Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10765

Features added / modified

Customer Interest Report
Customers interest report has been updated by adding the following:
1) column document total value
2) filter regarding interest amount limit
3) comment field in customer interest calculation

Copy budgeting data
Filter regarding deleting existing data has been added in copy budget data job.

Bug fixing

Insert - Update - Delete Contacts
Update type Insert - Update - Delete was not properly working in contract parameters.

Service set
In some cases, in service folders containing service set services, error "SRVLINES: Dataset not in edit or insert mode" occured.

Re-issue by cancelling with reversal
Re-issue by cancelling with reversal job was not properly working when the document had payment term calculation mode with question.

User login
Trying to log in a company without having defined periods for the current date, banned the log in companies with active periods.

Add ons
An error occured while installing all the available add ons, using filter select all.

Emails with recording
An occured while sending emails with recording.

Trading partner in contracts
Hyper-link trading partner was not properly working in contracts of business operations.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10763

Bug fixing

Imports Exports per Items
In Ιmports-Exports per Items report, items having only exports in the selected dates were not displayed.

Sorting on default selector
Declared sorting on browsers was not properly working.

Production documents with lots
Lots remained in the lines of already posted production documents, even if the item was changed.

Fixed asset status depreciations
Depreciations were not displayed in the Fixed asset summary status GAS & IAS report.

Appointments in outlook connector were not properly working.

Depreciation GAS & IAS reports
In some cases, GAS & IAS depreciations were not displayed in the related reports.

Line columns in stock documents
Line columns in stock documents were not properly working.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10762

Features added / modified

Documents assignment to the bank
Modified the documents assignment to the bank job dialog, so as to suggest "Yes" in every line.

D394 Statement
Proceeded with the necessary modifications in order for Soft1 to fully comply with the latest updates of ANAF and generate the 394 Statement correctly.

SQL Scripts
SQL Scripts can be declared and called throught Web Service SQLDATA.

Automatic year creation
Logging in through web services, the log in years are automatically created, if they do not already exist.

Bug fixing

VAT value in costing folders
Fixed the VAT value of expense documents column in costing folders to display the correct value.

Current Stock Balances
An error occured, after changing stock opening balances with lots, affecting current stock balances report results.

Import script
An error occured in import scripts containing items having only one variation.

Lots with norminal proposal
Lots prososal with norminal values is now properly working.

New bill of materials
Fixed an error that displayed the message "Field SPCS cannot be modified" when trying to post a new entry, while having a locked bill of materials open.

Bill of materials
Modified user rights so that fields "Main" and "Locked" in bill of materials can be changed by any user. The "Locked" flag can only be modified by user with sounlock rights.

Routing throught customers browser
Google maps routing is now properly working thought default windows web explorer browser.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10759

Features added / modified

Intrastat document date
Filters regarding documents date have been added to intrastat reports.

Bug fixing

Search code in stock documents
Item cards can be opened throught search code hyperlink in stock documents.

Line columns
Declared line columns are maintained, even if the form of the document has been changed.

Summary card
Wrong sign displayed in the summary card report of customers ,if the selected company was different than the log in company.

Sales statistics
Empty period columns were displayed in sales statistics reports.

Numbers format
Numbers format settings were not properly working.

New employee
An error occured when creating new empoyees using copy from buffer.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10754

Features added / modified

New VAT – Purchase VAT Journal and Sales VAT Journal -New Columns
The field BGOTHRVAT (Alte taxe Romania) brings the correct options for Sales VAT journal.

Bug fixing

Import from xxf file
Link "results" was not properly working while importing xxf files with errors.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10753

Features added / modified

Locked bill of materials
Added the option to edit the values for fields "main" and "active" of a bill of materials, even when it is locked .

Line columns
Added the ability to include a salesperson's surname in the line columns of a sales document.

Other transaction assignments
Added the ability to allow factoring for other transactions documents.

Bug fixing

Posting invoice with automatic coverage for items with variations
Corrected an error in quantity calculations in the lines of an invoice with automatic coverage. The error would show up for items with variations whose quantity was bigger than the order's.

Item with variations and different units of measurement
Fixed an error in posting documents, that displayed the following message: "ATTENTION! There is a difference between Variation analysis and the total quantity on line". This error would occur in cases where a document contained an item with variations that had different units of measurement, alternative codes with quantities and fixed relation.

