Monday, December 16, 2013

Version 4.00.511.10474(i)

Features added / modified

Fields in lines of Retail Documents
For the Retail documents which related to Advance Payments are updated the fields NUM01, ΝUM02, NUM03, NUM04, BOOL01, BOOL02, DATE01, DATE02, UFTBL01, UFTBL02 from the Advance Payment.

Item attributes in Views
The attributes of Item have been triggered also through the design of the View: it is sufficient to indicate at the parameters of the View, at the tab general data the CSCOLUMNS 1

Bug fixing

Lots remain check
Due to rounding errors, under certain cases the application proposes lots with no remain balance.

Production - consumption requirements
In some cases the print production-consumption Requirements ' did not display results.

Offline in Azure
In Windows 8.1 and azure not completed the creation of local offline support.

GSM Phone
Corrections were made in connection with the GSM mobile phone for sending SMS messages.

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