Friday, February 27, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10628

Features added / modified

Google calendar synchronization
The field Remarks can be filled out with the maximum number of characters from the synchronization of google calendars. The available limit is now 2000 characters.

Balance report on agiven date - through FINPAYTERMS
At the report "Receivables on specific Date" now appear all the open credit and debit transactions

Bug fixing

Credit Control
In specific case the error 'Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)' would appear during the posting of a document with an active credit control which has the formula[OPNMONTHS

Paste from clipboard
Process paste from clipboard was not working properly , when using the Alternative code as Search code.

Personal Calendar
At Personal Calendar, records would appear from series that were not selected to be shown from CRM parameters.

Group Calendar
An error message would appear if the Group Calendar tab was open and the user moved to a different tab and then returned to Group Calendar tab to open an existing record.

ABC with VAT inclusion
If at the type of document VAT inclusion was set at the analysis of ABC with dimension model and an Other Transactions document was posted with two lines and there was ABC analysis on both lines then the ABC analysis of the first line the Allocation salvage value was not correct.

Automatic coverage type at the Stock documents
The automatic coverage type was not operated properly at the Stock documents.

Batch job "ITECALCCOST" for FIFO
The Cost of good sold wasn't calculated properly if the balance of an item was composed only of internal transfer documents

Friday, February 6, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10625

Features added / modified

Line columns design and set item
The code and description fields of set items are now available in Line columns design of sales documents.

SPCS link in documents
The SPCS link in sales documents is now enabled and refers to the corresponding set item.

Login date in xco connection file
The possibility is given to set the login date at the .xco connection file in the section [LOGIN] with the parameter LOGINDATE.

Document cancellation with collection
With the cancellation by reversal of a document that included a collection then a collection document is always posted with the proper reversed transactions.

Item balance and Lots balance
Added the printout 'Item Balances per Lot' in Lots folder of Stock Management.

Delay definition in Customer screen
Added the possibility of defining the delay for the appearance of next receipt at the customer screen for the Toshiba Fiscal LCD driver.

Expression terms in Credit Control
Added the Expression terms "Day of month (Document)" (FINDATEDAY) and "Day of Document - Last day of the month of the oldest upaid doc" (DAYDFOPN) in Credit Control formulas.

VAT values in Retail Documents
Added the possibility of modifing the VAT values of a Retail documents as in the Sales Documents.

Period VAT Report F2
Incorporated the new Period VAT Report F2 that is applicable from 01-01-2015

Cheque and Own company
At the creation of a new Cheque with the selection of "Own company" as Category the fields Name, Address,T.R.No and Telephone will be automatically updated with the values posted from the same fields of the company record.

Order planning
Added the filters Seasson and Document Status at the Order planning job.

Inventory Opening Job
The Inventory Opening Job takes into account the fixed relation of U.O.M. options set at the item and properly updates the Qty 2 field.

Bug fixing

X.SYS.LANGEXT variable
The value of X.SYS.LANGEXT variable is now updated correctly.

Group calendar and actions
At the Group calendar for work week the action records for the following week did not appear even if the screen resolution was large enough.

Accounting Entries and Copy from last
If the 'Copy from last' option was used in Accounting Entries the date field was not filled in specific cases.

First cell of attributes table
The value at the first cell of attributes posting table in document lines disappear, if the Enter button was pressed after its posting.

Documents with items with attributes
The operation of Stock Management documents view with items with attributes is optimized as to avoid delays in Azure implementations.

Offline parameters for touch screen
In case of use of the touch screen view with the parameter FORCEOFFLINE=1, the synchronization between the local and central database was not completed correctly.

Printing cancellation
In case of cancellation of printing in 'Email', an Outlook window was wrongly appearing.

Credit controls
An error would appear at the posting of a document with the use of credit controls which were set with the OPNMONTHS parameter.

Hyperlinks in Screen forms
An error appeared in Screen form (View) in case a related job was added as a hyperlink.

Excel import at document lines
The error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" would appear in case the excel import option was used at document lines.

Items and services with Pricing Policies
An error 'list index out of bounds' appeared during document posting if services were posted before items in document lines with the use of Pricing Policies.

Sales Order document in a Production Order
In case of convetion of a Sales Order document in a Production Order an error Access violation in file FinDoc.bpl would appear.

Remaining value in ABC models
A wrong remaining value would apper in specific cases of modifications in the ABC analysis per document line.

Offline and user rights
Added the possibility of defining user rights for the synchronization of the local database job.

Payroll printouts
In Payroll printouts the Payroll elements that used date range did not take into account the defined filters for Year and Period.

Transfer to production orders job
In case the Transfer to production orders job was used from sales document lines for an item defined as product, an access violation error would appear.

Project Statistics (PRJCSHEETS) and Fifo price
If the selected Valuation method is not Standard cost,Annual weighted avg. price,Monthly average price,Quarter average price,Last purchase price,Moving average price,Avg FIFO price,Avg LIFO price or Liquidation price then for all available dashboards the Valuation method used is the Standard cost.

Price from group set (mandatory)
In specific cases the option 'Price from group set (mandatory)' in Stock Management parameters could not be defined.

Line analysis in accounting entries browser
The analysis of accouning entries did not work properly in Browsers in case G\L transactions was defined at the line analysis.

Last purchace price
The ReUpdate Inventory job now calculates the correct last purchace price for items that existed in purchase documents that were deleted.

Services Calls
An error would appear with the selection of Related documents by right click from the Services Calls browser.

Composition Documents
At composition documents the values of composed items
were not updated in case the quantity of the set item was changed.

Item Balances per Lot printout
In specific cases the error "Duplicate name OPNWH## in TFieldDefs" appeared with the execution of Items balance per Lot printout.

Serial Number codes
The creation of Serial Numbers from the document lines did not work properly in case at the item "Sn code format" field default values were set.

Composition documents
An error appeared during the posting of a composition document.

Browser to MS-Excel printout.
An error appeared during the printout of a browser to MS-Excel.

Sales orders to Production Orders
In case a sales order was converted to a production order and the produced item had Semi-finished goods analysis, then the analysis did not work properly if the selected Bill of Materials was not set as "Main"

Objects Log File and Fiscal Statement
In case a change was made at a Fiscal Statement an error appeared if the Objects Log File parameter was set.

GSIS data job
An error would appear at the execution of GSIS data job at oracle databases.