Thursday, June 11, 2009

3.10.481.10003 - New Specs

The following specifications have been added/modified:

20090525-1155-2-634 Exclude W/h from balance check
A new flag has been added that allows specific W/hs to be excluded from balance check

20090305-1155-2-310 CRM calendar
A color zone may be defined for ACSTATES field of actions.This enables different coloring of calendar entries depending on their state.

20090410-1155-2-485 F.01.010 Tax Document (Greece only)
The Tax Document F-01010 has been added. Applies only to installations in Greece.

20090428-1155-2-541 Payroll function - Payroll
A new function has been added. It returns the date when an employee payroll element has been modified within a given date range.

20090428-1155-2-542 Payroll function - Payroll
A new function has been added. It returns the value of an employee payroll element on a given date

20090227-1155-1-287 Banks (report) - Payroll
The filter "Payable" includes all the payroll elements in the bank file plus all the user-defined ones in payroll settings.

20090511-1155-2-591 Allocate forecast to cost centers - Payroll
When calculating payroll forecast, an additional check on the PRDCOSTSNTR table is performed.If the cost centers of the regular payroll have been modified in a normal period, the allocation will be on these cost centers.

20090513-1155-1-599 Cancelling Analysis Entries - Accounting
A new option has been added to the job dialogue to ignore the setting "Automatic entry analysis".

20090506-1155-2-567 Filing of printouts based on external report forms -Document printing
The filing of reports is now supported in external report forms also.

20090518-1155-2-611 User-rights in Calendars - CRM
User-rights are now applied to records posted through Calendars

20090521-1155-2-626 Automatic covering of pending - Sales/Purchases
The feature is only available for previous records and no longer for all records.

20090522-1155-2-629 Bank file for Probank - Payroll
A new file type for payments through Probank is supported

20090529-1155-1-652 XAD files
XAD files created by partners -custom solutions - should be declared in custacndocs.ini and NOT in acndocs.ini

20090529-1155-2-653 Custom XAD file codes
The available codes for the custom xad files start from 10001 (>10000).

20090601-1155-1-654 LiveUpdate & Internet Explorer 8
Live Update and on-line services are supoported in workstations with Internet Explorer 8.

20090602-1155-2-660 Crystal report with .net SDK xSupport.ExecS1Command()
The dimensions of the crystal report window have been readjusted to display correctly

20090605-1155-2-685 Related document fields
The respective fields are now available when designing browsers in Retail module

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