Thursday, July 12, 2012

Version 312.508.10334

Bug fixing

Word form and double lines (dashes)
''ole error 800A03EC'' message would appear while printing a Word form that had double lines (dashes)

Offline Synchronization
After copying files from the server and re-setting of the parameters an Windows error occured.

Settlement dates in the massive conversion of documents
In Massive conversion of documents, the settlement dates were calculated based on the date of the original document and not at the date of the new document.

Accounting links
Wrong VAT to accounting links at Azure.
Pbxmonitor-Interface not supported
A correction was made, Pbx monitor was failing to identify the caller id after some time and an error message "Interface not supported" apperd.

OnOff: Synchronization of Local Installation
Fixed an error when synchronizing local installation.

Error during synchronization of the local offline database.
Changes were made in synchronization of the local offline database concerning the connection client-server and database version.

Azure: Error while creating external accounting records
In Azure enviroment, an error would occur while creating external accounting records.

Wrong recording of local currency in accounting article
The article that resulted from the closing folder document (import) showed wrong local currency.

Titles instead of data in word forms.
An error is corrected in Word forms of collections, the titles of fields was printed instead of the data.

Transaction behaivour and shipment method in intrastat in cancellation by reversal.
A change was made copying the fields transaction behaivour and shipment method in intrastat of a cancelation document resulting from cancellation by reversal.

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