Monday, October 4, 2010

Version 311.499.10182

Features added / modified

Accounting closing entries at the end of a period
A new job was created, that inserts Accounting closing entries for the period chosen based on the sign of the balance (Romanian localization).

Company view
A progress bar has been added.

Bug fixing

Open-item in updated remittance
If the transaction date of a remmitance with open-item was modified without deleting the matching before, the amounts in finpayterms were not correctly updated.From now on, if a matched remmitance is modified, all open-item entries will be deleted.

FInancial data of GL accounts
A string has been corrected in FInancial data of GL accounts. More specifically, the option [Turnover] instead of the correct [Credit] appeared.

Modification of exchange rates in Remittances
If the exchange rate of the document header was modified, the line rate (TRDTLINES.TRDRRATE) was not updated.

Physical stock-taking
The filter [Posting Series opening balance] in [Update physical stock-taking] job did not work when items with attributes (color-size) were included.

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