Objects log file
Fixed an error that disallowed deleting bank accounts monitoring from the objects log file, displaying the message "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near...".

Qlikocx.ocx error
Corrected an occasional error while installing Qlikview ocx.

Objects log file error
Fixed an error that disallowed deleting alternative codes monitoring from the objects log file, displaying the message "Incorrect syntax near...".

Fixed an error in conversion of documents containing more than 1000 lines.

S1 Import script
Corrected an error in S1 import that prompted the user with the message “Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name ‘YYY’ “ when an import script with XXX_YYY code format was created.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10752

Features added / modified

New VAT – Purchase VAT Journal and Sales VAT Journal -New Columns and Filters
Added the fields Company legal form (TRDR.CMPMODE) and Tax identification code (TRDR.BGBULSTAT) in Romanian VAT journal.

Cash flow analysis settlement amount separation
Cash flow analysis now supports separation of the settlement amount based on cash type.

Bug fixing

Purchase statistics in group of companies
Corrected an error in group of companies environment, where the suppliers filter in purchase statistics reports was not properly working.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10751

Features added / modified

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO)
Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO) is now available for the Bulgarian version.

Auto filtering in grouped browsers
Corrected an issue in browsers with preset grouping and sorting settings, that caused errors in sorting when auto-filtering was used.

Filter Series in VAT journal
Updated the Series filter in Romanian version VAT Journals so that it now accepts 8192 characters.

Bug fixing

Project browsers
Fixed the "Invalid Column name mtrl" error message that showed up in project browsers where Inventory Value (in or out) columns were included.

Printed by - title
Updated printout headers in Romanian and Bulgarian versions to read "Soft1 ERP" instead of "SoftOne Panorama ERP"

XXF in collections with new cheques
Fixed an occasional error that generated double new cheques when importing from xxf files including customer collections documents.

VAT Journals - VAT on collection invoices paid
Fixed an occasional error in VAT Journals (Romanian tax specifications) that caused documents containing VAT on collection to hide in time periods before being paid.

Order planning
Fixed an occasional error in Order Planning (from Item Browser), according to which, pressing "Refresh Data" on the order list of an item that did not have any pending orders would bring up all pending orders.

Last purchase price
When we have items in more than one lines of the document, the last purchase price is updated according to the last line.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10749

Features added / modified

Cost of goods sold acct (ITEM.ACNMSK6)
Included the 'Cost of goods sold account' field in Inventory (Romanian version).

Bug fixing

Company field as a filter
Fixed an error that caused the Company field to dissapear from filters in custom reports.

TVA la incasare company - D394 xml fields missing
Corrected an error in xml exporting of D394 statement related to companies subject to VAT on collection.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10748

Features added / modified

VIES - zero padding
Corrected an error in VIES.txt, that added unnecessary zeroes in the beginning of amounts.

Bulgarian Sales VAT journal - Other Cases (Col.12)
Modified the sales VAT journal so that columns 9, 10 and 11 are updated with the corresponding value and VAT according to "Other cases (col. 02-23)".

CusValueDaysOpenDocs Function
Fixed an error in "CusValueDaysOpenDocs" function so that its value is negative when customer's collections value is greater than sales value.

Project Statistics
Additional columns have been added in project statistics:
- Resource quantity (budget)
- Resource quantity (actual)
- Man-days (budget)
- Man-days (actual)
Man days are calculated by dividing Resource duration by Resource work hours.
In addition, in both pages (Projects and Resources), all field captions were enriched with the "(budget)" or "(actual)" notation for clarification purposes.

Bug fixing

Local field COMPANY
Fixed an error in Crystal Reports, that caused a local field named COMPANY to hide.

Sales Quotations
Corrected an error related to data type conversion in sales quotations report.

Sales statistics
Corrected an error occuring in the following sales statistics reports:
- Sales per item per customer
- Sales per Item per Customer Branch and
- Sales per Customer per Item
The error showed up when the filter "Only pending" was set to true.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10747

Bug fixing

Project Timeline
Fixed an error in updating sales data (sales document, series description, series type, save time) in Project Timeline. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10746

Bug fixing

Empty Containers
Fixed deleting of main stock items in documents with more than one empty container items.

Project Financial Data
Fixed the project's financial data so as to include the document header of customer collections.

