selected.

Soft1 functions/ Stock limit per Variation
The following functions regarding Stock Limit per Variation (Min., Max. Reorder) are now available:
'FItemCDimLimMax' &

Device location
The Customer's location can now be tracked through the current device location.

Stock Management/ Physical Inventory Docs
The 'Physical stock taking based on lot' and 'Items with zero qty' checkboxes have now been added at Physical Inventory Report, as well as the following filters:
'Document code, From',
'Document code, To',
'Comm Category',
'Acctg Category'.

Transaction lines/ Virtual table & Reports
The 'Transaction lines' field [MTRLINES] has now been added to the 'FPRJLNS ' Virtual Table. Moreover, it has been added to the following reports:
1. Project Card
2. Project Transactions (header)
3. Project Transactions (lines)
4. Project Card per activity.

Stock Docs/ Update Date [UPDDATE]
Fixed the issue which occurred at Stock Documents. 'Update Date' field (UPDDATE) is now properly updated in case the Doc derived from a Cost. Folder or Physical Inventory job.

New Doc/ Confirm Cancelation
The 'Confirm Cancelation when inserting New Order' on/off button has now been added at General Settings. When selected, a Confirm Cancelation message is displayed each time a Doc is canceled upon saving.

HR Leaves/Date length
At HR Leaves, the Soft1 'Leaves (Date range)' Browser has now been added including the corresponding filters.

Contracts/ Create Installment invoices
At the filters of 'Create Installment invoices' job [CreditCntrInterest] the 'Dates' field has been renamed as 'Deposit Dates' and the 'Installment Dates' field has been added.
At 'Document data' area, the 'Transfer Salesperson' parameter has been added as well as the 'Date based on installments' field has now been renamed as 'Date' with the following values:
- Current,
- Deposit,
- Installment.

Other Transactions/ Collection value
At Other Transactions, the user can now edit/ modify the value of a document through Related Jobs.

Printout forms/ Contract fields
All the fields of Contract table (CNTR) can now be selected at printout forms.

Showroom/ Information button
The 'Information' button has now been added at Showroom, next to controls (quantity, -/+ button), which displays a window with further details concerning the Item.

Sales Doc/ 'Transfer to -> Purchase Doc' job
At Sales Docs, upon running 'Transfer to -> Purchase Doc' Related Job (Doc Browser/ List), the 'Installation' field is now properly transferred.

Service Folders/ MTRCATEGORY fields
The following fields have now been added to the Doc lines of Service Folders:
- Commercial category (MtrCategory),
- Group (MtrGroup),
- Manufacturer (MtrManfctr),
- Acctg Category (MtrAcn),
- Brand (MtrMark),
- Model (MtrModel).

S360/ Default Calendar View
At 'Default Calendar View' parameter (Settings > General Settings) the following values are now available:
1. Day view.
2. Week view.
3. Month view.

Stock Docs/ Conversion Related Job
Fixed the 'ITEFPRMS: Field 'AUTOSRVSPCGPS' not found' issue. It occurred upon running the Stock Doc Conversion (Related Job).

Fixed assets/ Depreciated in year
At Purchases/ Fixed assets Documents if the 'Depreciated in year' parameter is activated, then the Regular rate is automatically set to 100%.

ABC Budgeting/ Project
At ABC Budgeting, the Project can now be selected as a dimension.

Creditor Wire transfers/ Title
The 'Title' field [SOTITLE] is now available upon designing Creditor Wire transfers column.

Services/ Discount
The 'Discount' column can now be added at Items, SN/ Services grid through Screen Forms design.

Retail Designer/ Edit Item button
At S1 Retail Designer operations the 'Edit Item' button has now been added.

Outlook connector/ Notification message
The '' parameter has now been added at Outlook Connector parameters. When activated, the user receives the following message 'An email with the same subject from the same sender to the same recipient(s) already exists. Proceed?'. Otherwise, the message will not be displayed.

Companies General Data/ Comments
The 'Do not maintain value at lines ' option has now been added at Companies General Data, 'Comments' field.

