Thursday, March 27, 2014

Version 4.00.512.10507(i)

Features added / modified

Tasks tracing and PRSN
Contacts and Employees appear separately at [Tasks tracing]

Cancel by reversal
When [Cancel by reversal] is performed, the automatic collection is ignored for the cancellation document.

Actions of trading parties and Contacts
Added column [Project] at Actions from Related jobs of trading parties and Contacts.

Unpaid documents of customers
At [Unpaid documents] from Related jobs of customers the currency of the customer is used and not the currency of the company.

Approvals and prerequisite stages
If [Prerequisite stages] are defined for [Approvals] the final user set at the [Approvals procedures] cannot approve the document until the Prerequisite stages have been completed.

Bug fixing

Excel and dates
In case a client PC had different regional settings from the server, dates would not appear correctly at MS-Excel exports.

Internal forms with user defined table and band picture
In case of internal forms with [User defined table] for items with attributes (color-size), the band picture at the recurrent line would not be printed correctly. Line and column were not complied with the design.

Update cost elements cost in production documents
The job [Update cost elements cost in production documents] no longer takes into account the quantity of by-products as defined in production document.

incorext syntax near "AND" at documents printout
The error message "incorext syntax near AND" would appear when printing a document using an internal report form which incorporates the character "$" (field wrap) along with Set Item analysis.

User defined table and field wrap
The error message "Field SODTYPE not found" would appear during document printout if the internal printout form incorporates the character "$" (field wrap) along with [User defined table].

Suppliers payments
An error message "Ole error Invalid column name" would appear at Suppliers payments with cheques if at the bank code field letters were defined.

View/Screen selection
The error message "An object with the given name has already been added" would appear upon View selection.

User-Defined fields at Line columns
User defined fields operating as [Calculation] did not work properly upon selection in Line columns.

Projects Statement
An error would appear at [Project statement] report when selected as filters the options "data from document lines (exclusively)" and transactions included "All (sub-projects included)"

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