Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Version 4.00.516.10943

Bug fixing

Pay off in sales document
In some cases, automatic payoff was not properly working through sales documents.

Fixed assets entity import
Fixed assets entity import was not properly working in a group of companies installation.

Variations reports
Variation statement and trial balance reports were bringing results only from the main company in a group of companies installation.

W/h in composition documents
W/h was wrongly updated in composition documents created through sales documents.

Credit Notes
An error in credit notes calculation job, whrenever the credit notes rules were the following:
1st - Customer
2nd - Salesman
3rd - Document's W/h

Code format
Posting items with variations and auto insert of alternative barcode codes, am error occured regarding the code format.

Form printing
In some cases, backgound image was not included in email sent forms.

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