Order planning
Fixed an error in order planning job, when customers had branches and customer branches analysis was selected.

Trial Balance Per Customer Branch
Corrected a bug in "Trial Balance Per Customer Branch" report where selecting the filter "Branches w/o transactions in period" would produce an error if no branch had been selected as headquarter.

Max item discount
Fixed the max item discount in sales documents.

Check Accounting Entries
Corrected an error in Check Accounting Entries Report that raised the message "There is nothing to print!" even though there were accounting entries to be posted.

Unicode fields
Corrected an occasional error when using unicode fields.

Sales order report
Fixed an error in sales order report when the "Detailed" check was set to True.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10745

Features added / modified

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO)
Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO) is now available for the Bulgarian version.

Resolver for VAT debit/credit
An resolver for VAT debit/credit was added to the accounting link.

Bug fixing

Productions document quantity 2
Corrected an error in production document quantities, where Quantity 2 was not set automatically when changing Quantity 1, even though a fixed relation between the related Units of Measurement had been set for the stock item.

Send e-mail to customer
Fixed an error that prohibited sending a customer e-mail that had an empty subject.

Delay in displaying stock item financial data
Fixed an error that caused a significant delay when opening stock item financial data.

Alert code
Corrected an error that prohibited saving when an alert with error was setup.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10742

Bug fixing

Totals in "Stock balance per w/h" report
Fixed an error in the totals of the "Stock balance per w/h" report, occuring in installations with group of companies.

Production documents
Quantity 1 in product items of production documents is now updated when we change quantity 2.

Retail sales
Quantity 1 in retail sales documents with item variations in line columns is now correctly updated.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10741

Features added / modified

Objects Log File in Service Folders
Added the ability to monitor Service Folders activity in Objects Log File.

Bug fixing

CRM action type
Fixed an error that caused mixing of action types in CRM.

Image URL
Fixed an error causing Soft1 to crash when selecting an image for a stock item from a URL.

Exchange rate error after document transformation
Fixed an error in exchange rate while transforming a sales document having "Open-item in Transaction Currency" property set to True.

Main product lot code in production documents
Corrected an error in production documents, that maintained the same code for main product lot while changing requirements in BoM.

Variants in sales document items
Fixed an occasional error in sales document items when changing variant quantities.

Error in lot while transforming production order
Corrected an error that caused missing lots after transforming a production order to production document.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10740

Features added / modified

IR7 - Tax-free cuts for widower 's pension
IR7 file changes have been made so that tax-free cuts for widower's pension take into account code 3475 payroll element. 

Bug fixing

Production documents lots
Modified functionality of production documents with lots, so that when updating the bill of materials, changed materials lots are deleted.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10739

Features added / modified

Statements of branches
Statements of branches report has been added in trading parties reports.

Wrap Form pages
New parameter has been added in explorer configuration regarding wrapping the form of pages with tabs.

Update Cost Elements in BOMs
Having declared participation of costing elements in by-products costs and running the "Update Cost Elements in BOMs" job, the quantity of the product in column Units is displayed without adding the quantity of the by-product.

Brought fwd
Having a specific date declared in the filters of items statements and Monthly average price as valuation method, the Brought fwd value is calculated regarding the previous month's cost price.

IR7 - 2015
Regarding the Employers Return (IR.7) for Tax Year 2015, the following two employee data fields were added: Tax Number and Widow's Pension.

Extra depreciations of fixed assets
The totals in normal and extra depreciation data have been fixed.

IR7 - Rounding issues
Issues regarding rounding have been fixed.

Bug fixing

VAT change in documents with ABC
In manual documents with ABC analysis, the manual change of the VAT value was not maintained.

Romania - Trial Balance per Group
Corrected an error in report results when the account level was set to be greater than 1.

Document Discount
Discount in the lines of the document was not always correctly calculated when during document conversion included items with variations.

Raw materials per Product
Raw materials per Product Report in Oracle databases was displaying the following error: ora-00933 sql command not properly ended.

Factoring - Sales
Sales documents already concessed could be chosen again for concession in factoring.

Open documents
An error was occurring while choosing trading party in open documents.

Re-issue by canceling with reversal
Re-issue by canceling with reversal of customer collection by credit card was wrongly imported the cash value.

Credit controls
Suppliers & creditors credit controls were not always properly working.

