Monday, November 30, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11416

Bug fixing

Intrastat - Imports Report/ Supplier expense
Fixed the issue at Intrastat - Imports Report (INTRASTAT_REP). It occurred when a non EU Supplier expense appeared, participating though in Costing Folder ("Participates in Intrastat Report" field).

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11415

 Features added / modified

Companies/ Contact
"Web page" field has now been added at "Contact" panel for Companies.

Stock control/ Production Doc. Status
Stock Control per Production Doc. Status ("Created", "Released", "Completed") can now be configured at Production Parameters.

Bug fixing

Browsers Grouping/ Related Jobs
Fixed the issue at Grouping in Browsers/ Lists.
Related Jobs, such as Document Conversion, are now properly working upon right clicking.

Automatic Doc. Conversion/ Printing
Fixed the issue at Automatic Doc. Conversion. The copies of the original Document are now printed prior to the ones of the converted Document.

Internal Fast Report/ Chart object
At "Internal Fast Report" Form type, the chart object is now properly saved.

Panel display/ Local fields
At panel display, local fields are now properly displayed.

ABC Transactions/ Negative sign (Credit)
At Activity Based Costing Transactions, Documents with negative sign (credit) are now properly displayed.

Physical Inventory Docs
"Physical Inventory Documents" job (MtrNatBalance) is now properly working.

IR7 xml file (Cyprus Localization)
Employees' data are now properly displayed at the produced IR7 xml file no matter the number of lines at Employment table (Cyprus Localization).

Customer/ Accounting Category
Fixed the issue "Deletion is not allowed. There are references to this entry from "Acctg transactions". It occurred upon deleting a Customer connected to a GL account.

Browsers/ Preselection Lists
At Browsers/ Lists (e.g. Customers) a Preselection List can now be deleted, in case all entries are removed.

Production Doc/ Copy from Buffer
The Production Document which participated in Production Costing Process, can now be deleted when resulting from Copy from Buffer.

Production Doc/ Serial Number
Fixed the issue where at Production Documents, in case of changing the Main Product which was monitored in SN, then the "Serial Number" tab was not properly updated.

Accounting/ Trading Party
Fixed the issue "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated". It occurred upon creating a new Customer, having previously set "Yes" at Create account field (Customer Parameters/ Accounting area).

Custom Screen Form/ ShowWebPage
Fixed the issue "Interface not supported". It occurred at a custom Screen Form, using the "ShowWebPage" Soft1 internal function to open a link in a PDF file.

Employees Actions/ Insert (Date)
The "Insert" (Date) is now properly saved upon creating a new Employee Action.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Version 5.00.521.11414

Features added / modified

Unpaid documents/ Trading Parties branch
The Trading Parties branch (Cust. branch, Supplier Branch etc) has now been added as column at "Unpaid documents" (Related Jobs).

Employees Actions/ New fields
At Employees Actions Browser/ List default filters, the following fields have been added:
1. Employee code, From
2. Employee Surname, From

Doc columns/ Description (User Language) field
A link in the "Description (User Language)" field has now been added at the Document lines.

Other Transactions/ Document approval
"Document approval" related job is now available for Other Transactions (Trading Parties).

Bug fixing

Mark up Wholesale/ Retail prices
Fixed the issue where the Mark up Wholesale/ Retail prices were different from the Stock item ones, upon updating the Sales prices (Purchase Doc).

Payments Plan (Wire transfers)
Fixed the issue "Enter data in trading party field". It occurred in some cases, upon running the "Payments Plan (Wire transfers)" job (BfnSupDebPayments).

Cash Flow/ Transfers
Fixed the issue, at Cash Flow, where some period transfers were not properly updated, if specific filters were selected.

Open Designed Reports/ Printing Rights
Fixed the issue upon setting Open Designed printing rights through Custom Administration (FINDOC TEST).

Label Report Forms/ Stock Item image
Stock item images are now properly printed at Label Report Forms.

CRM Parameters/ Renaming fields
At CRM Parameters, "User-defined fields" tab, "Text01" to "Text05" fields' renaming is now properly displayed at Browsers/ Lists.

Retail Pro/ Advanced Payments value
At Retail Pro, fixed the issue where the Advanced Payments value was not properly updated. It occurred upon multiple selection of Advanced Payments - Collections.

Browsers/ New preselection
Fixed the issue "Duplicates not allowed". It occurred upon adding/ creating a new preselection from Browser/ List.

B.A.M./ Soft1 Scheduler (Azure)
At Azure installation, B.A.M. scenarios are now properly working through Soft1 Scheduler.