Thursday, May 6, 2010

Version 311.497.10133

Upgrading to the current version requires database synchronization. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before proceeding.

Features added / modified

This version includes a major technical improvement that will affect all installations using customization in the Contracts module. Before upgrading read carefully the detailed instructions here.

Redesign of default screens
The settings in the default screens of document types and inventory parameters have been reorganized under new tabs and groups.  In the upcoming versions more improvements will be included.

20100415-2165-2-18 Draft entries
A new file –company independent – has been created that is used to store data of entities either physical (people) or legal. The records can be linked to actions (calls, emails etc.).

20081119-1155-2-1722 Full payment of documents
The comments of the document being paid are transferred into the payment document.

20090310-1155-2-354  Modify attribute code in items
It will be allowed only if there are no item transactions or opening balance entries (in color-size) have been posted.

20100127-1155-2-85 Depreciation rate per asset entity
When “Depreciated in year” flag is selected, the fixed asset will be fully depreciated regardless of the depreciation ratio and starting date.

20100205-1155-2-113 Payment in advance - Order 
A new column has been added when selecting orders in retail documents – the name of the retail customer (searchable also).

20100408-1155-1-356 Transforming documents 
The extra fields in MTRLINES are brought forward to the target document.

20100412-1155-2-369 Company view 
The revenue total includes services provided.

20100415-1155-1-387 Default value in document payment
A new flag has been added to the document types (Payment amount), which defines the default amount of payment document – applies to payment by selecting the indirect job on documents. The available values of the field are: 0 – Payable, 1 – Value of settlement up to document date.

20100412-1155-2-364 Duty percentage in invoice lines
The field “Duty percentage” has been added to the invoice lines (Third country purchases). When it is modified, the nominal value and the respective VAT are calculated.

20100423-1155-2-420 Link to General Ledger 
The resolver for [RESOURCES] has been added to GL link in sales/purchases documents.

20100426-1155-2-444 Currency trial balance 
The currency has been added as filter.

Bug fixing 

20100409-2165-1-17 Activate reminders
The reminder screen was not automatically activated.

20100416-2165-1-20 Pricing policies with gifts
The pricing policies were applied to document lines of type “Gift” as well despite the parameter in the document type.

20100211-1155-1-133 CRM 
A database constraint has been added to forbid the deletion of customers with linked actions.

20100329-1155-1-328 Agreement prices in attributes
The agreement prices in third attribute were not stored.

20100330-1155-1-334 Document payment
The collector of the customer was not proposed in document payment through the indirect job.

20100412-1155-1-372 Customer balance aging per salesman
In some cases of special type built-in browsers (e.g. Customer balance aging per salesman) the user rights were not applied.

20100423-1155-1-421 Deleting of cancelled documents 
The deletion of cancelled documents was allowed regardless of the respective setting (“Delete transf. in document types).

20100423-1155-1-423 Line currency in collection document
When the currency in the header of the document was modified, the line currency was not updated.

20100423-1155-1-425 Shortage/requirements orders
Items with general limits only were not included.