Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10635

Bug fixing

User Access Rights
Updated the descriptions of all tasks in the table < User Access Rights > (TJobsSelector).

User Access Rights
The search looking extra in the command that corresponds to the task, which in this case includes the word. To becomes more understandable what it sought, added as a column to the grid of the jobs the command as the last column.

User Access Rights
In job Access Rights - Approvals -User Groups if at the TAB Customization deleting tasks from the grid cause the outright deletion of the application.

Ιnherited table
The changes to various properties at inherited table saved properly now , in designing custom tables.

Data Flow Rules
Displayed error "OLE ERROR invalid column name NOTNULL" when creating the sales document through Data Flow Rules from Installations using INSTLINES.

MonthName function
If at a sales Document Printout Form used the MonthName function with Param2 = 2, then font of the program changed also.

History changes in Actions
Added the history changes in relative jobs in general actions, tasks, calls, meetings.

Google calendars
Displayed error when syncronizing Google calendars with option "From SoftOne CRM to Gmail".

TRNDATE and import scripts
In the field (TRNDATE), the time deleted even if imported by import script (if used object of the program).

Date limits
Is not Allowed changing the documents with zero value, if there are posting Date limits.

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