Monday, September 28, 2015

Version 4.00.514.10652

Features added / modified

Purchase prices per supplier
Purchase prices per supplier are henceforth available in stock management browser designer in all installations.

Calculation method in expenses per mass
A new calculation method has been added in expenses:
item's mass * charge value

Contract transactions
Wire transfers are henceforth visible through contract transactions.

Order planning
In order planning, filters regarding season, date of delivery and w/h have been added.

Bug fixing

Same dimension
Managing dimensions per item, it was possible to declare the same dimension more than one time.

Zero quantity physical inventory documents
An error was occurring in zero quantity physical inventory documents task, when code format had been declared in stock items.

Remote server
POP3 email server can be now successfully connected with remote server.

Cancel cost of goods sold calculation with accounting entries analysis
Cancel cost of goods sold calculation task was not completed, when cost accounting entries had been analyzed to individual accounts.

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