Purchases & Production jobs/ New fields
The following fields have now been added at 'Purchase Order Plan' [DRESTPUR] (Purchases, Items to Order tab) and 'Documents based on shortage/requirements' [DRESTPRD] (Production) jobs:
1. Factory code
2. Group.

Group of Companies Schema/ Company field
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model installation, the 'Company' field has now been added at Customer Replies [CRMCUSNAIRE].

Group of Companies Schema/ Answers grid (Questions)
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model installation, only the proper companies answers (Questions) are now displayed at the grid.

S1 Retail Designer/ Rename Operation Buttons
At S1 Retail Designer operation buttons (Title) can now be renamed.

Purchases Parameters/ New field
The 'Initializing prices/ discounts for Items in Pricing Policies' field has now been added at Purchases Parameters.

Bug fixing

CRM/ Printout Forms
The ACTLINES table is now available at Printout Forms of General Actions [SOACTION].

Project Financial Data/ Cash Accounts Other Transactions
Cash Accounts Other Transactions are now properly displayed at 'Project Financial Data' Related Job.

Import scripts/ Warnings: Off
Fixed the issue which occurred at the behavior of import scripts using WARNINGS:OFF. Under certain circumstances, not all warnings were excluded.

Double Cost Acctg entries/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue of double Cost Accounting entries. It occurred upon changing an account at the lines of a CA entry which derived from a GL entry, while the Copy from buffer option has been used.

Factoring Disbursements Report/ Invoice Doc value
Under certain circumstances, at 'Factoring Disbursements Report' [TRDFCTDOCREPEK], the Doc values were not properly displayed.

Grouped Browser/ Fast Report Preview
Fixed the issue which occurred at a grouped Item Browser/ List when Fast Report preview was selected. Upon selecting 'Open New window' by right-clicking on grouped data the Fast Report Preview option is now properly working.

Actlines board/ Copy record
'Copy record' Related job is now properly working upon monitoring through 'Actlines' board.

Item Financial Data/ Inactive Variations
Fixed the 'Invalid value for field CDIMNUSE2' issue. It occurred at Financial Data (Related job) for Items monitored in variations (color-size) having inactive variations.

ΒΟΜs/ Raw Material lines & Extra fields
Fixed the issue at Raw Material Lines for BOMs. Information at Item extra fields is now properly saved.

Production/ MRP planning
Fixed the 'Field Related BOM line already exists.' issue. It occurred upon running MRP planning.

Cheques/ Cancel transaction
Upon selecting 'Cancel transaction' (right-click) at Collections Docs, the cancelled Cheque is no more available for further transactions.

Soft1 Retail Pro/ Pricing Policies
A Pricing Policy related to Item quantity is now properly applied at Soft1 Retail Pro.

Assigned Invoices Payment/ Zero-value Docs
Fixed the issue at Factoring & Sales (Financials). It occurred upon running the 'Assigned Invoices Payment' job [DocsPayment], as a credit Doc of zero value was displayed to be paid.

Soft1 Menu/ Job parameters
At Soft1 User/ Group Menu, any job added having the following options simultaneously, is now properly working upon relogin:
1. Job (Command/ File): 'SALDOC[AUTOEXEC=2]'
2. Automatic opening at login' Job parameter: Activated
3. 'Ending job is not allowed' Job parameter: Activated.

2-Factor Authentication/ Send SMS
SMS including verification code is now properly send to the user. Issue occurred, under certain circumstances, when the use of '2-factor authentication' had been activated at the user profile card.

Other Transaction Doc/ Instant Pay-off & 4-digit exchange rate
Fixed the issue which occurred between a Supplier Other Transaction Doc and a Suppliers Payment Doc. A difference of €0,01 occurred if the Suppliers Payment Doc is derived from instant Pay-off and the Supplier's currency was set to a 4-digit exchange rate.

Bonus cards/ Points calculation
Points calculation is now properly working at Bonus Cards. An issue occurred upon Doc saving.

Sales per Item/ Commercial Category & Item Group
Fixed the 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND'' issue. It occurred upon running 'Sales per Item' (right-click on Customer hyperlink) through a Sales Doc, if the user selected a Commercial Category or an Item Group.