IR7 - Green card
Corrected an error related to Green card nunber

IR7- Life insurance
Changes have been made regarding life insurance data.

IR7 - widow's pension
Fixed an error related to widow's pension ammount.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10736

Features added / modified

Data cards
Data cards are sorted regarding the flag of the transaction.

CRM - Questions in xxf
Export of questions in xxf has been added as ability.

Bug fixing

Document import
An error was occured in imports with lot of document lines.

Auto Composition with mass conversion
Composition documents were not created through conversion with mass process, despite the fact that automatic composition was declared in documents series.

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis
Corrected the filters for item code and item description.

Sales - purchases journal
Brought fwd is correctly calculated in sales and purchases journal when specific dates are declared in their filters.

Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document
Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document.

Windows scheduler export
OUTPUT=XLSX has been added in reports configuration using command lines. In this case a xlsx file will be created.

Document conversion with branch
In cases with automatic pay-off by credit card, the suggested branch of pay off documents posted through conversion is the branch of the initial document.

office 365/ double entries
An error was occurred when a later from the login date was declared in the filters. Reinstallation of Cloud Apps is required (CloudAppsConnector.dll, Office365Connector.dll).

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
In databases with big data of stock items with variations, a delay was occurred in Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage job.

data error / elegant super
A data error was displayed when changing lines with items having zero values.

Report Filters
Corrected an error in report filters: if a code filter was used, while selecting a record from the look up list, the list was displaying the record's id instead of the record's code.

Fixed an occasional error in grouped data in reports.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10734

Bug fixing

Consumption percentage based on
Corrected an error that caused wrong values to be used by "Copy from buffer" in bill of materials, when the production parameter "Consumption percentage based on" was selected.

Sales leads - Copy offer
Fixed the "Copy offer" job in sales leads with quotations, that caused an error.

Exchange rates
Fixed an error occuring while downloading exchange rates, when there were inactive currencies.

Stock Ledger - Brought fwd (Qty2)
In stock ledger, the column "Brought fwd" (Qty2) now displays results correctly.

Recalculate Customer's Bonus Cards Points
Corrected an error appearing in databases with multiple companies, where the recalculation of bonus card points in a company without entries affected the points in the other companies.

Field after searching
Fixed an error that caused "Field after searching" parameter in sales and purchases to be ignored, if the same parameter was set in Stock Management.

Fixed an occasional error that caused eINVOICE data to be missing from the company's parameters.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10733

Features added / modified

Customer data maintenance in bonus cards
A message box has been added to confirm whether to maintain customer data after selecting bonus card in a document created by conversion.

NVarchar Local Fields
Unicode alphanumeric field type has been added as an option in local fields.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets Status-Summary Report
F/A account can now be selected as filter in fixed asset status summary report.

Revaluation Vaue in Fixed Assets
Fixed an occasional error, causing incorrect update of fixed asset financial data when posting a revaluation of fixed asset document.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10732

Bug fixing

Call Centers
Fixed an error occuring while posting calls, if the user view redirection had been selected in CRM parameters.

SN Journal
Corrected an error in SN journal causing a message "Argument out of range" to appear when a local field was declared.

SN code format
In case that a SN code format has only numeric characters, the suggested SN code remains empty and the fields "From number", "To number" are filled following the last code and quantity of the item.

Markup decimal places
Markup decimal places option is now set according to the decimals places selected for percentages of the company.

Suppliers to suppliers reconciliations
The series of suppliers to suppliers reconciliations have been added to the filters of suppliers statements.

Cost prices in line columns
Fixed an error occuring in Oracle databases when cost prices were added in the line columns of the documents.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10731

Bug fixing

Companies Synchronization
Corrected an error that caused an excess user warning message to be shown while inserting a stock item, with the option to copy stock items to other companies selected, on client-server connection.

Office 365
Fixed an error in the process of importing data from Office 365. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10730

Features added / modified

Credit Notes
Added the parameter "value per quantity" in application fields of credit notes rules.

Bug fixing

Fixed Asset Purchase
Fixed an error that occured in fixed assets purchase documents, when "fixed asset one to one with entity" parameter was set to true.

ABC analysis in costing folders
Corrected an error that caused faulty ABC value update when closing costing folders with ABC analysis from the lines of the documents.

Fifo - Return Invoice
Under certain circumstances the system did not calculate the correct cost (Import-Export) at the lines of a Sales Invoice

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10729

Bug fixing

Cost price calculation
Fixed an occasional delay in cost price calculation.

