Monday, December 10, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11129

Features added / modified

Revenue - Expenses Link
The trading party code has been added to the Revenue - Expenses links available resolvers.

Costing folders
When opening a costing folder, a query is now executed for all of the trading parties participating in the costing folder.

Commercial Category in Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
The item's commercial category was added in the "Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage" job filters.

Bug fixing

Background image printing
In some cases, the background image in a printout form was not printed.

Gift cards FastReport preview
An error that occurred when previewing a Fast Report printout form, from the Gift Cards module, has been fixed.

Fast report open designed report
In a Fast Report open designed report, in case there was a suggested value in date local fields, the question did not take into account the filter's dates, but the suggested ones.

Item Variations search in the Series 5 UI
In the Series 5 UI, a search can be made in the matrix of the Item Variations in a document's lines, by selecting the corresponding filter.

Project labels in Fast Report
In a Fast Report label for the projects module, the data of the condition for printing - repetition section did not appear correctly.

Gross Profit in the P&L
In the "Profit and Loss" job (DSBACNPL), the Gross Profit was not calculated correctly.

Sales Year Overview in the Series 5 UI
An error that occurred in the Series 5 UI, in the Sales Year Overview, when having default values selected in a field, has been fixed.

Cash Flow / Cheques
In groups of companies, in a company besides the main one, the cheques did not appear in the cash flow, in the cheques tab.

Internal Fast Report printout form for a Gift List
In an internal Fast Report printout form, when printing a Gift List, the Master Data was not printed.

AUTOLOCATE in a custom object
In the Series 5 UI, in a custom object with a custom table and the AUTOLOCATE parameter selected, the correct locate did not happen.

WEB page
A job that is supposed to open a web page did not open in its own separate tab.

Field Alert
An incorrect behavior in a field alert where the formula contained the ''<,>'' symbols, has been fixed.

Action start date
The action's start date was updated incorrectly when copying an action in a CRM calendar. It has been fixed in the "Work Week". "Week", "Month", "Year" templates.

Consumable quantities with variations
Fixed error occurred when saving a production document in consumable with colour/size and more than 2 decimals in quantities.

Accounting / Revenue-Expenses update in group of companies
In group of companies, in case of the fiscal year is locked in the main company, the accounting units couldn't be updated with batch job in companies except the main one.

Customer selection
An error that occurred when searching for a customer, in a browser of the main company in groups of company, when having logged in a company besides the main one, has been fixed.

Merge Actions
At the 'Merge Actions'' [MERGESOPRSN] job, the error "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" occurred. The job is now on executed properly in many companies in the same base.