Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10729

Bug fixing

Cost price calculation
Fixed an occasional delay in cost price calculation.

Fixed Asset Entities Data
Fields Acctg category, item category, U.O.M. and VAT group are now available in fixed assets entities data and 'fixed asset one to one with entity' parameter is activated.

Negative stock balances
Corrected an occasional error regarding the type of field LOTCODE in negative stock balances report.

Stock balance per W/h
Fixed an error that caused the calculation of balance value filter to have an effect on the quantity of items in stock balance per w/h report.

Cash register change in reversal customers collections documents
Performed corrections so that the reversal document maintains the branch and the cash register information of the initial (cancelled) document, during the process of reversing a customers collections document.

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