Monday, April 18, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11454

Bug fixing

Sales Docs/ Salesperson fields
The following salesperson fields are now properly working as filters at Sales Docs Browser/ List:

Fixed Assets/ Entity code
When inserting the same fixed asset in more than one doc line, the Entity code is now properly suggested.

Printout forms (Internal use)/ Parameters
At Printout forms (Internal use):
*'Automatic filing' is now properly performed, even if it is not set, and,
*No link-rightfully- is created at Employee Attached files/Notes.

Current Stock Balances report/ Decimals
Fixed the issue regarding number of decimals displayed at 'Current Stock Balances'(MAT_CURREMAIN) report.
At all report sections/bands, the number of decimals is based on Company setup ('Decimals in Quantities' field)

Doc Conversion/ Delivery terms
'Delivery terms' field is now updated upon Doc Conversion, provided that it is previously set at the original document.

Cost centers (detailed) report/ Abbreviation
At 'Cost centers (detailed)' (EMPL_COST_CNTR_AN) report, the Abbreviation of cost center is now displayed instead of the Code at the 'Totals of payroll element per cost center'.

Doc Conversion/ Set Branch, W/h (based on Series)
The parameter 'Maintain W/H prices on doc lines' has been renamed to 'Set Branch, W/h (based on Series)'.
*If activated, the Branch and W/h of the Doc Series to be converted (Conversion screen) will be filled in .
*If not activated, the login W/h will be filled in OR the one set at original doc lines. Note that, the Branch setup of the final doc should include the W/h of the original doc.

Expand by Item lines/ Focus
Line focus is now properly working on Lists when
'Expand by Item lines' is activated.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Version 5.00.521.11453

Bug fixing

Variation Statement/ Balance brought fwd
At Variation Statement (MAT_STMCDIM) report, the periods Balance brought fwd is now properly calculated.

Messages body/text
Fixed the issue, when under certain circumstances the messages body/text was not displayed.

Messages/ Shared folder
Include shared folder (path) in Messages is now properly working.

Browser printing/ Orientation
Orientation is now properly working when printing a Browser/ List.

Sales statistics/ Sale discount value
In Sales statistics, calculating Sale discount value (SALDISCVAL) concerning Retail documents, is now properly working.

Group of Companies Schema/ Alternative codes
Fixed the issued at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, upon calculating price of items monitored in Variations.
It occurred when:
* using item alternative code
* having set 'Retail of alternative price' option (Doc Type>Basics> Updates>Uses prices).

Customers/ Outstanding quotations
Customer 'Outstanding quotations' related job is now properly working.

Purchases Conversion history
At Purchases Conversion history, sales documents resulting from Conversion are now properly displayed.

Doc Conversion - New parameter
At Conversion related job, the 'Maintain W/H prices on doc lines' parameter has now been added.
If set to:
* Yes: the W/H selected on the lines of the initial document will be transferred to the lines of the new document, provided that the specific W/H has been set for the Branch on the doc. Series of the new document.
* No: The default W/h of the new doc will be filled in.