Monday, October 17, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10751

Features added / modified

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO)
Stock Balance - FIFO analysis (ROM_MBAL_FIFO) is now available for the Bulgarian version.

Auto filtering in grouped browsers
Corrected an issue in browsers with preset grouping and sorting settings, that caused errors in sorting when auto-filtering was used.

Filter Series in VAT journal
Updated the Series filter in Romanian version VAT Journals so that it now accepts 8192 characters.

Bug fixing

Project browsers
Fixed the "Invalid Column name mtrl" error message that showed up in project browsers where Inventory Value (in or out) columns were included.

Printed by - title
Updated printout headers in Romanian and Bulgarian versions to read "Soft1 ERP" instead of "SoftOne Panorama ERP"

XXF in collections with new cheques
Fixed an occasional error that generated double new cheques when importing from xxf files including customer collections documents.

VAT Journals - VAT on collection invoices paid
Fixed an occasional error in VAT Journals (Romanian tax specifications) that caused documents containing VAT on collection to hide in time periods before being paid.

Order planning
Fixed an occasional error in Order Planning (from Item Browser), according to which, pressing "Refresh Data" on the order list of an item that did not have any pending orders would bring up all pending orders.

Last purchase price
When we have items in more than one lines of the document, the last purchase price is updated according to the last line.

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