Friday, March 27, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10631

Features added / modified

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
Added the ability to create orders based on sales of the previous months of current year.

Inactive dimensions and alternative codes
When a dimension becomes inactive, become also inactive the related alternative codes (with question).

Bug fixing

FIFO - Selector Sales return invoices
Behaviors 102,103 of documents types are filtered in method fifo.

Modify printed documents & Open item
If there is prohibition in Modify printed documents, it is allowed open item of document.

VAT status
When deleting the customer from the document with a reduced VAT status on his branch, returns the normal VAT status to the document.

Group of Companies Customers Statement - Summary
In some cases choosing a large number of customer appeared error 'Incorrect syntax'.

Stock documents - "Converted into"
In stock documents appears the option "Converted into".

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