Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Version 311.496.10111

Upgrading to the current version requires synchronization database. Make sure you have completed all necessary steps before you proceed.

New / Modified features

Cash documents
New columns were added to the cheque lines of cash documents that enable the direct selection of bank branch and bank account.

New TSMEDE file (Greek legislation only)
The format of TSMEDE file has been redesigned.

Value of services in VIES / INTRASTAT (Greek legislation only)
The value of services lines in sales - purchases documents is now calculated in INTRASTAT / VIES value. In addition, changes were made to the respective reports according to POL 1127.

Triangular sales
The retail documents were not included in triangular sales. The behavior has been modified in accordance to the sales documents.

Multiple settings of fiscal signature devices per workstation (Greek legislation only)
More than one fiscal signature device can be set per company and workstation.

Shortcut key for line details
A new shortcut key has been added to the Keyboard settings that allows for one-touch display of line details in documents.

Zero values in pricing policies
A new parameter – “Zero values” - has been added to the pricing policy (agreement) rules. If enabled, then 0 in the specific agreement is considered to be a value. In any other case, it will return no results.

VAT status in retail documents
The VAT status in retail documents is proposed according to the VAT status of the company branch and not the one of the customer.

Massive reversing of pending in lines
The feature can be used in browsers with line analysis.

Check balance with reserved qty when transforming pending orders
Depending on the type setup, the balance check (applied to lines) may take into account the target document.

XML file for Intrastat declaration (Cyprus – Bulgaria legislation)
Extra fields have been added to the sales – purchases documents.

Retail documents with negative payable value
A new flag has been added to sales setup which can be used to prevent posting of documents with negative value in the [Payable] field.

Payroll function
A new function has been added that returns the payroll calculation sheet for a specific employee.

Bug fixing

Copy from buffer in documents
When using copy from buffer in documents, the warehouse of the central branch was proposed.

Sales opportunity in calls
A sales opportunity linked to a call was not available from the call screen.

Transforming purchase documents with manual VAT value
The target document retains the VAT value of the source document (only for 1 to 1 transformations). However, if the target document is edited the VAT value will be recalculated.

Special transactions
The hyperlink on the partner displayed incorrectly the financial data of the customer instead of the partner.

Matched documents report

The partially matched documents did not appear in the report.

Rounding differences in INTRASTAT value
Any rounding differences among the total INTRASTAT value and the sum of line values are now allocated to the lines.

Modification of INTRASTAT exchange rate
When the INTRASTAT rate was modified, the VIES value was not updated with the results of the new calculation

Batch price recalculation
When the batch price modification from purchase documents was selected, the wholesale price of the item did not appear.

Customer remittances
When matching documents in remittance lines, an error message appeared.

Modify Period data
When the job was selected, incorrect payroll elements were displayed.

Employer certificate and Detail D.P.S report
A flag has been added to prevent HTML printing of the reports.

Balance cost in monthly statement of correlation code
The calculation of the cost was not correct.

Price per color – size in retail
The price analysis pop-up window was not available in retail documents.

Serial Number journal
The report failed to print data if the customer code of the transaction was added as column.

Filters in Actions (indirect display)
The filter screen of Actions when displayed through Installations was missing the ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.

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