Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Version 5.00.518.11122

Bug fixing

Problem with last purchase price
While re-updating a stock item, its last purchase price, was updated from the purchase document plus its expenses, in case it was in a purchase - import, without considering the designing of the item transaction that the folder created.

Company's Branch when logging in
When trying to log in the program, only if we changed company, the branch wasn't completed automatically.

Messages Icon
In Series 5 UI, the messages icon refresh couldn't be done, when there was a new message .

Trading Parties Transactions Printing
When printing a trading party's transaction from a statement, not all the columns were printed.

Company searching at the login - Series 5 UI
In Series 5 UI, the company searching at the login has been improved.

Deletion of a company with transactions
In a client / server & Azure installation, while deleting a company with transactions, the relative message didn't appear.

Reminders - Messages
In messages, we couldn't add a note.

Company's accountant data
Fixed error occurred , in case of filling the accountant's data, in a company where the user wasn't logged in.

Personal Calendar and inactive series
Inactive series were appearing in the personal calendar.

Expenses in cash account transactions in ABC costing
The expenses in cash account transactions, didn't update right the analysis of Activity based Costing.

Payable amount for card
When deleting lines in a retail document, the payable amount for card wasn't update.

Different in subject value
In some cases, the subject value wasn't correctly updated, so it didn't match with the lines.

FIFO automatic consumption mode
The procedure of saving a stock document has been accelerated, with FIFO automatic consumption mode.

Sales series browser
Fixed error occurred when adding a reversing series in the series browser, in series 5 UI.

Ora 1400 error when log-in the program
Fixed error occurred in Oracle, while logging-in the program, when the option 'Record login/logout' in the Objects Log File was active.

Copy Project - group of companies
Fixed error occurred when copying from buffer a project, in group of companies.

Messages in Series 5 UI
The column 'Job' in the messages browser wasn't updated.

Full Copy Company
Fixed error occurred while full copy company.

Statement of Branches - Headquarters only
Fixed error occurred in the report 'Statement of Branches' when selecting the flag 'Headquarters only'.

Update Sales Prices
The job 'Update Sales Prices', didn't consider the alternative prices' percentage/value, in the 'Cost prices and given percentage' method.

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