Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10936

Features added / modified

Sorting in browser with auto grouping
Sorting in browser with auto grouping is now properly working.

Cancellation documents - pending
The cancellation delivery notes no longer appear on the 'Outstanding sales documents' list.

Resync DataSet
A CallPublished function was created on ModuleIntf, so that the Resync of the DataSet from DataBuf can be done.

Bug fixing

Custom link fields
In some cases that fields that are connected with custom fields are declared on document grid columns, the columns description would disappear.

'Series' filter on a report
The filter 'Series', would not function properly on the 'Consumption Requirements from Production Orders (Semi-Finished Analysis)' report.

If 'Back Date Limit' was declared on job 'Recalculate Customers' Bonus Card points' and there were redemption points left, then the points that already existed were not taken under account and the remaining points were being abstracted from the redemption points.

Fixed assets status - summary
The time that takes the "Fixed assets status - summary" report to be executed on an oracle database, has been improved.

Problem in sending emails (windows 10, version 516.10933)
In some cases, on a windows 10 pc, there would appear an error message while sending emails from the customers list.

Offline mode. Lots do not get synchronized on the local database.
Item's Lots would get synchronized only when their Item was updated. A change has been made so the synchronization takes under account the update date.

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