Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10936

Features added / modified

Sorting in browser with auto grouping
Sorting in browser with auto grouping is now properly working.

Cancellation documents - pending
The cancellation delivery notes no longer appear on the 'Outstanding sales documents' list.

Resync DataSet
A CallPublished function was created on ModuleIntf, so that the Resync of the DataSet from DataBuf can be done.

Bug fixing

Custom link fields
In some cases that fields that are connected with custom fields are declared on document grid columns, the columns description would disappear.

'Series' filter on a report
The filter 'Series', would not function properly on the 'Consumption Requirements from Production Orders (Semi-Finished Analysis)' report.

If 'Back Date Limit' was declared on job 'Recalculate Customers' Bonus Card points' and there were redemption points left, then the points that already existed were not taken under account and the remaining points were being abstracted from the redemption points.

Fixed assets status - summary
The time that takes the "Fixed assets status - summary" report to be executed on an oracle database, has been improved.

Problem in sending emails (windows 10, version 516.10933)
In some cases, on a windows 10 pc, there would appear an error message while sending emails from the customers list.

Offline mode. Lots do not get synchronized on the local database.
Item's Lots would get synchronized only when their Item was updated. A change has been made so the synchronization takes under account the update date.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10934

Features added / modified

"Sent mail" folder on the e-mail import
The receiver's and not the 'sender's ' mail is now being taken under account while creating a 'Sent mail' folder on the e-mail import job.

New values for filter tip document on Romanian vat journals
The values 102 - Factura de debit (nou) and 103 - Factura de credit (nou) are available on the tip document filter of Romanian tax standards vat journals.

Ordinary Bin of the elements of Alternative Items
The column 'Ordinary Bin" has been added in the view form of alternative items on the lines of the document

Item sets with components that are defined as 'Gift'
While entering an Item Set/Kit, the type of the Items of the grid lines would not be properly updated.

Production documents via production time sheets
When creating automatically a production document via a production time sheet, the production w/h is now the one of the production order and not the one of the Bill of Materials.

Bug fixing

Salesman in retail sales order
The Salesman would not be updated from the retail sales order when posting a sales document.

Depreciation documents of fixed assets
The error message "ASDDOC Dataset not in edit or insert mode" would occure while changing the value of a Depreciation document.

Browser whith editable code fields
In an expanded browser, where the code field was declared as editable, the codes that where inserted from the browser where not being saved in the record.

Service Folders
Items field was not working according to the installation in the service folders.

WH in production document series
Warehouses were not properly filtered in the series of production documents.

Company View
In company view, I.A.S. fixed asset depreciations were also calculated in fixed asset depreciations.

Copy from buffer in production documents
Copy from buffer in production documents does not create anymore double lines in the database.

Turnover in customers browser
"Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'FISCPRD'" error occured in customers browser that fields turnover 2016 & 2017 had been declared.

In some cases, the sales commissions were not properly calculated according to the collections and the cheques payoff.

Open item in transaction currency
Currency was wrongly updated in posts , when the trading party has active the flag "Open item in transaction currency" and default payment term.

Services commercial category
Commercial category is now properly working as filter in services browsers.

Cash accounts financial data
An error occured, when the calculations fiscal year was changed in the cash accounts finacial data.

Mass conversion of documents and quantity formation
An error message would occure while executing the job "Mass conversion" with the "Mantain prices" and using items with variations.

Fast report printout forms
In Fast Report printout forms,when a field has no data type, it is concidered as string but as number.

Send payroll receipts
Sending payroll receipts via email was not working properly when a password was declared in the pdf file.

Creating a service folder via sales document
An error occurred during the automatic creation of a service dossier from a quantity receipt note.

Items selector in the service folder
The items could not be selected in the service folders, if the installation was not specified first.

Custom editors soaction
Custom editors that were declared in soaction forms would not function properly.

Trace in Accounting
In some cases that trace of all the fields of the account was declared ,the error message List index out of bounds(0) would occure.