Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Version 5.00.517.11026

Features added / modified

Receivables - Payables per trading party in document currency
The ability to select multiple currencies in the "Unpaid Documents" and "Documents with Open-Items" reports was added.

Comment in the "Update payroll expenses" job
The field "Comment" was added to the "Update payroll expenses" job. The field values are transferred to the lines of the “Other Transactions” documents.

Granting access
In the new UI, granting access rights is now functional at the printout objects in the task bar.

Granting access
A new form of granting access rights was added in the user access rights screen.

Granting access
In the new UI, a new form of granting access rights now appears in the Custom Administration.

New calculated (green) fields
The calculated (green) fields such as Cash, Cards, Cheques, Gift Cards +/- were added in the Sales Journals, which deduct the cancelled or returned documents.

Default Company in the Conversion Job
In a model with Group Companies, during the documents' conversion, the first document's company is suggested/default and not the log-in one.

Normal VAT Status in self-selling
In documents that have self-selling as behavior, the Company's Branch Vat is recommended, as the document's VAT Status.

Purchase Order Plan
In the "Purchase Order Plan" job, in the grid "Items to order", the factory code has been added.

Production in variations
In the Bill of Materials of products that are observed in Item Variations, an ability was given in the Bill of Materials Document lines, in the combination of the variations, to also include consumed goods that are not observed in variations.

Group of companies - Item transactions
The ability to select a company in the questions of the Item Transactions job, from the Related Jobs of a Stock Item was added.

Bug fixing

CASHLINES not visbile in CFNCUSDOC module
The Cash Lines (CASHLINES) now appear in the browser design at the "customer collections" section.

Average days in stock
An error in a browser that contained the "Average days in stock" and the Balance 1 was corrected.

Payment time functions
The following functions were implemented in a new way:
1. CusFinancialCost
2. CusRealGrProfit
3. CusRealGrProfitPrc
4. CusAvgBalDays
5. CusPayValue
6. CusAvgPayDays
7. CusAvgAPayDays
8. CusAvgAPayDaysOverDue
9. CusChequeBalanceUDate
10. CusChequeFinalBalance
11. CusFirstDateOpenDoc
12. CusFirstOpenDocCode
13. CusFirstDateOpenTerm
14. CusFirstOpenDocValue
15. CusLastDateOpenDoc
16. CusLastOpenDocCode
17. CusLastOpenDocValue
18. CusCntOpenFinDocs
20. CusMaxDaysOpenDocs
21. CusMaxDaysOpenTerms
22. CusValueDaysOpenDocs
23. CusMaxMonthOpenDocs
24. CusMinMonthOpenDocs
25. CusSumTurnover

Mass approve documents
During the process of documents' approval, in case a user does not have the right to approve a document, the message "the documents are not approved" appears in the results.

Variation Trial Balance
The correct addition of local fields in the "Variation Trial Balance" report (MAT_BALCDIM) was not working properly.

Budgeting - Update Actual Data
When running the "Update Actual Data" job in the budgeting section, an error occured when the company branch existed as a dimension.

W/H in production documents
In the production documents, just like in the Bill Of Materials, the W/H that are connected to the branch are now correctly filtered.

Browser export to excel
In a Stock Items browser, since a manufacturer had been added in the columns twice, where the first column was the manufacturer code and the second column was the description, the description was depicted in both columns in an Excel printout.

The user that submits a meeting does not have the access right to see it. A change has been made so that the software does not crash after the meeting submission. However, a correction in the user access level must be made, because a blank screen appears for the user.

Update Sales Prices based on Documents
In the "Update Sales Prices based on Documents" job, the option "Update Markup" has been added.

Relogin in the new interface
If a relogin was attempted from within the software, and the user had a password, the message "Incorrect password" appeared when switching through companies.

New UI - Fit to Screen
The selection "fit to screen" has been improved in browsers, so that they can take advantage of the entire width of the screen.

"Open item" job
An error that occured during the manual "open item" job of documents was fixed.

Bill Of Materials
An error that appeared when using the copy from buffer feature in the Bill Of Materials was fixed.

Copy company - copy parameters
An error in the new UI that occured when copying a company with copy mode "copy parameters" was fixed.

New UI - Active Browser
In the new UI, the transition from a search in the Active Browser to the current browser, has been improved.

Inactive Fields in a browser
During the saving of a browser with inactive columns, the inactive ones were lost at the saving.

Transfer to Folder
An error that appeared during the "Transfer to Folder" job through the related jobs of the meetings section was fixed.

SN balance per W/H
The description of the stock items in the SN Balance per W/H report (SLINES_QWH) was enlarged.

Editor Intrastat
The intrastat field did not function properly as a filter in the stock items browser.

Date Change in the NUI
An error that appeared in the new UI, during relogin in a different company was fixed.

VAT Statement
The "VAT Statement" Fiscal Statement was correctly translated when logging in in English with Cypriot Taxation Specifications.

The CusMaxDaysOpenDocs function was fixed in the sales printout forms.

Alternative code
An error that appeared when searching with the alternative code in the document lines, with color/item variations, was fixed.

CRM email
In a new email where the description of the installation had been added, in case the email was not submitted, the description did not appear.

Items VAT in a group of companies
In an installation with groups of companies, a message shows up when changing the VAT in the "Data per Company" tab of the item of another company when that item had transactions.

New UI - Relogin
An error that appeared during the relogin in a database with a lot of companies, in the new UI, was fixed.

Selector richt click
An error that appeared when right clicking on a selector when the selector was open, was fixed.

Outstanding items (Analysis)
The error that appeared at the outstanding items analysis, in the item's fianancial data, has been corrected.

Inventory ledger with self-selling
Self-selling values were wrongly calculated in the inventory ledger report, after items reupdate.

Relogin - New UI
An error that appeared in the new UI, when switching through companies, in a company that "did not have defined periods for the current date" was fixed.

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