Monday, July 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10741

Features added / modified

Objects Log File in Service Folders
Added the ability to monitor Service Folders activity in Objects Log File.

Bug fixing

CRM action type
Fixed an error that caused mixing of action types in CRM.

Image URL
Fixed an error causing Soft1 to crash when selecting an image for a stock item from a URL.

Exchange rate error after document transformation
Fixed an error in exchange rate while transforming a sales document having "Open-item in Transaction Currency" property set to True.

Main product lot code in production documents
Corrected an error in production documents, that maintained the same code for main product lot while changing requirements in BoM.

Variants in sales document items
Fixed an occasional error in sales document items when changing variant quantities.

Error in lot while transforming production order
Corrected an error that caused missing lots after transforming a production order to production document.

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