Fixed Asset Entities Data
Fields Acctg category, item category, U.O.M. and VAT group are now available in fixed assets entities data and 'fixed asset one to one with entity' parameter is activated.

Negative stock balances
Corrected an occasional error regarding the type of field LOTCODE in negative stock balances report.

Stock balance per W/h
Fixed an error that caused the calculation of balance value filter to have an effect on the quantity of items in stock balance per w/h report.

Cash register change in reversal customers collections documents
Performed corrections so that the reversal document maintains the branch and the cash register information of the initial (cancelled) document, during the process of reversing a customers collections document.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10728

Features added / modified

Closing costing folders
Closing documents comments can now contain more than 2000 characters.

Production Cost Report
In production cost report, costing data with zero cost value is not displayed anymore.

Bug fixing

Retail Sales with Quick view photo
Fixed an error in retail sales documents posting, occuring when the Quick View photo had already been opened.

Fixed Assets Entities form
Fixed an error in the display of entities in fixed assets documents.

Pricing policies rules data with lots
Corrected an error occuring in pricing policies rules data, when filters included lots.

Retail Sales Documents with required fields
Corrected an error in retail sales documents, that disallowed selection of items in the lines, if the required fields were empty.

Stock balance per w/h
Fixed an error that, under certain circumstances, in a database including companies with common items, the stock balance per w/h report included duplicate items.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10727

Features added / modified

CAEN Codes
Menu option K.A.D (TAXIS) and respective company tab are now available also for Companies under Romanian Taxation Laws.

D300 - CAEN Code
Fixed the 300 statement so as to retrieve data based on COMPANY.KADTAXIS_KADTAXIS_CODE.

Bug fixing

General Ledger dashboards
Fixed an error related to exporting the dashboards of General Ledger fiscal reports to Excel.

300 XML export - row B
The exported XML file now includes values for row B (value and VAT).

Bonus cards
Corrected a false error message, in bonus cards when more than one companies were selected in filters.

Overdue bills
Fixed an error in trading party's overdue bills calculation in browsers and printouts.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10726

Features added / modified

Barcode & factory code
Barcode & factory code fields have been added in services & debit\credit categories.

Save Actions - Comments
A new field for storing comments is available in the action form accessible through customers browser (right-click).

Sales documents to production orders
Sales documents can now be trasferred to production orders.

Script Editor update
Script editor has been updated.

Bug fixing

Production - Lots code
Fixed an error related to lots code field in the line columns of consumption notes.

Payment terms
Applied an update to display settlement information properly in special transactions (customers/suppliers).

Field Caption in Services Folders
Fixed a malfunction related to field SRVCARD.BOOL01 in designer mode.

Import - Office 2016
Added support for importing data from Excel 2016.

Branches in Intra Company Transfers
Fixed an error in document branch validation during intra company transfers.

Order planning in service folders
Corrected an occasional error with order planning in service folders.

Customers history changes in objects log file results
Corrected an error that occured in customer history changes when accessed through objects log file results.

Empty Containers
Corrected an error in empty containers job occuring when the stock item has different units of measure.

FitemOrdered - FitemReserved
Corrected an error that occasionally caused functions FitemOrdered & FitemReserved to produce no result.

Stock control
Fixed an error causing a wrong message to appear regarding basic stock control validation, during posting a document with automatic composition.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10725

Bug fixing

Current stock balances
Fixed incorrect display of Warehouse Name in stock report "Current Stock Balances" while "Analysis per w/h" was set to true.

Automatic Storage - Azure
Corrected double file strorage occuring in azure installations, while saving a pdf file with automatic filing.

Balance in calendars
Fixed an error in personal & group calendar, occuring when using the customer's Balance field in color matrix details, while performing CRM entries configuration .

Scripts formatting
Corrected an error in custom scripts formatting.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10724

Features added / modified

Contracts can now be created through sales, purchases and other transactions documents.

Pricing Policy
Pricing policy can be declared per document regardless the policy of the trading party.

Bug fixing

Contracts and Pending
Fixed an error in contract documents (contract behaviour with declared outstanding) that caused missing pending items, when they are invoked from the related jobs of sales documents.

Current stock balances report with warehouse analysis
Fixed an error that caused missing warehouse description in current stock balances report with warehouse analysis.