Sets/ Kits - Variation combination
At Sets/ Kits Printout Forms, the Composite Items of a Set defined at the Variation combination (right-click on grid lines) can now be properly printed. The following parameter should be used upon printout form design: ==.

Series 5 UI/ Barcode parameter
Fixed the issue which occurred at Doc lines (Series 5 UI), where an Item Image was not displayed (through Quick View) if the 'Barcode' parameter (Type) was selected.

Production/ Consumption Notes
Fixed the issue at Production which occurred upon inserting Consumption Notes through an Order where stock items without Variation were inserted.

Browser/ 2nd band printing
Fixed the 'Access violation...' issue at Soft1 lists. The 2nd band included in Browser/ List results can now be printed using MS-Excel.

Accounting Updates/ Export GL transactions (GData.xml)
Fixed the '...Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Export GL transactions (GData.xml)' job, in case the Currency's 'International Code' field was not filled in.

Services/ Services - Spare parts Docs
Chargeable/ Not chargeable services are now properly transferred upon converting Service Folders to Services - Spare parts Docs.

User Tasks in Soft1 sidebar/ Customer's Statement
The Customer's 'Statement' report is now properly working when selected through User Tasks (Soft1 sidebar). An issue occurred upon selecting different customers provided that a specific Screen form has been previously set.

ACTLINES board/ Copy record
'Copy record' Related job is now properly working upon monitoring through 'ACTLINES' board.

Production - Documents based on shortage/requirements
Fixed the 'Field 'sovarchar17 not found.' issue. It occurred upon selecting Doc data at Production Automations, 'Documents based on shortage/requirements' job.
Moreover, the following filters have been added:
1. Status (Reserved)
2. Shipping method (Reserved)
3. Payment Terms (Reserved).

Production Doc/ Costing data
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model installation, specifically at a Child Company, upon selecting BOM at a Production Doc, the Costing data are now properly displayed.

Sales Doc/ Value before discounts - expenses
The 'Value before discounts - expenses' field [SALDOC.NODSCAMNT] is now properly updated upon Documents editing through Design Screen Form.

New database/ .xdt file
Upon connecting and creating a database (through the new wizard) the proper .xdt file is now displayed.

Create Wire-transfer Doc./ Columns Design
Upon selecting 'Create Wire-transfer Doc.'(Customers Related Jobs), the Customer is no longer deleted in case Columns Design was set at Doc Type.

Other Transactions/ New Doc
At Other Transactions, upon saving/ creating a Doc of zero value, the line values are no more deleted.

CRM Meetings/ Direction field
The 'Direction' field (CRM Meetings) is now properly displayed at already saved entries (default Screen Form).

Production Notes/ BOM column
Fixed the «Module PRDDOC : Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'OR'» issue. At Production Notes the 'BOM' column is now mandatory.

Composition Docs/ Variations (Color - Size)
Fixed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 09184EFB in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 00000000' issue. It occurred upon selecting the 'Quantity' hyperlink at Composition Docs which included Items monitored in variations (Color - Size).

Cost Accounting Entries/ Objects Log File results
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 500629C5 in module 'rtl250.bpl. Read of address FFFFFFFD' issue. It occurred upon saving Cost Accounting Entries, once the user selects 'Objects Log File results' (Control & logs).

Fixed Assets - 'Include sold F/A' flag
Αt Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report [CON_BOOKIAS] the 'Include sold F/A' flag is now taking into consideration the current value of a Fixed Asset upon performing check. Therefore, he Fixed Assets that are not sold having a zero depreciable value due to Acctg. depreciations, are included at Reports.

E-mails/ Next Step Related Job
At CRM E-mails, the 'End' field is now properly updated upon selecting 'Next Step' Related Job.

Items Browser design/ 'FIteAvgBalDays' function
Fixed the issue at Items Browser/ List design. The 'FIteAvgBalDays' function (Local Fields) is now displaying the proper results.

Meetings/ Show on Map
'Show on Map' option (right-click on Entry at a Browser/ List) is now available at CRM Meetings.