VAT in line data
Fixed missing VAT field from the line data of documents.

Fixed Asset Qty 1
The size of Qty 1 field in fixed asset lines in purchase documents has been increased.

Costing folders
Fixed an error that occasionally caused malfunction in selection of costing folders through suppliers other transactions documents.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10722

Features added / modified

Bonus cards
Bonus cards are now transferred to documents with conversion.

Wholesale & retail prices in group companies
Wholesale & retail prices can be modified in all group companies by right clicking items list.

Credit control formula
Transaction NET, VAT and expenses value have been added as choices to credit control formula.

Script Editor
Script editor has been upgraded.

Budgeting dimensions
Field item brand has been added in budgeting dimensions.

Accounting links of other transactions
Fields intrastat value, VAT intrastat value & expenses intrastat value have been added in the accounting links of other transactions.

Bug fixing

Customer auto-copy to other company
Corrected an error that caused a "user limit exceeded" message to be shown after posting a new customer with "copy to other companies" parameter activated.

Create new connection
SQL code is now encrypted during the creation of new connection with default parameters.

Create new connection
Corrected an error that occcured during the creation of new connection, when button previous was clicked at the last dialogue.

Inactive item variations
For items that have only the second variation declared, only active variations are now displayed in the lines of the documents.

Basic stock control
Basic stock control is now properly working for sales documents created by conversion.

Item volume & mass
Item volume & mass fields have been added to item's data.

Accounting series
Corrected an error that occurred when accounting series were declared into commercial series instead of accounting links.

Reupdate items variations
Corrected an error that caused a delay in items variants reupdate in some cases.

Accounting links with departments account
Group companies accounting links containing department's account are now properly working.

Customers list design
Corrected an error that occured in customer's list design whose customers transactions band has been deleted.

Installation in service folders
Corrected an error that cause the installation filter to be displayed as disabled in service folders browser.

Copy from last
Copying from last suppliers or creditors documents with more than one lines, the account and the commercial category are now maintained.

Suppliers balances aging
The outcome of suppliers balances aging was displayed chronically from future to past, while balance aging areas were designed from past to future.

Exchange Rates Profit & Loss On Suppliers Balance
Corrected an error that caused the following behavior: after the calculation of exchange rates differences on Suppliers Balance based on the supplier currency at the result, the following message appeared and no transactions were posted. "Module LINSUPDOC : Invalid value for field 'SOCURRENCY'"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Version 4.00.514.10676

Features added / modified

Costing Folders & duties
Added allocation method for "duty * line value" in costing folders.

Declaring and reporting on delivery of goods or services for personal use - § 12. Art. 113
The charged tax on the delivery of goods or service for personal use under Art. 6, par. 3, pt. 1 or Art. 9, par. 3, pt. 1 and 2 of the VAT Act update col.16 of Bulgarian Sales VAT journal.
For this purpose, has been added a new option for "Special VAT cases"

Bulgarian Sales VAT journal - Other Cases (Column 16)
VAT value of documents under Special VAT case for
"Other cases ( 02-23)" update col.12 at Bulgarian Sales VAT journal 

Bulgarian Localization - Amendments and additions
Have been modified the titles of column 12 and 16 at Bulgarian Sales VAT Journal (based on Annex ? 10 to Art. 113, par. 2)
Have been modified the first and the last section at the Bulgarian VAT Statement. (based on Annex ? 13 to Art. 116, par. 1)

Bug fixing

Expense - SCT value
Expenses, related to SCT value, can be allocated per special consumption tax value

Lots & Document recalculation
Upon document recalculation, the price of lot is placed at the lines of the document

Document expenses
Under certain circumstances, the total value of expenses in local currency was not properly displayed

VAT expenses value
Under certain circumstances the VAT value of expenses was not properly calculated at the document total value.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Version 4.00.514.10668

Bug fixing

Contracts with attached files
An error was occurring after editing contracts with attached files saved in the database.

IAS depreciations
Fixed Asset Entities that had been declared to have only IAS depreciations could not be chosen in depreciation documents.

Open items in purchase credit notes
After editing a purchases credit note already matched with an invoice document that is partially matched, all the matches were deleted.

Special Consumption Tax
Special Consumption Tax (S.C.T) was not working according to the configuration in customers branches.